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Septic Christ

Septic Christ – “Guilty As We Were Born” September 23, 2012 http://battlehelm.com/?cat=4 REVIEWS Septic Christ – “Guilty As We Were Born” (Malevolence Records) Septic Christ are a buncha jolly Germans who play old school thrash when it was fun to do so i.e. before bands began taking themselves and their Bermuda shorts too seriously lol. Still, might as these guys may enjoy a beer or ten, don’t discount their music cos they certainly play tight and on ten! Relentless frash riffola, wang bar excess, stampeding drums and gruffola vox are guaranteed to bring on the mosh pit madness with songs like ‘Bomb Monte Carlo’, ‘Be A Man’ and ‘Screwed And Ill’. What’s even better is that this isn’t a retro trip but Septic Christ have done their homework and read the thrash bible diligently – as such their beats and rhythms, whilst drawing inspiration from decades gone by, are still very much tuned for today’s headbanger. Along with a classic 80s thrash album cover, Septic Christ remind me a lot of Municipal Waste, M.O.D, Anthrax or even early thrash bands like Re-Animator or Deathrow which is no bad thing when you wanna get beered up, tune in and let yer brain drop out!


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Four minutes—exactly two songs—into Where Madness Reigns you’ll be triple checking the back cover of your cd just to make sure that you’ve not overlooked the fact that it is indeed a re-issue of some dusty old relic from the cassette tape days. Fact is, you just don’t hear convincing, relevant crossover these days. Just how old school is Holland’s T.F.C.? They’ve got Ronald Reagan samples on their record. That’s a fixation.

This is full-blooded crossover thrash metal in the classic spirit of Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., D.R.I.,D.B.C. and a bunch of other initials. It’s part age-old railing against government and corporations, part fist pumping moshpit madness. And that shit is evergreen. T.C.F. doesn’t play the beer-bong party thrash that was in vogue for a moment, but their bright tones and redlined tempos are still guaranteed to put a big, sheepish grin on your mug. These guys are clearly worshipping at the altar of the old guard, but not with a wink and a nod—T.C.F. comes off as legitimate devotees. Lifers. And Where Madness Reigns is damn convincing.

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Malevolence Records

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Suspiria Records - Spain


Ya tenemos portada para "The Final Resistance", el esperado disco tributo a los maestros Dark Tranquillity, que verá la luz en noviembre a través de Suspiria Records. El estupendo artwork corre a cargo de Pilar Baldominos, de Hoeresis Arte. En breve se anunciará el tracklist definitivo y la fecha de lanzamiento, asíque estad atent@s y no os perdáis este sincero homenaje a una de las mejores bandas de Metal de todos los tiempos.


We already have the cover for "The Final Resistance", the expected tribute album to the masters Dark Tranquillity, which will be released in November through Suspiria Records. The great artwork was done by Pilar Baldominos from Hoeresis Art. The final tracklist and release date will be announced shortly, so be aware and don't miss this heartfelt tribute to one of the best metal bands of all time.


Suspiria Records Website: www.suspiriarecords.com Contact: info@suspiriarecords.es Promotion: miguel@suspiriarecords.es Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/suspiriarecordsofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suspiriarecords Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SuspiriaRecords


Canadian Press Release / Info : http://www.hardnheavycommonwealth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5047&p=58135#p58135


Canadian Press Release / Info :



From the biggest Dutch print magazine AARDSCHOK (Earthquake) one of the oldest and most prestigious metal magz in Europe.

This months' surprise comes from our own soil! Hailing from Katwijk to be exact. This three piece delivers good old crossover/thrashcore that takes me back to the golden days of DRI, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment with a slight hint of Anthrax. Tight playing, good production and overall fluent, instantly recognizable songs form the ingredients of the thirteen tracks on this disc. It's easy to say you can hear these guys having fun playing and personally I find these guys to be better and more authentic than for instance Municipal Waste just to name an example. The pace is generally high, but mosh parts and some melodylines aren't forgotten. A good example is the bluesy guitar lead in the center part of "An Eye For An Eye" which is instantly followed by the relentless "Justified Violence". Absolutely Phat disc!


Hi Friends & Maniacs! My new postal adress is: Headbangers Marco Van Empel Rentmeesterlaan 11 5046 MH Tilburg Holland Cheers Patchman Spandex Marco. HBZine, Gigs, Records, Distro, Band Support & More: NL www.headbangerszineandgigs.com pix last events now online!



Arriving through Malevolence Records, today we have T.C.F a Dutch band playing some very well crafted Thrashcore. If you didn’t know the band is from the Netherlands, you would easily mistake them for any band from the late 80’s, early 90’s from the USA. Delivering thirteen tracks of balls to the wall Thrashcore, “Where Madness Reigns” is a pretty solid release for any fan of the genres.

