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Suspiria Records - Spain

Suspiria Records - Spain SP THE FINAL RESISTANCE- A TRIBUTE TO DARK TRANQUILLITY Desde hace más de 20 años, Dark Tranquillity han revolucionado el panorama del Death Metal sueco con sus extraordinarias melodías, sus acelerados y personales riffs y su incontestatable calidad. En Suspiria Records siempre hemos tenido una profunda admiración por el grupo, no sólo por su increíble música, sino por su tremenda calidad como personas, siempre dispuestos a colaborar y a apoyar la escena, además de cuidar muchísimo su trato con los fans. Es por todo esto (y más...) que llevamos dándole vueltas en el sello a la idea de perpetrar un merecido tributo a la mejor (en nuestra humilde opinión) banda del Death Metal sueco de la historia, y este sueño se ha hecho realidad. Queremos que "The final resistance" sea un cd tributo del que el propio grupo y sus fans se sientan orgullosos, por ello contaremos con excelentes grupos nacionales e internacionales que pondrán toda la carne en el asador para rendir un merecido homenaje a Dark Tranquillity. La presentación artística del cd será uno de los puntos fuertes, ya que será un digipack con un cuidado diseño de la gran Pilar Baldominos (Hoeresis Arte), responsable del excelente artwork del "Catharsis" de Suru. Esperamos que el cd esté disponible a principios de noviembre, así que estad atentos porque será uno de los lanzamientos más destacados a nivel nacional. ¡Contamos con vosotros! Pronto tendremos más noticias... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EN THE FINAL RESISTANCE- A TRIBUTE TO DARK TRANQUILLITY For over 20 years, Dark Tranquillity have revolutionized Swedish Death Metal with their extraordinary melodies, their fast and personal riffs and their unquestionablequality. In Suspiria Records we had always a deep admiration for the band, not only for his incredible music, but for their tremendous quality as people, always willing to collaborate and support the scene, in addition to care very much their treating with the fans. For all this (and more ...) we had the idea of carrying a fitting tribute tothe best (in our meek opinion) Swedish Death Metal band in history, and this dream will come true. We want that "The final resistance" will be a tribute cd that the band and their fans can be proud of, so for that we will have excellent national and international bands that will put all eggs in one basket to pay tribute to DarkTranquillity. The artistic presentation of the CD will be one of the strengths, as it will be a digipack with a careful design of the great Pillar Baldominos (Hoeresis Art),responsible for the excellent artwork of "Catharsis" Suru. We hope that the cd will be available in November, so stay tuned here because it will be one of the most outstanding releases nationwide.We count on you! More news soon... Suspiria Records Website: www.suspiriarecords.com Contact: info@suspiriarecords.es Promotion: miguel@suspiriarecords.es Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/suspiriarecordsofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suspiriarecords Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SuspiriaRecords


KAOS - B.A.M.F. : Greetings KAOS Maniacs... Our next show is Saturday July 28th at the Oakland Metro. Malevolence Records is running a KAOS/B.A.M.F. Promotion. Purchase the KAOS 3 CD Bundle and get one complimentary Ticket For B.A.M.F 2012. You get "Kaos Among Us", "The Pits of Existence", and our new E.P. "Validated In Blood" + you will get One Complimentary Ticket For B.A.M.F 2012 (a $15 value) all for $20 plus shipping. Or, if you have all of that, you can still get tickets from the band at a discounted rate. Tickets are $15 from us and $20 at the door so how can you beat that?! This offer is good until July 21st while supplies last. Get it here: http://www.malevolence-records.us/ or you can email kaos@kaosamongus.com for more info. This Thursday tune into KSJS! KAOS will be sitting in with the Madman at 9:00pm to talk about B.A.M.F. among other things and spin some tunes. This will be a good chance to win some KAOS swag and a pair of tickets to B.A.M.F. Listen in on the mayhem right here: 9pm - 21:00hrs. California - Pacific Standard Time See you at the Oakland Metro! Jason & KAOS!

Malevolence Records

Would like to "Thank" the following people for their "Ongoing Support, Time, Effort, Help, & Assistance" : Here's to a "Successful 2012 European Tour" :

Jurgen, Chris, Bob of Septic Christ & the JugenCentrum : Waldshut-Tiengin, DE-CH - Jason, Stacey, Steve, Jesse, Chad of KAOS : Hayward, CA, USA - Julian, Miguel, David, Ian of AbsentiA : Oviedo, ES - Rob, Hans, Nick of T.C.F. : Katwijk, NL - Michelle Murray - Management for KAOS & AbsentiA : Hayward, CA, USA - Benny Vandemaele & Family & the Metal Over Oostrozebeke 6 Festival, BE - Helter Brown & the Moderators Kay & Sandra with The Hard & Heavy Commonwealth Forum / Site : Magnolia, DE, USA - Jon Torres of Ulysses Siren : SF, CA, USA - Michael Bradley & 3 4 Web Design : Castro Valley, CA, USA - Leta Swanson - Malevolence Records Label Assistant : Oakland, CA, USA - Marco von Empel & the Headbangers Zine & Gigs : Tilburg, NL - Paul & the Little Devil : Tilburg, NL - Neil Gray from the UK - Stefan Silegham & Metal To Infinity Magazine : Harelbeke, BE - Miguel & Suspiria Records, ES ... AND TO ALL THE FANS IN ATTENDANCE !!! If there is anyone I've forgotten, my apologies ... Thank ALL of you for your "Help, Ongoing Support, Assistance, Time & Efforts" made to make this all happen !!! Couldn't of done it all without ya ... Sincerely, Nathan McLeod - Owner Malevolence Records http://www.malevolence-records.us nate@malevolence-records.us SB-Oakland, CA, USA


