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http://www.wingsofdeath.net/T-C-F-Where-Madness-Reigns Review: T.C.F.-Where Madness ReignsBand:T.C.F. (NL)Album:Where Madness ReignsYear:2011Tag:Malevolence Records Tracklist:01. Slave Of The Suit02. Face The Truth03. Mass Hysteria04. Where Madness Reigns05. An Eye For An Eye06. Survive The Plague07. Justified Violence08. I Like Ike09. Punch In The Face10. reality's Nightmare11. Power Corrupts12. Duck And Cover13. We Will SurviveThis comes from the area of Katwijk trio picks up the thread on where bands such as D.R.I., s.o.d. or Nuclear Assault that have left with this great debut. Each crossover fan who goes out of his sphere to previously mentioned band can purchase this album blindly.T.C.F. (Thrash Core Fanatics # is started in 2006 by Rob Slaughter # drum # and Hans Hostile # bass and vocals #, intended as a kind of outlet in addition to their other bands, Incremental and Enforcer. In that year, they also recorded their first demo ' 88, # 10 Core numbers with a playing time of 15 minutes #. When it became apparent that T.C.F. However, a real band began to be they are looking for a guitarist, which they found in "noise gate" Nick, # which at that time still played at Speedchaser #. The first performances in 2009, with the valve the first EP Speed or Bleed which got rave reviews in various e-zines. 2010 was totally a top year with a.o. 3 shows as opener for Heathen during all Dutch shows. Even they were offered a record contract with a small German label, but who could not afterwards meet all expectations, and from one day to another they sat again without label. Even without a label, the band is not going to try and have continued with the shooting for their new album.In 2011, the band, now housed at Malevolence Records, with help from producer Quintijn Verhoef in a studio in Utrecht started recording the new songs. This is now Where Madness Reigns from emerged; who currently has a what dated cover where 3 of the 5 world leaders already dead or deposed. But this album sounds just counting numbers and tight 13 hour as a clock. Funny also the sound fragments that between songs by gliding past. Especially with Duck and Cover, this excerpt comes from a cartoon from 1951, which is about a turtle # Bert The Turtle) that explains what people should do when a bomb attack, just Duck and Cover. Eventually the fragments known as good weather where the numbers are about.In this genre you have no minutes long and they do expect good numbers, bring your message and nothing more. Fortunately, they are now full of tempo changes, energy and aggression. Also the vocals sound really good and have the correct ' old-school vibe. " To now discuss each number is lost time, but listen, you won't regret it. This is really a top product of own soil. I must admit that it's not to hear my top favorites this year, but he is close to.Hans Hostile-Bass and VoxRob Slaughter-DrumsNoise Gate Nick-GuitarsCreated on 25-10-2012 by Peter van der Wielen


http://misantropiaextrema.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/t-c-f/ Extreme MisanthropyExtreme music journal and emotionally demandingT.C.F.Posted on October 24, 2012«Where Madness Reigns»Malevolence Records/PRC3/5Who likes to thrash and crossover left pass the Dutch premiere T.C.F. ' Where Madness Reigns» last year, now has a good chance to redeem themselves with this American Edition made by Malevolence Records. To have an idea, T.C.F means "Thrash Core Fanatics" and the trio of South Holland consists of people with names like Hans Hostile, Rob Slaughter and Noise Gate Nick. It is, therefore, well half of crossover hardcore thrash with that ' Where Madness Reigns» does your strong, inheriting proudly the legacy of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. or the latest Municipal Waste, adding very little to the proposals of these bands but doing something very valid in more traditional style created by them. The intensity is there, too, as well as a sense that it takes to play punk crossover. Later, the T.C.F. Pepper everything with a refined sense of humor (listen to ' I Like Ike ') and with a socio-political awareness, which does give a velente nip in E.U.A. and in its foreign policy in "Power Corrupts". «Where Madness Reigns ' is therefore a crossover thrash album for thrash crossover, which adds nothing to the style but retrieves it in all its splendor, speed and aggressiveness.OuvirComprarAbout these adsShare this:TwitterFacebook1Gostar disto:GostoBe the first to like this.Tagged: crossover, t.c.f.Posted in: Críticas

Blood Culprit

Aye Mitch & Blood Culprit : For a DIY - Independant - Self-Released DEBUT release, ya guys did 1 helluva job with it !!! All the way around, you name it !!! Didn't cut too many corners here, corners there, IMO with what you had to work with, you managed to average everything out perfectly not taking too much away from this & or that ... Quite impressed with the final product & shall be up on my site ASAP ... Cheers, Nathan McLeod - Malevolence Records© San Bruno, CA

