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http://www.brutalism.com/content/kaos-validated-in-blood Share Kaos Validated In Blood Track Listing: United We Kill Internal Bleeding Alive To Die Blood Red Eyes Kill On Command (cover Vio-lence)

Rating: 3/5

After being on hiatus for some time, Thrash Metal group Kaos returned in 2010 re-invigorated and ready to crack skulls with some headbanging music. After a rather successful release of 'The Pits Of Existence,' the band is at it again with a new EP. Brief, but solid, everything here will attract fans of more technical Thrash and even the classics performed by groups such as Exodus. "United We Kill" has a bit of the cliche themes used on Exodus' 'Tempo Of The Damned,' but the music is actually a bit toned down compared to these legends. The solos are still fantastic but the riffing is mid paced and easily accessible. Other tracks like "Alive To Die" follow the same pattern but "Internal Bleeding" is an excellent example of a more technical, complex take on Thrash so it doesn't just feel like the same three riffs over and over for most of the song and the big explosion comes from a six second solo that goes so fast listener attention is rarely fully captivated. The "Kill On Command" cover feels a little bit out of Kaos' element due to its fast pace as they try to keep up with the Vio-Lence original, but compared to the more groovy sections of a track like "Alive To Die" or the technical grit of "Internal Bleeding," it feels like a whole new band. Still, overall this little tidbit will allow fans to be sated for some time until Kaos unleashes their next full length of groovy Thrash assaults.

Label Name: Malevolence Records Label E-mail: leta@malevolence-records.us Label Website: http://www.malevolence-records.us June 4, 2012 - 20:07Posted by devilmetal747

Mortus Delict

Croatia Metal Fest. http://www.ezadar.hr/clanak/metalfest-zadar-2012-by-tea-balog-ii


Belgium Rock Tribune T.C.F. - Where Madness Reigns (Malevolence)

The Dutch crew T.C.F. makes every effort to relive the 80's crossover style and their debut album shows their efforts paid off. In pure D.R.I. fashion 13 quality infested crossover songs are blasted though your speakers. A true showcase of how excellent a fushion of punk, hardcore and thrash can work. T.C.F. shows show political awareness in their lyrics and some of the sampled intros are very funny. Because of this T.C.F. reminds me of the controversial Cleveland hardcore band One Life Crew.

score: 4/5

Head Bangers Zine

Head Bangers Zine - Issue # 2 OUT !!! http://www.headbangerszineandgigs.com Tilburg, Netherlands

Septic Christ

Septic Christ Guilty As We Were Born by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 June 2012, 5:54 PM Share this on Facebook | Share this on Twitter

Metal and politics, the politics of Metal, or to be more accurate, the politics of Thrash. With such a connection between the will to root out the worst cases of corruption and political impurity, someone has to take a stand without letting blind eye towards the phenomenon. KREATOR has been doing it constantly for years, going against some of the foundations of modern society gone bad. SEPTIC CHRIST, hailing from Germany, has been putting out the same tones of rallying up against the ones that laugh behind our backs while cleansing the filth of their deeds with the handkerchief tucked in their polished suits. "Guilty As We Were Born", a tough title that contributed to the idea of going also against the cloth, via Malevolence Records, presents clear messages under the veil of American type Thrash with no remorse, just loads of anger.

Right from the start this band's musical direction was pretty recognizable. Slamming their way in the vein of OVERKILL, SLAYER, EXODUS and MUNICIPAL WASTE, this band didn't leave any room for error that they are pissed off. I liked their sound production and how it somewhat reminded the late 80s album of OVERKILL. Every channel sounded so clear and it was easy to distinguish between the instruments. Furthermore, SEPTIC CHRIST's music was more or less obvious and pretty much expected from the get go. Without a room for something different or innovative, they brought up an on flowing old school combustion with an aim to spread their word. Within the solid tracklist, I enjoyed "Be A Man", which was pretty intense with its riffing and unrelenting heaviness followed by gang like vocal section that really thundered the place up. "Political Playground" turned up a notch with a rather Crossover conduct al'a MUNICIPAL WASTE's rapid strikes and speedy rhythms while the Bay Area style of "The Legacy" made me think of what this generation will be leaving behind after it calls it quits.

"Guilty As We Were Born" drags after it a caseload of examples of the hard life, I wouldn't think of any Metal subgenre that would have been appropriate other than Thrash to this manifestation. However, I would say that SEPTIC CHRIST will have a little work to produce a better result. I liked their orientation and their sound but a number of tunes in their list didn't convince as I would have wanted. This is their second album and maybe three is a charm.

Tracklist: 1. Guilty As We Were Born (Intro) 2. Starstruck 3. Screwed and Ill 4. Be a Man 5. The Legacy 6. Welcome to the Championship of Corruption 7. Bomb Monte Carlo 8. Exile the Leaders 9. G.D.L.B. 10. Political Playground 11. Yearning for Salvation 12. Herd Instinct Lineup: JxNothing- Guitar Chris Septic- Bass Joey Collapse- Drums Bobby Shortleg- Vocals Record Label: Malevolence Records


Enjoy :) Regards,

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Red Moth (about 13 hours ago) Your band Kaos have got it goin on! "Blood Red Eyes" is a killer track!


KAOS Review- Powermetal.de Holger Andrae 06/01/12 Validated in Blood Two years after her last Silberling pushes the Bay Area five of KAOS, a new EP. And while I'm probably the last time initially failed because of one's own expectations, the guys inspire me this time pretty quickly. The four new songs powerfully push forward and are not quite as strong in the groove-thrash-corner caught. The sound is very modern but still not my world, but at least it manages the band on "Validated In Blood" to gather with a tangy Klampfensound points. Vocalist Jason Darnell roars skilfully by the extremely pissed Riffmonstren and 'Internal Bleeding', the band has even a real highlight at the start. But the opening riff is sometimes everything. Because it disrupts the rhythms of old-fashioned friend not even when in the course of the number a bit bad deep steps on the accelerator. Even the nimble 'Blood Red Eyes' delights my mind immediately with precise riffing from the shark's farm. Added in this song is a common hazardous singing style that I want to describe something as sneaky here. The elegant guitar melody built on top of that sometimes just to remember old-school EXODUS. Very fine thing, if you should have das. on the next album more works of this caliber will be sitting here a very happy reviewer. Then how can such a groover 'Alive To Die' is missing, however, completely happy. Sure, KAOS also dominate the game by standing on my head, but this version just gives me nothing. In my ears, such a number is just monotonous. Sorry to say. Fortunately, there is the final cover of the Vio-lence veterans still a hearty kick in the ass. 'Kill On Command' is also sometimes a killer song. KAOS and then convert this number also fine. Like it.

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