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Hey Nathan, As promised here are the podcast/mp3 download links and the shows playlist from last night, thanks again for letting me feature the bands. Mark STREAMING AT https://www.mixcloud.com/MetalMark52/audio-aggression-deaththrashdoom-edition-1916/ MP3 DOWNLOAD AT https://mega.nz/#!NN9T3b6I!Ct3C5RSGlqJMuqzKa8ACkt_TAhnI9CTKMBdWW0MJjuE 1.Sadus-Aggression 2.Have Mercy - Intro 3.Have Mercy - Mass Destruction 4.Napalm - The Monarch 5.Powermad - Chasing the Dragon 6.Opprobrium - The Battle of Armageddon 7.Opprobrium - Serpent Temptation (Demo) 8.Servorum - Paramount Slaughter 9.Servorum - Colossal Fatality 10.Critical Solution - Sleepwalker 11.Critical Solution - Welcome To Your Nightmare 12.Ripper - Neuronal Unity 13.Ripper - Spherical Energy 14.Horrid - Your Lying Eyes 15.Horrid - Forbidden Desire 16.Centipede - Drown 17.Centipede - The Unspoken 18.Ulysses Siren - Justifiable Homicide 19.Ulysses Siren - Bludgeoned Mass 20.The Percent - Call to Arms 21.The Percent - No Escape 22.X-tinXion - Severed From Heaven 23.X-tinXion - The Divine 24.Leave Scars - P.B.D. 25.Leave Scars - Painted Scars 26.Vader - Necronomicon(Imperator cover) 27.Vader - Necromaniac (Thanatos cover-Poland) 28.Atrocious Abnormality - Bound for Damnation 29.Atrocious Abnormality - The Inevitable Undoing 30.Infamy - Bodily Disembowelment 31.Infamy - The Maggots Are In Me 32.Have Mercy - City of Doom 33.Napalm - Tunnel Rat/All out Assault 34.Powermad - Terminator 35.Opprobrium - Voices From The Grave 36.Opprobrium - Sadistic Sinner (Demo) 37.Servorum - Nuclear Holocaust 38.Servorum - Damnation (Raping of Angels) 39.Critical Solution - Murder In The Night 40.Critical Solution - Evidence Of Things Unseen 41.Ripper - Magnetic Solar Storms 42.Ripper - Experiment Of Existence 43.Horrid - Evil's Invocation 44.Horrid - Immortal Passion 45.Ulysses Siren - Lethal Inception 46.Ulysses Siren - Leviathan - Above The Ashes (Live) 47.The Percent - Be a Part 48.The Percent - No Respect 49.X-tinXion - Narrow Path 50.Leave Scars - Chains 51.Leave Scars - Unit 731 52.Atrocious Abnormality - Echoes of the Rotting 53.Atrocious Abnormality - Incestry 54.Saxon-Power and The Glory(Live) 55.Saxon-Princess Of The Night(live) 56.Saxon-This Town Rocks(live) 57.Saxon-Strong Arm Of The Law(live) 58.Saxon-Battering Ram 59.Saxon-The Devil's Footprint 60.Saxon - Wheels of Steel [*][Live] 61.Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel (In The Blood) 62.Damn Chili - The Ballad of MachoMork (2016 Screamo Edition) 63.Sacred Steel - Metal Underground 64.Omen-Premonition/Termination

