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Interview with Amberfern

On August 13th the new album from Amberfern will be released, AquaEssence: An Ocean of Calm. Clive Brooks (aka Amberfern) sat down with Real Music to discuss the new album, recording, and everything in between..... read full article: https://www.realmusic.com/blog/interview-amerfern


Everyone has heard that mediation, yoga, and prayer can lower blood pressure, lower stress, and provide other health benefits. A new study takes the health claims one step further, by showing that gene activity changes too. Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston wanted to show “the underlying molecular mechanisms that explain these clinical benefits.”

read full article: https://www.realmusic.com/blog/new-study-finds-meditation-techniques-have-genetic-impact


We are excited to announce our latest release Path of the Divine by Rajendra Teredesai is #16 on Echoes by John Dilberto’s TOP 25 for April. This album is a favorite at Real Music and it seems the word is getting out!


Rajendra Teredesai recounts his experiences while creating his albums, Path of the Divine, Divine Dimension and and Enlightened Love with Rasull Soon (BlueMonk).

I have studied and played the Indian Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) for over 40 years. I am so incurably obsessed with the celestial sound of this humble instrument. I have spent a large part of my life honing my skills and perfecting my playing technique, by practicing from two to twelve hours every day. It is my good fortune this work has paid off and led to multiple albums and concerts across India and around the world.

As I reflect over my life during the last few years, I am now convinced that BlueMonk and Real Music were preordained to play a wholly inspiring and meaningful role in my life’s musical journey.

I met Rasull Soon (aka BlueMonk) during mid 2008. When we decided to collaborate we were driven by only one passion — to compose ground breaking meditation music by integrating the best of the eastern and western musical sounds and percussion elements. We wanted to create music that explored new aural dimensions and soundscapes. This was no easy task. But, we were extremely focused and determined.

Surprising as it may sound now, when I first decided to collaborate with Rasull, I must confess, I had not heard a single track composed by him. My producer, John Rawsthorne, suggested I send a scratch demo of my flute recording for Rasull to score. I complied, then waited for a couple of weeks with bated breath, not knowing what to expect.

Finally, Rasull’s revised sample track arrived. I listened with closed eyes. And I listened….

I was simply blown away by what Rasull had done. What quite took me by surprise was how Rasull, who had absolutely no formal training in the intricacies and complexities of Indian classical music, could sense astutely the spiritual essence and craft such an uplifting instrumental arrangement. He seemed to have perceived exactly what I intended to state with my music!

Then began the gruesome ordeal of comprehending and harnessing the singular and collective musical effect of every musical phrase. Every note of the flute, and all the accompanying instrumentation had to be calibrated and positioned accurately for the desired result.

Needless to say, Rasull toiled tirelessly for hours at a stretch, bleary eyed, dealing with mental and physical fatigue, at times, skipping meals to meet the demanding musical standards and deadlines that we had set for ourselves.

What an ordeal it was! Our collective creative juices were flowing like the untamed Amazon, or the Brahmaputra in the monsoon. As the weeks and months passed, there was a growing sense of realization that every effort that we were taking was truly worth it. Though our physical energies were nearly spent, we were still so full of unbridled creativity and enthusiasm, that we would have gladly scaled up the Himalayas and scored another track on Mount Everest without batting an eyelid.

Meanwhile, I had started working on Rasull’s Enlightened Love album. He had sent me several tracks that I found so inspiring, I immediately set about the task of scoring the Native American Flute, the hulusi and the dizi (woodwinds instruments).

After over two grueling years, all the tracks of Divine Dimension, Path of The Divine and Enlightened Love, were ready to be presented to the world. Then, as fate would have it, John, our producer and friend passed way. At that crucial juncture, Terence Yallop, the Miracle Man from Real Music, walked into our lives.

Terence is an extremely perceptive and warm music professional, with a gift for sensing and producing great music. We sent Terence the tracks we had toiled for over two years to compose. A long silence, that was almost unbearable, followed... read full article: https://www.realmusic.com/blog/%E2%80%9Cdivine%E2%80%9D-partnership-guest-blog-rajendra-teredesai


I had the honor of working with Rajendra Teredesai on his new album, Path of the Divine. Ideas for this album started to evolve in early 2009 and it took us more than a year to complete. Each track took two weeks to a month to finish. I can still remember my eyes heavy with fatigue while my heart continued toiling late through the night arranging these wonderful pieces. The magical impact of his flute had literally lifted my soul to a state of meditation while working. It was a tremendous experience, difficult to describe with words. My contribution on this album, as well as Divine Dimension (released in April of 2012), was to hone the arrangements to enhance Rajendra’s excellent flute style. The sounds I employed are atmospheric synths, Tibetan bells, nature sound ambience, chant voices, percussions and other effects. The marriage of eastern ethnic and western instrumentation harmonizes into a fresh and beautiful soundscape — true yin and yang at play. I seriously recommend Path of the Divine to those listeners who appreciate calm and serene music. This is a must have. It quiets the mind and thus it is perfect for meditation. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I do.

Rasull Soon a.k.a. BlueMonk, Music Producer/Arranger get BlueMonk's album Enlightened Love: https://www.realmusic.com/artists/blue-monk/enlightened-love



Music by Karunesh will be featured in upcoming documentary movie “Lost Dogs”. The documentary is billed as “One dog’s heroic act is caught on surveillance camera, drawing worldwide attention to the lost dogs of Chile.” Karunesh’s haunting music is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for this heart breaking story. Watch the preview and visit the website to get involved. The documentary is due out this Fall.


Gandlaf's DREAMWEAVER review by AmbientVisions

Gandlaf's DREAMWEAVER review by AmbientVisions

The music is quite emotional and on some of the songs transports the listeners to a serene landscape where they can simply drift with the music as the cello and the penny whistle along with the piano create a relaxing environment where the worries and stress of day to day life can be forgotten for a short while.

read full article: https://www.realmusic.com/in-the-press/dreamweaver-2

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

April Featured Music! Visit our Featured Music Page to check out the latest releases, staff pics and a featured healing or wellness album. This month we are featuring our definitive album to aid sleep,Liquid Mind VIII – Sleep. This album continues to top the iTunes New Age Charts and is recommended to anyone who has trouble getting to sleep.

Thru April 30th — take $2 OFF our featured sleep album, Liquid Mind VIII – Sleep. Type FEATURE (all caps) in the coupon field at check out to receive the discount. https://www.realmusic.com/artists/liquid-mind/liquid-mind-viii-sleep

Dreamweaver Review

Much like the fictional wizard that shares his namesake, Gandalf (Austrian composer/musician Heinz Strobl) is an artist capable of weaving magic. Though in Strobl’s case, it is through his beautiful, whimsical melodies. Dreamweaver, Gandalf's new 2013 endeavor, immerses the listener in a set of lovely compositions that are rich in diverse instrumentation and flowing moods, creating the perfect space for relaxation. From the get go, the album takes flight on the wings of tranquility, with the cascading piano tones and pleasant flute wanderings of “Into the Rising Sun - Part 1” providing a taste of what's to come. On “Part 2,” we get our first introduction to the cello, which later shines brightly on the concerto-like “Between Ebb and Flow.” Sentimental piano and the bright tones of the Irish whistle make the closing two-part "Written in the Stars" another highlight. Dreamweaver is pure enchantment, another top-notch release from Gandalf! — Dan Cowan, Music Design