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Submit your music for radio airplay!!!

AFA Radio is constructed the same way as the radio stations you hear on your standard FM Radio. Everyone who submits a song (and gets approved by the team of music professionals) gets the "standard airplay" at NO cost. The song then goes into rotation with 1000's of other amazing songs. What that means for your song is that it will get played 3 to 4 times in a 24 hour time frame with all the other songs. Make sure you send all your friends and fans to www.almostfamousartists.com to tune in.

What I Need from YOU as an Artist

1. Music in MP3 form 2. Song Title and who is in it 3. A pic you’d like to be with the song 4. Any info about yourself (websites, where music can be bought/found, ect) 5. Copywrite info 6. EMAIL ALL THIS INFO TO tgunn14@hotmail.com 7. Subject line should read "Music Submission"