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I hope some of you out there can attend 1 of these shows & enjoy the Festivities !!! Not the outcome I expected going into this last November, but there are 3 solid shows as ya see it out of the 5 we were aiming for ... And it wasn't all for a lack of trying on our behalve's, as for what ya seel, what was done & accomplished , was done completely on our own, without the help & or assistance of any outside Professional Booking Agencies, Promoters, etc, ... And when I say WE, I mean the Members of : Septic Christ, KAOS, AbsentiA, T.C.F., Benny & The MOO6 Festival, Micjelle Murray - Management for KAOS & AbsentiA, Helter Brown & the Moderators with The Hard & Heavy Commonwealth Forum / Site, Jon Torres of Ulysses Siren, Michael Bradley & 3 4 Web Design : Castro Valley, Californis, Leta Swanson - Malevolence Records Label Assistant, Marco & The Headbangers Zine & Gigs : Tilburg, Netherlands & as well Stefan & Metal To Infinity Magazine : Belgium ... If there is anyone I've forgotten, my apologies ... Thank ALL of you for your help, ongoing support, assistance, & efforts made to make this all happen Couldn't of done it all without ya ... Time to make some fucking noise over Europe !!! Sincerely, Nathan McLeod - Owner Malevolence Records http://www.Malevolence-Records.us San Bruno, California


KAOS Greetings KAOS MANIACS! Here are the current happenings in the KAOS camp… First, we are heading over to Europe at the end of the month to play a few shows with our label mates T.C.F., Septic Christ and AbsentiA! And then... KAOS is pleased to announce that we have been invited to play this years B.A.M.F. (Bay Area Metal Festival). With a ton of great bands, both local and from afar, this is going to be a HUGE day of metal for the Bay Area. Get your advanced tickets here: https://tickets.tikly.co/-/event/474 Join the facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/321451547920989/ KAOS pre B.A.M.F. interview on KaoSJS Thursday July 19th at 9:00pm. You can listen in on the Mayhem right here: KAOS AMONG US is now available on Cdbaby.com http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/KAOS11 Awesome Fan Site at Silence So Loud http://www.silencesoloud.com/kaos.html Upcoming Events: 6/30/12 Return of the Thrashing Dead V Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany http://www.facebook.com/events/307292012697869/ 7/06/12 Thrash Torture III Tilburg, Netherlands http://www.facebook.com/events/307292012697869/ 7/07/12 Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI Oostrozebeke, Belgium http://www.facebook.com/events/258274280915257/ 7/28/12 B.A.M.F. Oakland, California http://www.facebook.com/events/321451547920989/ Here is what the press has to say about the “Validated In Blood” E.P. If this doesn’t convince you to pick it up… Your Metalness is in question! Infernal Masquerade Webzine http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002064-kaos-–-validated-blood-2012 Battle Helm True Metal Magazine/USA, UK, Sweden http://battlehelm.com/?p=5706 Silence So Loud/USA http://www.silencesoloud.com/Kaos_Validated_In_Blood_Review.html Metal to Infinity/Belgium http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/KaoscdreviewValidatedinblood.htm SubterraneoHeavy.com/Spain http://subterraneoheavy.com/webzine/archives/48004 Brutalism.com/Netherlands http://www.brutalism.com/content/kaos-validated-in-blood Power Metal Webzine/Germany http://powermetal.de/review/review-Kaos/Validated_In_Blood,20474.html Aristocrazia Webzine/Italy http://aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it/2012/06/kaos-validated-in-blood.html My Global Mind/Australia http://myglobalmind.com/2012/05/24/kaos-validated-in-blood-review/ Metal Storm Webzine/Germany http://www.metalstorm.net/pub/review.php?review_id=10704 My Revelations Webzine/Germany http://www.myrevelations.de/index.php?section=reviews&module=cdreviews&submodule=review_detail&reviewid=10093 Metalcore Fanzine/USA http://www.metalcorefanzine.com/reviews60.html If you have not picked up a copy of “Validated in Blood”, you can get it right here: http://www.malevolencerecords.us/Store.php http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/KAOS11 http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/validated-in-blood-ep/id511770459 Until next time..... Keep on THRASHING! KAOS