Brutal Existence Radio

Hey Nathan, As promised here are the mp3 download and streaming links with playlist from last night's show and thanks again for letting me feature your bands :) \m/ First show of 2016 featuring new music from Obscura, Sicada, X-tinxion, Third Sovereign, Primitiv, Atrocious Abnormality, Khazzadum, Thrashfire, Septagon, Ripper(Chile), Assorted Heap(reissue), Procreation, Rouwen(Mourning), Mefisto, Vader, Leave Scars as well as older releases from T.C.F.(Thrashcore Fanatics), Kaos(US-Cali), The Percent, Septic Christ, Warning S.F. , Skitzo, Ulysses Siren, Endovein, Thanks to Nathan at Malevolence Records Kunal at Transcending Obscurity Clawhammer PR Grand Sounds PR Steven at Relapse Roel at Vic Records Lou from Sicada Comatose Music Dave Rotten at Xtreem Music Unspeakable Axe Records Dark Descent Records Cruz Del Sur Music Witching Hour Productions Metal Mark https://mega.nz/#!hJNVCYTS!iq8LfBMIBKfemwbLxtZ2flJQZpYxzRdeDwcVBifHLKU (mp3 download, right click and save) https://www.mixcloud.com/MetalMark52/audio-aggression-saturday-deaththrashdoom-edition-for-1216/ (streaming link-check out the list on left hand side and credits) Sadus-Aggression Sicada - Exit Life X-tinXion - The Divine Third Sovereign (India) - Slaughtered Mankind Primitiv - World War Zero Kaos - Out of Time Kaos - Screaming in the Mirror Leave Scars - Final Chance Leave Scars - Pulverize Skitzo - Angel's Blood Skitzo - Krystal Death's Horizon The Percent - Our Way of Life The Percent - Be a Part Septic Christ - W.D.W.F. Septic Christ - Walls T.C.F. - Dead On Arrival T.C.F. - Scumbags Warning SF - Thunderhead Warning SF - Metal Maniac [*] Ulysses Siren - Terrorist Attack Ulysses Siren - Leviathan Ulysses Siren - Above The Ashes Endovein - Forrest Gunner Endovein - Endless Prophecy Assorted Heap - Trick to Your Mind Assorted Heap - Terrorized Brains Atrocious Abnormality - Exterminate The Apostles Atrocious Abnormality - Formed In Disgust Khazaddum - The Grey Thus Commands Khazaddum - Durin's Bane Obscura - Akróasis Obscura - Sermon of the Seven Suns Thrashfire - Chainsaw Metal Thrashfire - Silent Torture (Bonus - Demo 2007) Septagon - Ignite the Apocalypse Septagon - Revolt Against the Revolution Septagon - Exit...Gunfire Ripper - Rotten Dreams Ripper - Humanity Was Wrong Procreation - The Frenzy Is Tideless Procreation - Death Is My Beat Mefisto - Void Mefisto - Act Dead Rouwen - In Your Face(In Je Smoel) Rouwen - Fire(Brand) Vader - Necronomicon (Imperator cover) Vader - The Beginning of Darkness (Merciless Death-Poland) X-tinXion - Severed From Heaven X-tinXion - Narrow Path Leave Scars - Devil's Room Leave Scars - World Betrayer The Percent-Call To Arms The Percent-No Escape Sicada-Sledge To Rise Sicada-Requisition Third Sovereign-Spawned With Guilt Third Sovereign-Holocaust Of Preaching Primitiv-The Demon Of Science Primitiv-Lake Rancid Ripper-Experiment Of Existence Saxon - Wheels of Steel [*][Live] Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel (In The Blood) Damn Chili - The Ballad of MachoMork (2016 Screamo Edition) Sacred Steel - Metal Underground Omen-Premonition/Termination www.brutalexistenceradio.net

Metal Archives - Ulysses Siren

A HUGE ROUND OF DOUBLE BASS KICK TO YOUR HEAD - 100% That was my initial thought after hearing this masterpiece from Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide. San Francisco Bay Area legends, pioneers, and innovators of the thrash metal genre.

Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide consists of three new studio tracks (2012), three live tracks with Leviathan and Above The Ashes recorded as one (2006). Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide is flawless and solid from beginning to end. I give Justifiable Homicide an edge over their debut, Above The Ashes. ULYSSES SIREN’s sophomore release brings forth a well blended combination of studio recorded tracks, live recorded tracks, line-ups, which sets the stage for a perfect mix musically.

Reminiscent of the 80’s Bay Area thrash signature, the first half of Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide introduces new studio material. Steve Heuser, drummer, who appeared on Above The Ashes, still lives up to the technical, speed, precision, and agility of Neal Peart on meth! Guitar solos and leads from axe men Jon Torres and Stone Clement bring forth crunchy guitar riffs which are sharp, acute, and precise, with no tremolo bars used. Bass rhythm and leads from Joe Jimenez that often remind me of Steve Harris, Lemmy, and Robert Trujillo. In addition, a perfect blend of backing vocals from Hells Choir, crossed with Paul Baloff and Zetro – a vocal similarity of Manuel Lopez.

The second half of Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide brings live material, one of these tracks being a cover of Destruction's - The Ritual. Guitarist Kevin Albert-Gorski licks out a blistering awesome solo. Note for note, spot-fucking-on! Ulysses Siren gives Destruction a mad dash for their money with their version. The drumming of Will Carroll pummels, pounds, explodes in nature to Gene Hoglan and Tom Hunting, hard hitting and very heavy. A bit of early Exumer sounding with the raw, gritty, unpolished production sound - that makes you feel this was recorded live in 1986, not 2006.

There is no downside or downfall to Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide. Thrash metal at it's very finest. No holds barred with purely superb, talented, seasoned, and weathered musicians. All thirty minutes of this release is very catchy and heavy. It will leave you repeatedly spinning the CD wishing there were more. Although nothing lacking from ULYSSES SIREN on Justifiable Homicide, they certainly achieve the "less is more" approach – a job well done. And really love the old school approach, sound, and production on this CD.

It's too bad Ulysses Siren have not released more material within their thirty two year existence. If they had with material such as Justifiable Homicide, as well as Above The Ashes, Ulysses Siren could have undoubtedly been an artist to contend within the thrash metal world.. Hands down would have very much been right up there with Slayer and Exodus! Whom would have, could have far exceeded either or Slayer or Exodus in terms of popularity, music, notoriety, and quite possibly talent; albeit raw, technical, or both. All in all though, end of the day, Ulysses Siren sound like no one other than Ulysses Siren themselves. Their brand of thrash metal and sound was an invention to say the very least about these San Francisco natives; (Circa 1983). Justifiable Homicide is a definite must have for the true die-hard thrash metal fans!

