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T.C.F. - Where Madness Reigns Track Listing: Face The Truth Slave Of The Suit Mass Hysteria Where Madness Reigns Survive The Plague An Eye For An Eye Justified Violence I Like Ike Punch In The Face Reality's Nightmare Power Corrupts Duck And Cover We Will Survive

Rating: 3 out of 5

T.C.F- also known as Thrash Core Fanatics- embody the music they worship. On their debut the music is as catchy and furious as one can get, following the path of groups like Slayer, Exodus, and even Kreator with a bit more of a Rock n' Roll touch to the music. Each track is pretty much rooted in basic Thrash- fast, churning tracks that either are performed in bursts such as "I Like Ike" or with lengthy solos such as on "An Eye For An Eye." One can definitely hear the Slayer influence in the dark tones of "Mass Hysteria" and "Punch In The Face" definitely churns of Exodus. To add more original moments, T.C.F. also tosses in some recorded samples at their opening tracks such on "I Like Ike" or "Duck And Cover." Sometimes these moments seem a bit silly, but they help break up the monotony of most of the tracks because without them the album would feel like just one giant run-through without too much variation. True, the music here isn't the most varied, but most old school Thrash fans will find that T.C.F. live up to their name well by making the music as hard as possible while paying tribute to the heroes of the genre who made it a reality. It's not a modern marvel, but will appeal to the excitement of those who really like a good riff or two.

Label Name: Malevolence Records Label E-mail: malevolence.usa@malevolence-records.us Label Website: http://www.malevolence-records.us July 14, 2012 - 21:25Posted by devilmetal747

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgie

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium - KAOS, Septic Christ, AbsentiA, T.C.F. : Guys ALL did a great job !!! Sure, wish I could have been there, I look at that group photo as my Profile Picture, Ive heard nothing negative, everything positive, and see you ALL had a kick-ass, excellent, great time !!! Good enough for me. Cheers, Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records


KAOS - Remember, YOU ARE the 1st International Artist, meaning from a different Continent altogether to play at any M.O.O Festival! So give them some : Punishing and Relentless Bay Area Thrash!! That sounds like : Mass Destruction... Grinding it's Gears In You!! Go out there & fucking KILL 'EM !!! Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records Metal Over Fucking Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium JH 'T ipperste - July 7th @ 6:00PM Venue Address JH 'T ipperste Smallestokstraat 20Oostrozebeke, BE Date and Time Saturday, July 7th at 6:00PM Ticket Details ADD: 10€, VVK: 7€ Age Limit All Ages Details Metal Over Oostrozebeke in association with Malevolence Records presents: Malevolent Forces Tour 2012 MOO Festival VI

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (almost 6 years ago)

And hope ya showed them just how the SF Bay Area fucking Represents !!! Lives up to our Reputation !!!

Malevolence Records

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T.C.F. - AbsentiA - Septic Christ - KAOS

T.C.F. - AbsentiA - Septic Christ - KAOS : TOMORROW EVENING !!! www.littledevil.nl - July 6th @ 8:00PM ALL Ages Show - 5 Euros Tilburg, Netherlands I want to hear WW3 ALL the way from Oakland, California !!! Tear It The Fuck Up !!! Malevolence Records

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KAOS - Michelle Murray - Management & Jon of Ulysses Siren

KAOS - Michelle Murray - Management & Jon of Ulysses Siren : Have a Happy 4th Of July 2012 while in Europe. Wish I were able to have been there with ya. Cheers, Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records


KAOS - http://www.metalexpressradio.com/menu.php?main=interviews&id=863 KAOS by: DAN 'SOFT BOY' SKIBA - 2010-6-5 11:3:38 email: softboy (at) metalexpressradio.com

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Septic Christ

Septic Christ - http://www.vaskarc.hu/articles.php?article_id=700 Album review » Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born in 2012 Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born in 2012 Publisher: Malevolence Records Web: Septic Christ facebook Musicians: Septic Chris - Bass Collapse Joey - Drums JxNothing - Guitar Shortleg Bobby - Vocals Songs: Guilty As We Were Born (Intro) 02:03 Starstruck 03:23 Ill and Screwed 04:08 Be a Man 2:41 The Legacy 02:54 Welcome to the Championship of Corruption 04:41 Monte Carlo Bomb 02:08 Exile the Leaders 04:18 GDLB 03:01 Political Playground 03:59 Yearning for Salvation 05:13 Herd Instinct 02:57