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It's All About Promotions - Getting Fans to Your Shows

If you have to play one of those shows where you only get paid on the number of people that came to see your band, well, this is the perfect promotional opportunity for you.

This promotional opportunity enable bands to offer their fans, all the premium movie channels, over 100 sports channels, matter of fact, the "package" is basically, "it's all in there!". Over 500 HDTV channels, thousands of on demand movies, video games for the entire family and more, on a new a revolutionary streaming HDTV service, that gives you basically everything, for one low price of less than $50 bucks per month. (The average cable TV bill is over $100 a month)

Any fan that shows up, and says they are there to see your band, basically receives a voucher, from your band, to unlock this new Streaming HDTV Service, FREE for 15 days.

When your fans sign up, you automatically get all their contact info back from the TV service.

The "Kicker" (For the band)

If your fan(s) decides to sign up for the service, which is less than $50 per month (tell them to say bye bye to their $200 a month cable TV bill), your band will receive a referral bonus of $10 for each new fan that signs up. But the really cool thing is, your band will get keep getting a $10 referral bonus for EVERY MONTH your fans make their monthly payments.

That's 120 dollars a year per fan that continues their service. (12 monthly payments by a fan equals 12 monthly referral bonuses payments to your band). 12 x $10 = $120

Think that through for a moment. If over the course of say, six months to a year, your band has 1000 fans sign up for the service, your band would be generating $10,000 a month. 1000 fans times $10 referral bonus, and boom! (That's 120 thousand a year, which 4 band members can live off of, at say 25k per year, and use the rest for a nice rehearsal studio and better equipment!)

You don't even have to play to get paid!

Remember your band will receive that $10 dollars a month, for every month your fans continue their service.

The Streaming HD TV Service is less than $50 per month, and you get all the premium movies channels included.

No contracts - purely pay as you go. No credit checks No installation fees No setup fees What could be easier?

Would it not be great to save your fans $50 to $100 or more a month on their TV bill?

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Why Hire Me?

Why should you want me to produce and direct your next music video?

First and foremost I'm a multi-award winning producer, director and editor of music videos. I have won multiple awards for best music video, best editing a music video and best use of music in a music video. My work has been on GAC, MTV, BRAVO, FOX, NBC, ABC and more.

Next, I have over 12 years experience shooting live concerts and music videos for local, regional and national recording artist including, but not limited too; Jewel, Izzy Stradlin, Fred Hammond, Trent Willmon, Tracy Lawrence, Kill Hannah, Lance Lopez, Element Eighty, Slow Roosevelt and many others.

Thirdly, I'm a musician. While I'm not Eddie Van Halen jr., I have performed and toured professional, written over 150 songs, I've had my music played on major radio stations, have been hired as a session player as well as recording producer and as a band manager.

Another reason to select me is because I have over 25 years of professional, successful "business" experience that can enable you to leverage your new music video to increase your fan base, get better gigs and most importantly, make more money. We all want more money right?

I know the first question many of you have is, how much for a music video? Well that depends on many factors but the most important question you should think about first, is, what are you going to do with your new music video?

The reason this question is more important, is because when you know up front what you are going to do (have a plan), then it's only a matter of executing that plan, otherwise you're really only shooting in the dark without aim or purpose, which is not exactly a successful course of action, right? Spending money on something without having a specific goal and or purpose in mind, to me, is just wasting your money and nobody wants to waste money, right?

Now, if you think about it, the three most important reasons to have a music video produced in the first place is to; increase your fan base, acquire more gigs and ultimately make more money. When you hire me to produce and direct your next music video, you'll not only receive a killer music video, but you'll also learn the business strategies and measurements necessary to leverage your new music video to increase your fan base, get more and better gigs, and make more money.

Don't give it away for free

Having a new music video produced for your band typically costs money. But if your band just uploads your new music video to youtube or facebook, you're only giving your video away for for views and likes, which doesn't really do much for putting money in your pocket or directly growing your fan base in a measurable and effective way. So why on earth would you give money away and not get something of value in return? I dunno? But unfortunately many bands do exactly that, give their money away in the hopes that one day, someone will buy their music, pay to see them live and buy their merchandising products. While that might be called marketing and advertising, the strategy behind it is foolish in that it doesn't directly put money in your pocket nor add a measurable increase in real fans.

How do you increase your fan base with a new music video?

If you're going to give your new music video away for "free", then it might behoove you to get you new fan's e-mail and contact information in exchange for it. With a new fan's e-mail you have a tangible way to 1 record an increase in your fan base, and 2, you now have a fan base to market your products, shows and music to, ie solicit for sales on a regular basis.

How do you increase your merchandising sales with your new music video?

First don't post it on-line where anyone can view and or download it for free. Next One way to do that is to give your new music video away in exchange for fans that purchase $15 or more (hat + t-shirt, or CD + hat or t-shirt, some combination of merch products) at your shows.