Malevolence Records

Malevolence Records - US Distribution for the following Artist's, exclusively thru Malevolence Records : Catalog # MR-016-D : Blood Culprit - Sinister Thought Process CD-R EP : $6.00 + S&H "AVAILABLE NOW" (DISTRIBUTION) ReverbNation : http://www.reverbnation.com/bloodculprit [img]http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq231/MalevolencE357/1331092637_download_blood-cuprit-band-logo-poster03-1-1-2-1-1.jpg[/img] Blood Culprit : http://www.reverbnation.com/bloodculprit CD Title : Sinister Thought Process CD-R EP From : Memphis, Tennessee, USA Release Year : 2012 "AVAILABLE NOW" Label : Self-Released - Independant Tracklist : 1. Sinister Thought Process 2. Nightmare In Which The Creature Lurks 3. Embedded In Malice 4. Semper Fi ((Live Or Die) 5. Condemned And Forgotten [img]http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq231/MalevolencE357/36409_136312359713742_121750944503217_382668_2523_n_1280346253.jpg[/img] Spawned from the dark depths of Nashville's music scene, Blood Culprit has emerged to fuel this city's long forgotten angst and rage, that has been long hidden behind the facade of squeaky clean pop country and phony, overly emotional, rock bands. We have brought it upon ourselves to give Nashville the kick in the balls that it needs, so that the people of Nashville can once again remember what it feels like to take charge of their life and bitch slap anyone that gets in their way. We deliver the people of Nashville the metal they deserve with our bone crushing metal prowess, finger blistering speed, deep driving grooves that you can't help but throw down to, and our ability to party like no other! We are what you need. We are what this city needs. We are there to kick ass every night. We are playing the best fucking metal out there. We are Blood Culprit, and we are Premium Nashville Metal! Band : Alex Stewart -Vocals Bryan Toll - Guitars Mitchell Allen - Guitars Chris Karchefski - Drums Jason Darnall - Bass Contact : Mitch Allen - Blood Culprit bloodculprit@gmail.com Management : Amanda Chavez Distribution : Nathan McLeod nate@malevolence-records.us Malevolence Records© http://www.malevolence-records.us [img]http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq231/MalevolencE357/1343801448_lp.jpg[/img] © Copyright - "All Rights Reserved By The Artists"

Septic Chtist

(2nd HALF OF INTERVIEW) 6. I remember album covers from the 80s that were quite graphic and fun to look at. How important are the art work to you? Does it have to say something? I know that it all should be for the music only and the songs are our first priority but we care alot about the artwork itself. Yes it's just a small detail in the whole process of making a record and some purists say that your songs should speak for itself but it definately has to rock and catch your eye.... and when it carries a message it's even better for my personal opinion....Be honest no one will buy something that looks like shit, right? 7. Does doing it yourself bring with it a greater freedom? How hard is it today to get things done by yourself? Yes it's a fuckin piece of work! But for us it's the only way to work.... it's not that we shut out all business methods but we prefer to stay in control of everything. So we decide really carefull who works together with us...More freedom???? I don't know we like to be in control.... 8. How important is playing live/touring to a band? How do you go about setting up gigs? Very important... playing live is one of the things we enjoy the most. You've got to get out to the kids and thrash the clubs when you think you are into Thrash Metal. It's all about releasing your everyday frustration and shit and what else could be better then a moshpit at aThrashmetal show??? No special tactics on setting up gigs. We read and asnwer every offer that we recieve. 9. Is it easier to be a band when you are closer to central Europe than it is if you live up north? I don't think so there are a lot of great bands from the north who made it all over the world. In my opinion quality beats quantity ten times and always will get the respect it deserves. 10. What future plans do you have now?

Playing as much shows that we can till we hit the studio again to record the next record.Currently we are working on new material which is very exciting and promising.... really aggressive but still carrying the SC trademarks..... be prepared it will hit you like a hammer! ANDERS EKHDAL - BATTLE HELM MAGAZINE - ANDERS@BATTLEHELM.COM

