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Mountain King Management Awakens!


Jon Oliva, one of music's most celebrated Singer/Songwriters (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Jon Olivas Pain) and fellow Drummer/Producer, Christopher Kinder (Jon Oliva's Pain) have announced the official start-up of "Mountain King Management."

MKM is focused on cultivating, producing, and promoting select artists throughout the United States and the international marketplace. And after 2 years of development, MKM would like to introduce "The Eternal Affect" as the first band signed to their new venture. TEA, with the help of MKM, will begin recording their debut release in early 2012.

Jon Oliva: "The thought of starting a Production/Management company has been a wild idea in our heads for a few years now. Chris and I felt that we had a credible package of songwriting and recording experience and a combined knowledge of today's music business. We were always aware of the changing musical arena, but with the sound and dedication of The Eternal Affect, it finally gave us a reason to move MKM forward. Niko Klimentos and the rest of the TEA line-up (including Top 60 2011 American Idol finalist, Casey Schuber) have created a one-of-a-kind mix of metal, hard rock, pop, and theatrical music. No two songs are alike, yet they are all filled with infectious melodies and passionate music performed with great precision. This level of talent is mind-boggling at such a young age. The future for TEA is very promising and I am stoked to be an integral part of their music and their future".

Christopher Kinder: "Between Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Jon Oliva's Pain responsibilities, we wanted to team up with the next generation of talent and see what we could do to help develop and direct a band that had their eyes firmly on the prize. TEA is just that band both musically and professionally. TEA have a unique ability to create one hook-filled dynamic song after another. They are all half the age of Jon and myself, yet they fully understand what it takes to write great songs... not for what is popular on today's radio but for what appeals to a wider range of audience tastes--both new and old. The combination of stellar songwriting, vocals, and performance make TEA a standout from the "clone" bands of today. And now the door has swung wide open to move this talented group to another level".

Check out "The Eternal Affect" on their Facebook page and listen to 14 demo samples now in the final stage of pre-production for their debut release in 2012. Sign up and be apart of all things TEA!


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