Ulysses Siren’s - Justifiable Homicide was in remembrance to the untimely and unfortunate death of Jon Torres in September 2013, long time Ulysses Siren guitarist and bassist. Jon Torres was one of the driving forces behind Ulysses Siren for many years. Jon was both a brilliant and iconic musician.

Condolences go out to Ulysses Siren, the Torres family, fans, friends, and Malevolence Records. May you always be remembered and never forgotten. Rest in Peace Jon 1963-2013.

Review by: J Sinn Edited by: Tricia Maddie

Obliveon - X-Tinxion

http://www.obliveon.de/pn-om/modules.php?op=modload&name=tplcdimport&file=index&req=showcontent&id=20929&cfletter=X 8.5/10 X-Tinxion? Noch nie gehört!? Wenn diese Aussage auf euch zutrifft, dann solltet ihr schleunigst daran arbeiten dies zu ändern. Und der beste und schnellste Weg ist sicherlich euch mit Joachim Schlums via metaljoe@gmx.de in Verbindung zu setzen und zu fragen, ob er noch 3-Track-CDs der Holländer vorrätig hat. X-Tinxion, das ist eine niederländische, female-fronted Thrash-Granate, die mit den Tracks “Severed From Heaven”, “The Divine” sowie “Narrow Path” Musterbeispiele melodischen Thrashs vorlegt. Auf allen Stücken geht es beileibe nicht pfeilschnell zu Wege, dafür dominieren aber die filigranen Riffs von Conrad und Sepp, das punktgenaue Schlagzeugspiel von Peter und der aggressive, aber variantenreiche Gesang von Monica. Dazu haben X-Tinxion durchaus ihre eigene Linie gefunden, wenngleich hier und da einzelne Passagen mal an bekannte Acts (Testament, Metallica, Sentinal Beast u.a.) erinnern. Die Produktion (nicht zu geschliffen), das Cover (einfach, aber eindrucksvoll), das Songwriting (variablel), als auch Umsetzung (einfach klasse) lassen keinerlei Wünsche offen, so dass diese CD eigentlich nur einen Fehler hat. Sie ist so beschissen kurz. http://www.x-tinxion.com 8,5/10 - SBr

Brutal Existence Radio

As promised here is the mp3 download link of the show as well as full playlist w/links and wanted to say thanks again for letting me feature your bands :) for 12/12/15. Download link at: https://mega.nz/#!NJVAHDgS!F8MmaHZnU6TRUvEJZbqvl70FNBpfOiT78IpTnlsl5kk Playlist: Sadus-Aggression Swarming - The Hideous Incantation Inner Sanctum(India) - Realms of Oblivion Fall - From Ashes Absentia - The End of the Line Septagon - Ignite the Apocalypse Septagon - Revolt Against the Revolution Ulysses Siren - Justifiable Homicide Kaos - United We Kill Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born(intro) Septic Christ - Starstruck Grief of War - Hatred Burns Sacrificial - Trespass Maceration - A Serenade Of Agony Maceration - Pain And Pleasure Incarnate T.C.F. - Face the Truth T.C.F. - Slave of the Suit Talamyus - Raven's Call to Annihilation Talamyus - Inner Turmoil Wrathrone - Carnal Lust Wrathrone - Dead End Battlecreek - Dealing Death Wargrave - A Damaged Fortress Demenseed - Cold Winds Demenseed - The Shores of Styx Stalwart - The Karma Circle Stalwart - Rise of the Ninth Wave Endless Recovery - Storming Death Endless Recovery - Leather Militia Swarming - Reeking Of The Bowels Inner Sanctum(India) - Wake of Destruction Fall - Ever Hollow Absentia(Spain) - Dead Winter Ulysses Siren - Bludgeoned Mass Kaos - Blood Red Eyes Septic Christ - Screwed and Ill Grief of War - Rat Race Sacrificial - Mass Conduct Night Gaunt - Persecution Night Gaunt - Black Velvet Bedowyn - Rite to Kill Bedowyn - Leave the Living for Dead Pedophile Priests - Crush, Kill, Destroy Kadar - Spider Moves Pokerface - Age of Terrorism Pokerface - Killed by Me Spine Crown - Hellish Screams Spine Crown - The Evil Next Door Spine Crown - Empty Vessel Wargrave - Delusions Of Grandeur Wargrave - Mutual Enemy Wargrave- Tortured By Recognition Battlecreek - Redneck Riot Battlecreek - Blood For The President Septagon-Exit....Gunfire Septagon-Ripper Saxon - Wheels of Steel [*][Live] Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel (In The Blood) Damn Chili - The Ballad Of MachoMork Sacred Steel - Metal Underground Omen-Premonition/Termination www.brutalexistenceradio.net

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