Septic Christ

SEPTIC CHRIST INTERVIEW WITH JX NOTHING - OCT 15, 2012 1. Is there a German thrash metal tradition that you feel that you are a part of? Never really thought about this but I think we are too openminded to feel us belonging to any tradition. All members are totally fans of music itself either its Metal or Jazz or even Pop. So I think that we wont fit to any kind of tradition at all. 2 Is it necessary to be anti-Christian to be a metal band? I think this is up to everbodys own choice. For my own opinion I prefer to think for myself. No gods no Masters. I also think that the anti Christian attitude which is very common in the metal scene comes more from a rebellious spirit that drives the Metalheads out there. So this is my only necessarity on metal I have… it has to be rebellious and outstanding of the standards of our society. 3. How much have you looked to the past to get inspired? Honestly not at all… we all have our musical backgrounds and paid our dues in making music for a long time. So we only write the songs we would enjoy to hear from other bands. Our love for the 80ies Thrash possibly comes from the fact the we all spent our youth in these times and enjoy this sound the most. It’s fucking fun to thrash ‘em all…!!!!! 4. What thrash bands, past or present, epitomize all that is thrash metal? Woah that’s hard and maybe impossible to answer… but I’ll give my best let’s do it this way … I will name you some bands and the things I respect from the most. Anthrax – for their coolness to do some totally different things Megadeth – the first four records are a musical revolution for me. Brilliant and cathy at all Demolition Hammer – one of the most brutal Bands ever… no prisoners no Mercy just musical violence Voivod – their Songs are not Metal this is art… never heard any of those chords before Nuclear Assault – dito to Anthrax but more speed and power. Very good lyrics with a mind on the world Sacred Reich - Great Songs which carry a great attitude. I love it when someone has something to say even if i don't share the opinion Watchtower - unbeliveable musical skills You see my musical education is a classic but when we talk about new bands i would possibly pick up Warbringer -who epitomize most of the trademarks above.... but ask me tomorrow and you'll get complete new list....sorry! 5. Is there a thrash metal sound that everybody look for? How do you do to achieve your sound? Any special tricks? Sorry i know i am boring but there are no tricks at all. We only try to get our livesound on tape/harddisk.... no triggers, a cool sounding room, good equipment and some microphones. (1ST HALF OF INTERVIEW) ANDERS EKHDAL - BATTLE HELM MAGAZINE -ANDERS@BATTLEHELM.COM

Malevolence Records

US Distribution for the following, exclusively thru Malevolence Records : Catalog # MR-011-D : Mortus Delict - BLOOD(S)PIT (Import) : $9.00 + S&H "AVAILABLE NOW" (DISTRIBUTION) Greed Will Imprison Us All Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvXQh7BO ... e=youtu.be Mortus Delict : http://www.reverbnation.com/mortusdelict CD Title : BLOOD(S)PIT (Import) From : Zadar, Croatia Release Year : 2011 "AVAILABLE NOW" Label : Self-Released - Independant Tracklist : 1. BLOOD(S)PIT 2. Mirror of Society 3. Break Their Bones 4. New Lifes Visions 5. Warzone 6. Faith With Hate For The Outcoming Day 7. Sound of the Underground 8. Pehar Ek (Bonus Track) Greed Will Imprison Us All Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvXQh7BO ... e=youtu.be © Copyright - "All Rights Reserved By The Artists"

Malevolence Records

US Distribution for the following, exclusively thru Malevolence Records : Catalog # MR-015-D : Talamyus - Raven's Call To Annihilation (Import) : $8.00 + S&H, (DISTRIBUTION) CD Baby : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/talamyus iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ravens ... d478177593 PRC Music Canada : http://www.prcmusic.com/store/ Talamyus : CD Titile : Raven's Call To Annihilation (Import) From : Montreal, Quebec, Canada Release Year : 2012 Label : PROMO AVAILABLE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME! When you think about Montreal’s Epic thrashers of TALAMYUS, you think about dedication, you think about hard work, you think about 4 good souls bleeding for their art, their band, their goals, all this through good times and bad times… never giving up, and this for 10 years now. Rare are the local Montreal bands with already 3 albums out on the market. Rare are local Montreal bands with TALAMYUS’ touring history… The band toured (Quebec, Ontario & Maritimes) with the likes of STORMLORD, KRISIUN and KALMAH… opened up for well known names such as FINNTROLL, DESTRUCTION, TYR amongst so many others… now gearing up for a fall tour with Russian heroes ARKONA and various high visibility shows before the end of the year. This band is the real deal, TALAMYUS is all about the music. Welcome back one of Quebec’s best metal band in years! This fall… hear the raven’s call Contact us for interview requests. Tracklist : 1. Raven's Call To Annihilation 2. Inner Turmoil (Instrumental) 3. The Dead Will Walk The Earth 4. The Berserkers 5. Remembering The Gods (Interlude) 6. Spawn Of The Elements 7. Darker Days Lie Ahead 8. Disciples Of Hypocrisy 9. Warlock 10. The Curse (Instrumental) Label :Remi Cote prc_music@22yahoo.ca PRC Music - Trois-Pisoles, Quebec, Canada http://www.PRCMusic.com http://www.reverbnation.com/label/prcmusic US Distribution : Nathan McLeod nate@malevolence-records.us Malevolence Records© http://www.malevolence-records.us © Copyright Talamyus - PRC Music

