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Malevolence Records© http://www.mariosmetalmania.com/ ABSENTIA – Our Bleeding Sun (CD) KAOS – Validated in Blood (MCD SEPTIC CHRIST – Guilty As We Were Born (CD) SEPTIC CHRIST – Infected Existence (CD) TALAMYUS – Raven's Call to Annihilation (CD)

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KAOS Septic Christ TCF Absentia


1 Kaos - Internal Bleeding (2012 Validated in Blood) 2 Absentia - If Only I (2011 Our Bleeding Sun) 3 Septic Christ - yearning for Salvation (2012 Guilty As We Were Born) 4 TCF - An Eye for an Eye (2011 Where Madness Reigns) 5 Kaos - Let God Sort Them Out (2010 Pits of Existence) 6 Absentia - A Kiss From Hellaven (2009 Heaven Still Burns) 7 Septic Christ - Wake Up (2009 Infected Existence) 8 TCF - Core 88 (2009 Speed ​​or Bleed) http://www.vaskarc.hu/articles.php?article_id=863 Rating: 8/10 Author: Balazs White F_Balazs - 03 January 2013 · 0 Comments · 109 Reads ·


TALAMYUS - RAVEN'S CALL TO ANNIHILATION 2011 Publisher: PRC Music Documentary: Malevolence Records Web: Talamyus Facebook http://www.vaskarc.hu/articles.php?article_id=856 Dany St-Jean-Bass, Jonathan Herbst-Drums Benoît St-Jean-Guitar,Vocals, Nikolai Olekhnovitch-Guitar Songs: 1 Raven's Call to Annihilation 2 Inner Turmoil 3 The Dead Will Walk the Earth 4 The Berserkers 5 Remembering the Gods 6 Spawn of the Elements 7 Darker Days Lie Ahead 8 Disciples of Hypocrisy 9 Warlock 10 The Curse A keen metallic netbúvárok certainly have to be familiar with the Canadian Talamyus name, if different plates that Raven's Call to Annihilation was not hearsay level, because the band is the third in a row. Just about as much due to them, in those days brought out a plate when I peaked in the viking metal per Madness (2005 and 2007), and although I would not say that the style waves horse trained particularly serious heights have increased the band music, so far as I know, the style was known supporters of the troops. That he give them the Raven's Call to Annihilation how will please not know me, in any event, such a deep impression did not leave the material, being musically far there is no much of a eresztésről, beyond the team's Viking units in former times also began vigorously to cut the the straightened look was redesigned so that a smooth old school thrash metal can be defined in the heard, of course, tiny Amon Amarth, Einherjer overtones ... Anytime is safe to consume music is heard in the Raven's Call to Annihilation-you, but the person can easily feel that they are too many clichés and megmikrózott, unhooked shelf template. Of course pleasantly smooth throughout and the tuff thrash riffs and a bit trite leaning ritmusgitározás only those of the eye to insert necessarily all of their costs catches want to find Talamyus wedge in his music, but the fact that Canadian guys have megerőltethették themselves much better because nowadays not seem such or similar songs may be a day for a whole disc material open letter slight exaggeration. Melodic death metal, power / heavy and old school thrash metal cliches too numerous to mention pops out constantly, all of Amon Amarth is typical gumivikinges, muffled sound is packed with many epic solos, Iron Maiden and galoppozással (!), sticky canned Viking melodies, and I was forced to think that this is one more band that career waist suddenly figured out that he was In the classic heavy / power and régisulis thrash metal s sake will respectfully pay tribute ... In particular situations, but the fact remains likable album has done this, you can hear it in the future, but only if you really have added value to the style because unnecessary search through a single or unique voice is not unfortunately the disc, correct finger exercise, undertaken artisan work. Those who sting is usually that sort of thing, they persuade him straight to the plate supply / megfülelésére, given that that disadvantage due to kliséiből the material in one of the advantages, since a tried and elsewhere have been thoroughly learned, knows all because of music involved, especially the 2000 Approaching from Viking's death and thrash revival movement, so uncertain factors zsákbamacskáról or in this case, absolutely can not talk about ... Not a world changing material, a bit boring, is based on a lot of the same schema with the Raven's Call to Annihilation-self, yet graceful, melodic and simple metal music, and as such, has its own charm, so I can hardly be angry for this team. Of course, in return for very high scores do not count, because pretty mean things are concerned, but considering that by the end of 2012 too many big names did not slid into the extra time to smooth out you can then spend up to Talamyus wedge last album as well - of course, only If there is no better music in our neighborhood! Rating: 7.7 / 10 Author: Balazs White F_Balazs - 18 December 2012 · 0 Comments · 115 Reads

