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Power Metal - Germany

Justifiable Homicide is now available thru Powermetal.de : Justifiable Homicide now available thru Powermetal.de​ : http://powermetal.de/news/news-ULYSSES_SIREN_jetzt_auch_im_Powermetal-Shop_,36639.html The EP "Justifiable homicide" of the Bay area Thrashers with three studio tracks and three live recordings, limited on 500 pieces is now available at PM.de-shop for 9 euros (plus postage, from 30 EUR shopping value shipping). Strong, powerful thrash, which reminds me of a mixture of HEATHEN and EXODUS!


KAOS - http://www.geocities.ws/metaleastte…/bandpages/kaos/kaos.htm

Leave Scars

LEAVE SCARS: IN RECENT COMMUNICATION WITH KRIS, "DRUMMER" FOR BELGIAN THRASH METAL ARTIST "LEAVE SCARS", REGARDING THEIR MARCH 2015 CD RELEASE: "CHAINS OF REDEMPTION", I'VE OFFERED TO GIVE THEM HELP WITH DISTRIBUTION, SUPPORT, EXPOSURE IN THE U.S. THRU "MALEVOLENCE RECORDS". I'VE DONE SOME WORK WITH "LEAVE SCARS" IN MID-2013, WITH TWO OF THEIR TRACKS "TRAPPED" & "THE ARRIVAL" APPEARING ON THE "PERSEVERANCE 2013" COMPILATION CD, RELEASED IN JUNE 2013. WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH THEIR MATERIAL, EASY TO WORK WITH, & OVERALL ONE KICK ASS THRASH METAL ARTIST! COMING VERY SOON, BOTH "CHAINS OF REDEMPTION" & THEIR DEBUT CD RELEASE OF "THE ARRIVAL" WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE U.S. AT: WWW.MALEVOLENCE-RECORDS.US LEAVE SCARS HAS MY FULL & COMPLETE SUPPORT! BEST OF LUCK, PROSPERITY, & SUCCESS GOES OUT TO THEM IN 2015. BELOW IS A SHORT BIO & PHOTOS. Leave Scars is a Belgian Old School Thrash Metal Band, which started in 2005 with band members from D.O.A., Sanitarium and Hard Resistance. It began as a side project, but then grew to be a solid band. In 2007 their first demo "Unit 731" came out and thrashed the underground scene. In particular the hidden track "Shower" which is already called a classic. In 2009, they won the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Belgium and played an amazing set on W.O.A. 2009 in Germany. Leave Scars recorded their new cd called "The Arrival", which came out in May 2013. Throughout the RedBull BedroomJam competition they've won, Leave Scars performed on Graspop Metal Meeting 2013 in Belgium. On March 25th 2014 they supported Five Finger Death Punch at Trix, Antwerp and been selected for the finals of the global Hard Rock Rising competition at Hard Rock Café Cologne, Germany. They’ve been signed by Spinal Record in 2015 and the new cd “Chains of Redemption” will be released in Benelux early March. Leave Scars is: Kristof “Dizzy” Van Eyck: Vocals Djoni Tregub: Guitar Paul Aerts: Guitar Mathias Annys: Bass Kris Boenders: Drums Contact: Kris Boenders jasonstama@hotmail.com +32(0)496879181 www.leavescars.com www.facebook.com/Leave.Scars www.soundcloud.com/leavescars Malevolence-Records.us's photo. Malevolence-Records.us's photo. Malevolence-Records.us's photo. Malevolence-Records.us's photo.


Metal-Rules Live Review - KAOS - HOA 2007 : http://www.metal-rules.com/metalnews/2007/09/01/headbangers-open-air-2007-brande-hornerkirchen-germany/ If someone thought that Eternal Legacy had energy in their stageshow, Kaos put them to shame! The ultra fast hc-thrash is the name of the game with Kaos, hard hitting mosh parts, furious solos and old school twin guitar attacks! Aggressive perfection is a good word as the guys from Kaos blew the roof off.

PERSEVERANCE 2013 available on Google, eMusic, Rhapsody:

https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Various_Artists_Perseverance_2013_Malevolence_Reco?id=Bwpmx5nsv33axis6knbicsqwtny&hl=en-GB - - - - - http://www.emusic.com/album/various-artists/perseverance-2013-malevolence-records-presents/15732940/ - - - - - http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/various-artists/album/perseverance-2013-malevolence-records-presents

Forces Of Steel


PERSEVERANCE 2013 available on CD Baby: