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Destructive Music UK review of The Pits Of Existence: http://destructive-music.com/?p=13583 Rating: 8 out of 10 Another great US thrash band no longer with us are Kaos. I’ve reviewed two of their releases and so I’m going for the hat-trick with The Pits of Existence. Opening with sounds of the Armageddon in the form of intro track Enter Insanity, Kaos soon introduce their own brand of insanity with the fast and furious Bleed Some More with its hardcore tinged abrasive vocals, catchy thrash riffs and drumming and rumbling bass lines! As far as openings go this is a head bangers dream with Kaos pulling all the strings and making you move! Some thrash bands have a thin sound but Kaos are full blooded and intense sounding and the anticipation building start to The Pits of Existence prove just that! I suppose really that the Kaos sound, full bodies, rich and powerful does have a death metal influence too it. The albums title track certainly does with its groove drenched beats, double kick ferocity and growled vocals. Let God Sort The Out is similar in influence but still thrash through and through. If I had to liken them to anyone I’d say Testament, another band that knew how to make hard, dark thrash! then again if we’re talking influence there is no denying the nod to Metallica in Blood Sacrifice which has the build up factor of Enter Sandman and the mournful tones of Nothing Else Matters whilst still keeping their own raw edge and some more of that hardcore influence too. Moving swiftly on and Out of Time is a pure thrash onslaught, aggressive and quarrelsome whilst Sludge lives up to it’s title with slow, crushing riffs and drumming, plus an added layer of grime and filth coat the abrasive vocals as the band tip their cap to Pantera circa Cowboys From Hell! There is more blitzkrieg like thrash from the raw and barbaric Screaming in the Mirror and Tear Us Apart is a simple, solid track that keeps its hooks in your skin. Coming near to the close with penultimate track Soul to Give which keeps the solos coming and the groove flowing before closing with Exit Reality, a low key but effective outro! Take all the great thrash acts you loved growing up and then add in a little raw Kaos seasoning and you have The Pits of Existence.


Destructive Music UK review of: http://destructive-music.com/?p=13581 Band: T.C.F. Release: Speed or Bleed EP Label: Malevolence Records Location: Katwijk, Holland Genre: Thrash/Crossover Release Date: 8th November 2009 Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst Rating: 7 out of 10 Dutch thrashers T.C.F. may have called it a day but that’s no reason not to check them out. Released in 2009, the Speed or Bleed EP was the bands second release and kicks off with Core 88, a fast speed slice of old school thrash with anthem like choruses, aggressive vocals and maniacally speedy riffs. Frenetic drumming and bass work completes the effect and soon enough Dead on Arrival is slamming out of your stereo as this ten minute long release flies by in whirlwind of alcohol fueled thrash madness. There is no let up in the intensity or pace during Scumbags but then this is the Speed or Bleed EP so what do you expect? If you can believe it Same Shit is even faster and even finds time for a little drum solo and a bass solo between the chants of “Same old shit, Same old shit” and the multitude of guitar solo wankery that adorns every decent thrash release. See nothing, Hear Nothing ends things in a similar style to the rest of the EP and as I always say when listening to T.C.F and their catchy grooves, its a shame they are not still going!

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Destructive Music UK review of: http://destructive-music.com/?p=13588 Band: Kaos | T.C.F | Septic Christ | Absentia Release: Malevolence Records Presents 2012 European Tour Sampler Label: Malevolence Records Location: International Genre: Thrash Release Date: 2012 Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst Rating: 8 out of 10 You may have read my review of Perseverance, last years Malevolence Records Euro tour compilation. Well this one is from 2012 and features the four bands listed above. Kaos open things with the swift acting thrash attack that is Internal Bleeding from their Validated in Blood EP, a savage opening complete with rampant riffs, frenetic drumming and the attitude soaked vocals of a man whose raw style hints at a band who lay it all on the line! Absentia and their track If Only I follow with their more symphonically fused melodic style of hard riffs meets ambient undertone! fast paced and nicely flowing, Absentia add something different to this thrash fest of a compilation! Yearning for Salvation is the opening offering of thrashers Septic Christ and they don’t just fly in half cocked. Soaring guitar solos, bass heavy tones and the slow, anticipation build up of a band who know how to thrash but also know how to entertain. besides once they unleash, boy do they unleash! Completing this half of proceedings is another thrash titan T.C.F. and their An Eye for an Eye track from Where Madness reigns which sees the band come into things with brute force and short stab of old school thrash dominance! On the downhill slope now and Kaos return with the savage Let God Sort The Out, one of their most aggressive anthem like tracks from arguably their best release overall, The Pits of Existence! Absentia, a band I feel is out of place but none the less making a powerful showing here finish their participation with another flowing, surging track, A Kiss from Hellaven before Wake Up from Septic Christ delivers another lethal dose of in your face thrash barbarity and T.C.F’s Core 88 end things the only way a good compilation should end, mired in the old school!

Jon Torres - Ulysses Siren

As many of you know, Jon Torres passed away on the morning of September 3rd 2013. This unexpected loss is a shock to all of us. The void that is left by his passing is beyond words. He was a beloved friend, family member and band mate. Although this loss is felt by all of us the burden left behind for his family is immeasurable. Jon was the main source of income for his family and is survived by his wife Tambre and daughter Cassie. I know that many of those closest to him have expressed their desire to help. Your love and moral support have been a pillar of strength for all of us but if you could find it in your hearts to donate to this fund to help with upcoming expenses this is the most impact you could possibly have in helping us move forward from this tragedy. Any amount you see fit will be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go directly to his surviving family. If you wish to send money directly to the home you can sent checks to the following address. Thank you for the outpouring of support and may you and your family be blessed. Gabriel Bryant

The Torres Family 5510 Connecticut Dr. Concord Ca 94521 - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/jon-torres-memorial-fund/85407#sthash.W3xHKib9.dpuf

Septic Christ

Hey Thrashers out there. We haven’t any good news for you. It was a very difficult decision for all of us, but we have decided that we bring our time as a band to an end.

There’s no right or wrong moment to make this decision, but things gonna change.

So we would like to thank all bands, fans, bookers, magazines, webzines and radio-stations that have spread our word and our music and supported us from the beginning. We would like to especially emphasize the collaboration with Nathan McLeod, our Label Manager, to whom we send all our gratitude for the immense work that is made since we signed his Label.

YOU are a part of us! Thank you!

Cheers Septic Christ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Septic-Christ-official/153646001323500?ref=hl

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Septic Christ

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