Septic Christ - KAOS

"Septic Christ's - Guilty As We We Born CD Release Party !!!"

Saturday June 30th, 2012 :

Septic Christ : Waldshut, Germany AbsentiA : Oviedo, Spain KAOS : Hayward, California, USA

At The : Jugencentrum Tiengin Breitenfelderstrasse 20 79761 Waldshut-Tiengin, Germany


SHOWTIME !!! Good luck !!! Nate & Malevolence Records

Bay Area Metal Festival 2012

KAOS - A message from Kaos Among Us!! B.A.M.F 2012 ( Bay Area Metal Festival ) ~ July 28th at The Oakland Metro Operahouse ~ Headliner ~ Allegaeon will be performing along with Mudface ( official page), KAOS, Falling To Pieces, Skinner, Short Fuse, to name a few... Please Pre-buy tickets to this event & support all your local musicians, tell them KAOS sent you!!! xoxoxo

For tickets go to: https://tickets.tikly.co/-/event/474

Cheers!!!!! Hope to see a bunch of you there!!!! Support Support Support!!!!!!

Tickets for Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 by Nemesis Records LLC | Online Paperless Ticketing from Ti tickets.tikly.co Tickets for Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 by Nemesis

Septic Christ - KAOS

Tear it up tomorrow nite !!! Fuck taking names, just kick some bloody ass !!! Malevolence Records

T.C.F. - Septic Christ

KGAR CMJ Charts 6-25-12 Hello to all in radio land. Below you will find the KGAR CMJ Charts and Adds for June 25, 2012. KGAR’s Office Hours for Summer 2012 Attention Indi / College Rock folks!!!!!! KGAR’s Indi / College Rock director is Caty Rippetoe. To contact Caty, please email her at startthewildrumpus@gmail.com. Her office hours for this summer 2012 are from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Mondays. Her phone number for office hours is 559-924-1098. As for your loud rock and heavy metal needs, the homebucket is still your main contact. You folks know how to contact him via email. KGAR -101 E. Bush St.- Lemoore, Ca. 93245 This Sunday, July 1 is the annaual Mayhem Festival in mt. View, Ca. If you are going, holler at the bucket for he will be there. What a great line up. Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead, and Anthrax on the main stage. The bucket is bummed that High On Fire will not be there for Matt Pike has to deal with his demons. It’s going to be a fun day. CMJ Loud Rock CMJ Loud Rock Adds 1 NILE At The Gate Of Sethu Nuclear Blast 2 MORGOTH Cursed To Live Century Media 3 PRIMATE Draw Back A Stump Relapse 4 AVIYN Aviyn From The Depths 5 DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora's Pinata CMJ Loud Rock Chart 1 KREATOR Phantom Antichrist Nuclear Blast 2 DYING FETUS Reign Supreme Relapse 3 JORN Bring Heavy Rock To The Land Frontiers 4 GOJIRA L'Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner 5 DR. ACULA Nation Victory 6 RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER Ghostmaker Candlelight 7 IHSAHN Eremita Candlelight 8 MNEMIC Mnemesis Nuclear Blast 9 SPINESHANK Anger Denial Acceptance Century Media 10 SHADOWS FALL Fire From The Sky Razor and Tie Malevolence Records 11.SC_GAWWB_BIO.jpg 12.SC_IE_BIO.jpg 13.T.C.F._WMR_BIO.jpg

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6-26-12, Long-Time Friend & Business Associate, Malevolence Records Label Assistant - "Leta Swanson" & Malevolence Records have gone our seperate ways to pursue different area(s) of the Music & Entertainmewnt Business. I wish Ms. Swanson all the best in her persuit of happiness, carreer change. & overall the best of luck; never know when ya may need it? Sincerely, Nathan McLeod - Owner Malevolence Records USA

Septic Christ

Headbangers Zine & Gigs Review / Interview of Septic Christ & their Infected Existence Debut CD; by Hans Hostile of T.C.F. :





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Septic Christ

Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born CD repressing completed today. Will have discs within a couple weeks ; Replicated CD copies! For those who really don't have a preference of either a Replicated CD or Duplicated CD-R, CD-R copies will still be available at ; http://www.Malevolence-Records.us/Store.php

Bay Area Metal Festival 2012

Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 - Nemesis Records LLC presents B.A.M.F 2012. The Bay Area Metal Festival is an all day, all ages event showcasing the talent of local, national, and international, metal bands from around the world.

B.A.M.F is designed to connect the artists that play with the fans and brands that will help progress their career. It incorporates all aspects of the music industry and puts them under one roof for a full day of networking and musical enjoyment of some of the best metal the Bay has to offer.

Artists will have the chance to showcase their music in front a larger than normal crowd as well as play along side bigger name acts. Artists are provided with top of the line promotion as well as placed in the same building as media sites, radio stations, disc duplicators, shirt manufactures, and many other vendors that are relevant to the development of their careers.

Fans will have the chance to experience a full day packed with all the best metal the area has to offer as well as connect with the band members one on one. They will also have more merchandise options than ever imaginable and let's not forget the free giveaways!!!!

This year's B.A.M.F will play host to such acts as,

(In no particular order)

Allegaeon http://www.facebook.com/allegaeon

Dissipate http://www.facebook.com/dissipateband

Casket of Cassandra http://www.facebook.com/casketofcassandra

Deprivation http://www.facebook.com/deprivationband

Short Fuse http://www.facebook.com/shortfusemusic

Weapon Status Red http://www.facebook.com/WeaponStatusRed

4arm http://www.facebook.com/4ARMofficial

Better Left Unsaid http://www.facebook.com/BLUOFFICIAL

Falling To Pieces http://www.facebook.com/fallingtopieces?ref=ts

Prey For Sleep http://www.facebook.com/PreyForSleep

Dead Earth Politics http://www.facebook.com/thenewfrontline

Repaid In Blood http://www.facebook.com/RepaidInBlood

Kaos http://www.facebook.com/kaos.us

Mudface http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mudface-official-page/215329378524432

Skinner http://www.facebook.com/skinnermetal

Hysteria http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hysteria/125952494085031

Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 Oakland Metro 630 3rd Street Oakland, CA 94607

Jul 28, 2012 4:00pm

Standard Pre Sale $15.00 Our standard pre sale ticket for B.A.M.F 2012. VIP Package Deal $20.00 Our VIP package deal will include,

One standard pre sale ticket One B.A.M.F 2012 Compilation CD One VIP Laminate allowing early access to the venue and shorter wait time VIP Package Deal with Shirt $25.00 Our VIP package deal with shirt will include,

One standard pre sale ticket One B.A.M.F 2012 Shirt (Sizes S-XXXL) One B.A.M.F 2012 Compilation CD One VIP Laminate allowing early access to the venue and shorter wait time As an added bonus we will include a meet and great with this year's headliner!!