Septic Christ

Guilty As We Were Born $5 CD Baby Sale : http://www.cdbaby.com/Sale/metal

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Septic Christ

If people don't mind, care, interested in copies of this release as they are, I have them discounted on my Website for 2 for the price of 1 at $11.00 or 1 for $6.00 : The Disacount will be applied at time of purchase for PayPal orders : http://www.malevolence-records.us/Store.php

Septic Christ

IAnyone here on the forum happen to purchase a copy of Septic Christ;s - Guilty As We Were Born, Physical copy not a Digital Download versiuo, would you please throw a post in here with your name ... The Company who pressed this release FUCKED UP on the format of CD it was suppose to pressed I'd say out of the total 1,000 copies, 800 (this is a guesstimate from the factory) or so were, are a CD-R copy not an actual CD, which all 1,000 copiies are suppose to be CD' made copies, not CD-R ... Not the services I paid for, nor would I ever put out any Artist's brand new, re-rrelease. any release & in CD-R format !!! Personally, I'd be ratther insulted if a Record Label purposelly, intentionally, new in advance & or even offered such service releasing my material ... I had NO clue this mistake had been made til about 5-6wks. ago or so, & has taken up to yesterday to actually what actually went wring, eho's to blame & a means to an end with some resolution ... I check my order's & shipment's when threy are completed ... When you talk about 1,000 units total, 100 per box, you can't possibly check every CD, & by removing the shrinwrap from every copy, physically opening & renoving every CD from it's jewel case & inspecting every 1 ... With the shrinkwrap removed, technically it's no longer a brand new CD, CD-R, DVD & so on, & cannot be sold as a Brand New anything in the eyes of a lot, if not most people buying a copy ... I've always taken 2-3 copies from diffferent locaations ineach box of 100, open those, listen to the audio from each copy I open, & thoroughly inspect each 1 inside & out before I release them & call the whole lot good, ready to go ... And in comparing 1 disc to another, there was or is very little difference in appearance from 1 another, same applied to the audio of the copies total I listened too ... So, actual Repkicated CD's are in the process of being pressed & am trying to gather up as many people I possibly can who "purchased"a copy of this release so I am able to give the peoplle, customers who purchased this what they paid for ... And can keep the everyone who has "purchased" a CD-R copy of this release, I'll send you the real CD (disc) not a whole complete shrinkwrapped jewel case copy, at no charge, & can keep the CD-R disc, I don't need those returned !!! I have 100's of them that I am probably gonna use at the gun range for target practice ... This is strictly limited to people who have "purchased" a copy that I can verify with my records ... For those out therethat have been given a copy, were sent 1 for Promotional use, & or acquired a copy somehow, the courtesy is not being extended to that extreme ... Benny "metalhead', I believe you purchased a coipy, & will hand deliver yours when I see you in a few weeks in Belgium ... Nate McLeod Malevolence Records

Headbangers Zine & Gigs

Tilburg, Netherlands


Malevolence Records

http://aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it/2012/06/aavv-malevolence-records-metal-over.html A.A.V.V. - Malevolence Records - Metal Over Oostrozebeke Informazioni
Gruppi: Vari
Titolo: Metal Over Oostrozebeke
Anno: 2012
Provenienza: U.S.A. / Germania / Spagna
Etichetta: Malevolence Records
Contatti: malevolence-records.us
Autore: Mourning

1. KAOS - Internal Bleeding
2. Absentia - If Only I
3. Septic Christ - Yearning For Salvation
4. T.C.F. - An Eye For An Eye
5. KAOS - Let God Sort Them Out
6. Absentia - A Kiss From Hellheaven
7. Septic Christ - Wake Up
8. T.C.F. - Core '88

