http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/KaoscdreviewThepitsofexistence.htm KAOS - THE PITS OF EXISTENCE INDEPENDENT Metal To Infinity For all those hooked on the furious thrashing Metal forces from the Bay Area part of San Francisco, please take something to write and make notice of a band called Kaos! A few years ago, I had the opportunity to spread the word of their previously released and sophomore effort entitled “Kaos Among Us” – a restless and wild way of US Thrash Metal that barely broke my bones… real good output it was but meanwhile, Kaos has released their new album “The Pits Of Existence” and better believe you’ve gotta be very strong to survive this way power and aggression. Just like “Kaos Among Us”, also the new album “The Pits Of Existence” is available as awesome looking digipack – still active as an unsigned underground Metal band but it seems like they don’t care about that. Kaos gets my full attention, support and dignity due to they’ve written all the songs, recorded, arranged and produced “The Pits Of Existence” all by themselves. With or without a record deal, Kaos just move on like a silver bullet from a loaded gun, fast forward with no turning back. I’d like to say that the new CD is a killer album with a killer production! The albums starts with the intro ‘Enter Insanity’ – they build up the power one step at the time until its time for the real deal, actually the second blow entitled ‘Bled Some More’. Damn, what a great song – fast guitar rhythms with aggressive vocals and awesome drum parts reminiscent to Slayer’s Dave Lombardo what means a lot. Kaos’ drummer really hits fast, hard and has a great timing within its might – excellent and fully loaded with outstanding drum skills ripping all thrashing ears to shreds! Next is the title track, not that fast as previous track but still brilliant. Somewhere in between Sacrifice and Slayer and I don’t want to forget to tell that the new album has also plenty of great guitar solo’s to offer. ‘Blood Sacrifice’ is a song that deserves full attention. Imagine ‘South Of Heaven’ from Slayer but worked out with own ideas and superb arrangements. Building up a song like this – well, you’ve gotta be very strong to let it happen! And the best has yet to come – for example ‘Out Of Time’ is made for the ultimate thrashers! High speed velocities and pretty technical bass, drum and guitar lines with well fitting, aggressive vocal use… positive astonished and gasping for air, that what happens me! ‘Screaming In The Mirror’ and ‘Tear Us Apart’ sound great – ‘Soul To Give’ even better and mainly faster! Kaos came in with a guitar driven intro and to leave they choose to bring on one last track actually a so called outro entitled ‘Exit Reality’. Nice and tender in the beginning but after 2 minutes, roaring guitars appear in full gear and damn yeah, also this song pleases me completely. With an album like “The Pits Of Existence”, Hayward California based Kaos just delivered the living evidence they’re really great! With all respect for their previous release “Kaos Among Us” (which was a good album too) but “The Pits Of Existence” nearly leaves me behind with a cardiac arrest. Moving on through the valleys of Metal since the late eighties, building up a highly appreciating pallet of skills throughout the years and now, they’re back with such a great album – admiration all the way guys! I like my Thrash Metal most of all in a Bay Area way – I know that’s a personal meaning but a meaning I will never let go. Disagree with me about that? I simply don’t care at all. Maybe you should take my good recommendation. go check out Kaos at: www.kaosamongus.com or www.myspace.com/kaosamongus … then, you can give a judgement if you want too. “The Pits Of Existence” by KAOS – needful food for Thrash Metal maniacs! My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)


http://terriblecertaintyzine.com/2012/12/03/kaos-kaos-among-us/ Kaos – Kaos Among Us DEC 3 Posted by Terrible Certainty Zine Terrible Certainty focuses its energies on the new stuff, but after my review of T.C.F.’s thrashtastic dark horse Where Madness Reigns,Malevolence Records sent me a fat stack of promos, so I figured the least I could do is give a couple a spin and spout off. So here’s a quick take onKaos Among Us, the second effort from California brawlers Kaos. It was spawned in 2003 and was reissued by Malevolence in 2012. Kaos are cousins to T.C.F. in that they deal out good old fashioned red-blooded crossover thrash. But they’re very different animals. T.C.F.offer up a classic crossover style in legacy of Nuclear Assault, S.O.D.,D.R.I. and the like. Kaos play a style rooted in 80’s thrash but executed with a pronounced contemporary voice, much like how Lamb of Godfused a modern fingerprint onto its thrash. Kaos sport a very lean, crisp sound, and I was honestly surprised to see two guitarists in the lineup as I could easily see this as a lean and mean three-piece. The good majority of Kaos Among Us is a midtempo, moshing hardcore stomp, with the occasional wrist-locked blitz for variety. Homage toSlayer and Death Angel are on display, but the vintage thrash ethos is largely undone by the shriek of the hardcore vocals. Exhibit A is the climax to “God as My Witness,” when the guitarists are busy laying down some seriously Slayer worshipping tight, circular riffs which are then then piled on by some vein-busting all-in piercing howls of the vocals. And I think that’s where listeners will divide into two camps. One rushing to the front of the stage, fists pumping, heads banging, and another that meanders to the back of the bar for another drink. In all, this is not my favorite flavor of crossover, but these guys do execute and Kaos Among Us is a respectable offering. From what I gather the band seems to have stretched its legs on its favorably received follow up, Pits of Existence. Stream “Paralyzed By Fear” at Myspace Kaos Malevolence Records


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Septic Christ

Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born CD : http://www.cdbaby.com/Style/666 http://www.cdbaby.com/Top/666 Top selling CD on CD Baby under the Metal / Punk sub-genre Hardcore Punk !!! FUCK YEAH !!! Job well done !!! Nathan McLeod, Owner Malevolence Records©

PRC Music

2012-11-27 - For immediate release:


Quebec-based underground label PRC MUSIC is announcing a new addition to its roster of bands, Bergen, Norway's AMONG GODS.

Featuring current and ex-members from Syrach, Arvas & Vinterbris, AMONG GODS plays a very heavy and groovy old school death metal with great arrangements and superb vocal lines.

PRC Music is now offering as a free download,"Martyr", the first single from the coming self titled album to be released in April of 2013.

A limited 12" LP edition will be available from the band directly in January.

Download the first single here: http://soundcloud.com/prcmusic/among-gods-martyr

More infos will follow from www.prcmusic.com

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Source: Lucie @ Explosive PR

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (over 5 years ago)

Martyr (Digital single)
29 November 2012
Hello All!

This is the first single from the upcoming self titled debut album available in April 2013 on PRC MUSIC. Check it out, download it, share it... spread the metal! These guys from Bergen, Norway, deserves your support!


We are accepting interview requests now! We are getting phenomenal feedbacks already, be among the first mags to interview them!

Lucie @ Explosive PR
To stream or download these materials, follow this link:

If you have any questions, contact prc_music@yahoo.ca.


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Septic Christ

URL / Link to the Battle Helm Interview with Jx, Guitarist of Septic Christ :


Well done !!!