Septic Christ

Septic Christ - "Guilty As We Were Born" (Germany) http://www.masterful-magazine.com/recenzja_result.php?wynik=detail&rodzaj=recenzje&id=30813 Malevolence Records Despite statements to the contrary, metalheads are just as conformist as everyone else. We might argue that we don’t do trends, or that we don’t turn our heads whenever the wind changes, but the fact is that we do. If we don’t support trends, why then do retro-thrash and stupid deathcore continue to remain popular? Case in point is Septic Christ here. With the Teutonic thrash triumvirate (Destruction, Kreator, Sodom) going stronger and showing more vitality than ever, it’s easy to forget that there are young upstarts in the genre as well, trying to claw at the feet of the masters. Septic Christ is one these hungry upstarts. Originally formed as Nothing to Nothing in October 2005, but split up a short time later. The band then reformed as Septic Christ in December 2007. In any case, having smelled the continuing popularity of all things retro-thrash metal (which probably truly took off when they formed) is now releasing their second album. Not that this is bad, no. Shockingly, it is pretty good when it comes right to it. But just because something is good, doesn’t mean it’s fantastic and should be lauded as the next big thing. Sure, this is a band that is probably a bit better than the local yokels screaming at every streetcorner these days, but this is hardly the future of retro-thrash we’re talking about here. This is just another bunch of long-haired, hard drinking dudes that managed to land a recording contract - in vain hope of growing beyond the local bar and club circuit. One can only hope that one day they’ll write some truly fantastic music and finally come of the shadows of their inspirations, that they finally grow the conjones to stop the blind worship and do something with the genre themselves. Not that "Infected Existence" is bad, it is just so predictable, so safe, so written-within-the-rules. Metal was exciting once, this is not. http://www.malevolence-records.us/ Wouter 6

Septic Christ

Septic Christ - "Infected Existence" (Germany) Malevolence Records http://www.masterful-magazine.com/recenzja_result.php?wynik=detail&rodzaj=recenzje&id=30814 In a lot of ways Septic Christ is a lot like those East-European starlets you see on any of the tubes. She can look sufficiently horny at the camera and her body is exactly as tight and curvaceous as you’d image, yet when asked a simple question you’re not sure she’ll be able to form a coherent sentence. When she moves her body and stretches her legs, you still want to grab her, no question. Far-fetched analogy aside, the same rings true for Septic Christ, this is another in a long line of neo-retro/worship acts that tick all the right boxes - but do little beyond that. This record has written Bay Area thrash (Exodus, Metallica, Slayer, Testament) all over itself, in big capital letters and spraypainted in all the neat colors, just to be sure. While it doesn’t quite possess the big hooks and memorable arrangements that the greats of this genre have, it at least has an abundance of swagger and can-do attitude to make up for its compositional shortcomings. It also helps that it was recorded at Iguana Audio Production (Necrophagist) and that the artwork by Andrei Bouzikov is a deadringer for the classic works of de facto thrash god Ed Repka. You might say that Cripper, Evile, Suicidal Angels, Warbringer and Municipal Waste have this angle of the sound covered, and you’d be indeed right - but where’s the fun in that? If anything it proves that there’s more to Germany than washed up has-beens like Tankard and Exumer. We all know the Teutonic Three, so those don’t count. If it stops people from latching unto Rammstein, the better... http://www.malevolence-records.us/ Wouter 6


AbsentiA Infernal Masquerade : www.infernalmasqerade.com http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=to ... lbums-2011 #2. AbsentiA – Our Bleeding Sun (2011) All the way from Spain, this album will blow you away!

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http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=top-10-list/001918-top-5-self-released-albums-2011 #2. AbsentiA – Our Bleeding Sun (2011) All the way from Spain, this album will blow you away!