DURATA: 31:20 The Malevolence Records is a small label that is step by step creandosi the roster, with this release-sampler, which contains eight pieces, two for each team within your reality, presents a view of the European tour that will involve.The tracklist reveals that the names are almost all known to listen to those who follow Aristocracy from the beginning, opening with "Internal Bleeding" thrash violently and adorned with traits "core" of the old school veterans KAOS. The trace output as a single and forerunner of the new ep "Validated In Blood" confirms the effectiveness of the proposal on the combo, heavy and massive, it is added to "Let God Sort Them Out" extracted from the preceding chapter, the full-length "The Pits Of Existence ".Second in order of appearance is the sound of black / symphonic Spaniards Absentia, first with "If Only I" belongs to the latest release, "Our Bleeding Sun", also included in our database, and subsequently around the longest, "A Kiss From Hellheaven "dating back to the debut of" Heaven Still Burns ". The difference between the two is clear, with the latter very immature especially from the point of view of production.We return to thrash with the Teutonic Septic Christ of "Yearning For Salvation", the sound begins softly and caressingly driven by a single melodic trickery, the departure rate is around the corner and the roots of the sound-Exodus Anthrax They come out disruptive. The piece is part of the new album "Guilty As We Were Born" and "Wake Up" is one of the tow tracks from the first album "Infected Existence" to which the undersigned is particularly fond of because it was one of the first online reviews submitted by the Aristocracy , 2009.Rounding out the games T.C.F. (Thrash Core Fanatics), which is clearly explanatory monicker on the choices of sound and the direction taken by the formation of the songwriting, the Dutch arrived ear with "An Eye For An Eye" extrapolated from "Where Madness Reigns", the debut of 2011, and "Core '88" ep including the 2009 "Speed ​​Or Bleed". Nothing new but definitely geared to meet the demand of those living pleasantly "trapped" in the eighties."Over Oostrozebeke Metal" is a showcase of what the show will reserve its Belgian participants and this release is ultimately just a taste, an invitation to try, if not already knew, the bands will alternate on that stage . Around so the ball to you dear readers, and perhaps you become part of your audience.


http://aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it/2012/06/kaos-validated-in-blood.html 06/12/12 Informazioni Gruppo: Kaos Titolo: Validated In Blood Anno: 2012 Provenienza: U.S.A. Etichetta: Malevolence Records Contatti: myspace.com/kaosamongus Autore: Mourning Tracklist 1. United We Kill 2. Internal Bleeding 3. Alive To Die 4. Blood Red Eyes 5. Kill On Command (cover Vio-Lence) DURATA: 24:11 The Kaos Californians back to being the guest of Aristocracy. After the transition occurred in 2010 through the third album "The Pits Of Existence", is the turn of the ep "Validated In Blood" last effort of the combo containing four previously unreleased tracks and a cover of the Vio-Lence fantastic dell'accoppiata composed Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn, who are both now in Machine Head.The proposal is a classic Bay Area thrash, are in fact the most recognizable band, from the Slayer Exodus Testament for example by switching to just to name a few.In nearly twenty-five minutes we have enclosed all the qualities associated with alternating phrases that sound mosh unperturbed by other less pounding but darker and denser, so they'll beat the rush and enclosed in "United To Kill", which boasts an excellent opener rhythmic interpretation, the structure given by the duo drum / bass is dynamic, violent and varied with the addition of the valuable evidence even during solo guitarists, a little 'what goes well in "Blood Red Eyes", the fourth piece it agrees in part with the mold.Slightly varied is instead the approach taken in "Internal Bleeding", supports the development in a unique position slightly more catchy encouraging the use of a higher dose of melody, the pull in the center of the piece I was a bit crowded out 'but nothing that not assimilate after a couple of plays, while "Alive To Die" is appreciated for a more urgent and atmospheric choice dense, heavy, yet slower pace up and then ...Then there's the pride, the choice of song to coverizzare falls on one of the undisputed hit of the Vio-Lence, the "Kill On Command" contained in the jewel "Eternal Nightmare" and say, sounds like a very strange " Teutonic "the original sound, however, interesting as it is called countrymen.The Kaos are in full gear, we will wait out yet another short full-length? We do not know anything yet, so let's enjoy "Validated In Blood" as is done with an appetizer and expect something to go back.

Mad At Sam

Due to unforseen & unfortunate circumstances, Malevolence Records & Mad At Sam have parted ways with 1 another ... I wish them all the luck, prosperity, health, & happiness with their future endeavours as Individual's & as a Band ... Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records


Bay Area Metal Festival KSJS Interview with KAOS has been rescheduled to for July 19th, 2012 at 9pm.