Malevolence Records

Malevolence Records - US Distribution for the following, exclusively thru Malevolence Records : Catalog # MR-012-D :Stalwart - Manifest Of Refusal (Import): $10.00 + S&H (DISTRIBUTION) CD Baby : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stalwart iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/manife ... d534410440 PRC Music Canada : http://www.prcmusic.com/store/ SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/stalwartmetal/the-karma-circle Stalwart : http://www.stalwart.ru CD Title : Manifest Of Refusal (Import) From : St. Petersberg, Russia Release Year : 2012 Label : Tracklist : 1. The Karma Circle 2. Downgrade Evolution 3. Rise Of The Ninth Wave 4. Last Down Of The Era 5. Corrosion 6. Idol Of The Time 7. It's Just My Choice 8. Manifest Of Refusal 9. Renaissance Through Devastation Album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio, Poland, by Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated). Artwork by Pablo The Elephant. "... Manifest Of Refusal is certainly a hell of a lot better than a large handful of death acts you've seen reviewed on here over the past little while. It's thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, but will most likely lack the significant personality required to impress many people who aren't already death metal fanatics..." http://www.metalstorm.net The band was formed in 1999 in the following line-up: Jacques - vocals, Demian - bass, Leonid - guitars, keyboards, Kirill - guitars, Vladimir - drums. Debut album “Jerk” was released early 2001 by Russian label Fono. The album laid down the foundation for original Stalwart-style, combining massive thrashcore rhythmic groove with atmospheric fragments and acoustic inserts. In summer 2002 Stalwart started to record the second album. Drum tracks were recorded in Astia Studio, Finland, with Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, To/Die/For, Norther). The work demonstrated the significant progress by virtue of unusual consortium of angry riffs and symphonic keyboards. “Dive To Nowhere” was released October 2003 by MetalAgen/Soyz Music. Some of zines characterized it as “one of the best Russian metal releases 2003”, and the 8,5-minute title track became a trademark of band for a long time. For the next album famous Hertz Studio, Poland was booked with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (Vader, Decapitated, Hate). This album became a debut for new guitar player Antuan. “Abyss Ahead” was released May 2008 on CD-Maximum, showed the more powerful and solid work in comparison with the previous one. Soon after original vocalist and drummer left the band. Nevertheless the newcomers Oleg Sobolevsky (vocals) and Tim Ismag (drums) raised the band to the new scale, importing more drive and energy. New Stalwart sound, much more hot, fast and aggressive, externalized itself on the next CD “Annihilation Begins”, also recorded at Hertz Studio, and released December 2009 by Metalism Records. Currently the band finished its 5th album “Manifest Of Refusal”, recorded with new drummer Alex. The CD is will be released worldwide by Canadian label PRC Music May 22th 2012. Oleg Sobolevsky – vocals Leonid – guitars, keyboards Antuan – guitars Demian – bass, back vocals Alex - drums Contact : Band : http://www.myspace.com/stalwartmetal http://www.vk.com/stalwartmetal http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Stalwart/23335 http://www.reverbnation.com/stalwart Leonid Verman, 64 Lunacharskogo pr., apt 183, St. Petersburg Russia, 194295 E-mail: contact@stalwart.ru Phone: +7 (812) 998 95 89 Label :Remi Cote prc_music@22yahoo.ca PRC Music - Trois-Pisoles, Quebec, Canada http://www.PRCMuaic.com http://www.reverbnation.com/label/prcmusic US Distribution : Nathan McLeod nate@malevolence-records.us Malevolence Records© http://www.malevolence-records.us © Copyright stalWart / PRC Music

Malevolence Records

Malevolence Records - US Distribution for the following Artist's, exclusively thru Malevolence Records : Catalog # MR-013-D : Stalwart - Annihilation Begins (Import) : $10.00 + S&H "AVAILABLE NOW" (DISTRIBUTION) Stalwart : http://www.Stalwart.ru CD Title : Annihilation Begins (Import) From : St. Petersberg, Russia Release Year : 2010 "AVAILABLE NOW" Label : Metalism Records Tracklist : 1. Annihilation Begins 2. Inconsistent 3. Truth That Kills 4. Collective Mentality Detune 5. Riding The Edge Of Catastrophe 6. Selfpointing To Self-Extermination 7. Casus Belli 8. Terminal Silence © Copyright - "All Rights Reserved By The Artists"