With a very authentic vibe, the band opens with hateful riffs and powerful drums on “Face the Truth”. Keeping the initial vibe rolling, tracks like “Slave to the Suit”, “Mass Hysteria” and “Where Madness Reigns” feature very typical song structures that will have you jumping up and down immediately. It is quite funny to think that this is a fairly young band since they nail 100% the atmosphere needed to pull off this kind of music.

The riffing and tempo changes on tracks like “Survive the Plague” and “An Eye For an Eye” are clear cut examples of brilliant transitions from Thrash Metal sections to more Punk-oriented ones. Our favorite track is the super catchy “Power Corrupts”, a high-octane song that nicely shows the band’s riffing powers. The vocals in the album are quite good and have that old-school vibe to them. They also don’t have any noticeable accent and this is a big plus since there are some Thrash/Crossover bands from France (no names will be mentioned) that have horrible pronunciation and kill the mood of the album.

If you are a fan of Thrashcore, this is one release you don’t want to miss. These Dutchmen manage to capture the original sound perfectly and deliver solid tracks backed with tight drumming and excellent riffs. Band: T.C.F Album: Where Madness Reigns Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2011 Oficial Site Genre: Thrashcore Country: Netherlands Rating: 85/100

Nathan McLeod


Malevolence Records©


Septic Christ

http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002203-septic-christ-–-infected-existence-2009 Septic Christ – Infected Existence (2009) Posted August 26th, 2012 by Dark EmperorAlbum Reviews Trash Metal 2009 Other Today we have Septic Christ and their killer debut full-length release titled “Infected Existence”. Delivering an eight track dose of Bay Area sounding Thrash Metal, this Germany band manages to capture the essence of real old-school Thrash and brings it into a more modern and clean sounding stage. “Infected Existence” is one of those releases that feature brilliant riffing from beginning to end and every track should be heard at least one million times to be fully digested and enjoyed. The album title track delivers the first dosage of killer riffs, reminding us a bit of old Metalica in the pre-“Black Album” era. For a two and a half minute long track, this is one hell of an opener. The tempo changing “W.D.W.F” mixes interesting ‘slow’ sections with the typical Thrash speed ups. The vocals of Bobby Shortleg are pretty solid, but the solos and riffs of JxNothing take the cake in this release. The bass guitar abuse on “Walk” make this sound very devastating and feature an excellent opening section before all hell breaks loose. “Three Letters Called Hell”, “Stand Up Straight” and “Permitted by God” keep the onslaught of crushing riffs, featuring heaps of memorable moments and quite catchy chorus sections like on “Stand Up Straight”. The aptly titled “Thrashin With Style” is an epic song that delivers in every single level: excellent drumming, aggressive vocals, pounding bass line, and powerful riffing, we even have to go as far as saying that this is the best track in the release due to its versatility and aggressiveness. “Infected Existence” is definitely one of those albums that ALL Thrash Metal fans should own. This German band has managed to keep the old-school vibe alive while being very aggressive and highly dynamic. If you like bands like Testament, Forbidden, etc, Septic Christ is one of those names you should be able to associate with the greats in a few years. Band: Septic Christ Album: Infected Existence Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2009 Oficial Site Genre: Thrash Metal Country: Germany Rating: 89/100


Septic Christ

http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002174-septic-christ-–-guilty-we-were-born-2012 Septic Christ – Guilty As We Were Born (2012) Posted August 6th, 2012 by Dark EmperorAlbum Reviews Trash Metal 2012 Other Keeping the Thrash Metal flame alive, today we have Germany’s Septic Christ and their latest full-length release titled “Guilty As We Were Born”. Released under Malevolence Records, this album features twelve tracks of very well crafted old-school Thrash Metal, that is a bit slower paced than what we are used to listening to, but it has that great old vibe that brings all the nostalgic memories from the genre’s hay day. Opening with a very deceiving melodic track that caries the album title, things really get started with “Starstruck” and it’s intense riffing. There are a few moments in this track that we had some Metallica “And Justice For All” flash backs from a bit, but the music caries on with a more traditional Thrash edge. The band does a good job in crafting catchy melodies, and the drums are very intricate, but we feel that there is some speed missing to make this track (and most of the rest) more intense. Demolishing the listener’s speakers with tracks like “Be A Man”, “Bomb Monte Carlo”, and “G.D.L.B”, the band crafts very powerful tracks that feature good riffs, solid solos and very well constructed drum patterns. There is still something missing since the tracks feel a bit empty and get a bit dull after track five or so. While we are not saying that the album is bad, it just feels a bit way to outdated for what we have been listening from older Thrash Metal legends in the last few years. Even label mates Kaos packs a lot more punch and aggression on their sound. If you like a very traditional old-school sounding Thrash Metal release, then “Guilty As We Were Born” is a pretty solid album that will satisfy your cravings. If you are looking for something more dynamic and engaging, you might want to checkout the band’s label mates Kaos for more aggressive and appealing music. Band: Septic Christ Album:Guilty As We Were Born Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2012 Oficial Site Genre: Thrash Metal Country: Germany Rating: 83/100 ----------------------------------