Current Radio Show www.brutalism.com Show 29 2012 1. Nerocapra - S.A. 2. Septory - Blind Bastard Manifest 3. Waning - To The Smouldering Next 4. T.C.F. - Justified Violence 5. Martelo Negro - Sob Os Cascos De Sata 6. Lord Of War - Warpath 7. I'll Eat Your Face - Enslaved By The Prawn Master 8. Goatfukk - Drunk, Slut, 666 9. Akma - The Assassin 10. Chaos Inception - The Abrogation 11. Deadborn -Second Order Cybernetics 12. Master - Smile As You're Told

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A review of TCF has been posted at the site: http://www.brutalism.com/content/tcf-where-madness-reigns brutalz Twan

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T.C.F. - Where Madness Reigns Track Listing: Face The Truth Slave Of The Suit Mass Hysteria Where Madness Reigns Survive The Plague An Eye For An Eye Justified Violence I Like Ike Punch In The Face Reality's Nightmare Power Corrupts Duck And Cover We Will Survive

Rating: 3 out of 5

T.C.F- also known as Thrash Core Fanatics- embody the music they worship. On their debut the music is as catchy and furious as one can get, following the path of groups like Slayer, Exodus, and even Kreator with a bit more of a Rock n' Roll touch to the music. Each track is pretty much rooted in basic Thrash- fast, churning tracks that either are performed in bursts such as "I Like Ike" or with lengthy solos such as on "An Eye For An Eye." One can definitely hear the Slayer influence in the dark tones of "Mass Hysteria" and "Punch In The Face" definitely churns of Exodus. To add more original moments, T.C.F. also tosses in some recorded samples at their opening tracks such on "I Like Ike" or "Duck And Cover." Sometimes these moments seem a bit silly, but they help break up the monotony of most of the tracks because without them the album would feel like just one giant run-through without too much variation. True, the music here isn't the most varied, but most old school Thrash fans will find that T.C.F. live up to their name well by making the music as hard as possible while paying tribute to the heroes of the genre who made it a reality. It's not a modern marvel, but will appeal to the excitement of those who really like a good riff or two.

Label Name: Malevolence Records Label E-mail: malevolence.usa@malevolence-records.us Label Website: http://www.malevolence-records.us July 14, 2012 - 21:25Posted by devilmetal747

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgie

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium - KAOS, Septic Christ, AbsentiA, T.C.F. : Guys ALL did a great job !!! Sure, wish I could have been there, I look at that group photo as my Profile Picture, Ive heard nothing negative, everything positive, and see you ALL had a kick-ass, excellent, great time !!! Good enough for me. Cheers, Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records


KAOS - Remember, YOU ARE the 1st International Artist, meaning from a different Continent altogether to play at any M.O.O Festival! So give them some : Punishing and Relentless Bay Area Thrash!! That sounds like : Mass Destruction... Grinding it's Gears In You!! Go out there & fucking KILL 'EM !!! Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records Metal Over Fucking Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium JH 'T ipperste - July 7th @ 6:00PM Venue Address JH 'T ipperste Smallestokstraat 20Oostrozebeke, BE Date and Time Saturday, July 7th at 6:00PM Ticket Details ADD: 10€, VVK: 7€ Age Limit All Ages Details Metal Over Oostrozebeke in association with Malevolence Records presents: Malevolent Forces Tour 2012 MOO Festival VI

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (over 3 years ago)

And hope ya showed them just how the SF Bay Area fucking Represents !!! Lives up to our Reputation !!!

Malevolence Records

Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/ malevolence-records

T.C.F. - AbsentiA - Septic Christ - KAOS

T.C.F. - AbsentiA - Septic Christ - KAOS : TOMORROW EVENING !!! www.littledevil.nl - July 6th @ 8:00PM ALL Ages Show - 5 Euros Tilburg, Netherlands I want to hear WW3 ALL the way from Oakland, California !!! Tear It The Fuck Up !!! Malevolence Records

Malevolence Records - BAMF 2012 Tickets :

Malevolence Records - BAMF 2012 Tickets : http://www.malevolence-records.us/index.php Limited Time Offer Only! One Complimentary KAOS Standard Pre-sale $15 Ticket For B.A.M.F 2012 With The Purchase of the KAOS CD Bundle http://www.malevolence-records.us/Store.php