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Busy Summer

Hello All,

First and foremost thank you for keeping up with our blogs as this the second installment for what is the growing Agency. We have lots going on, more than we ever expected we are extremely grateful for all those who have played a part in what is going on. Between the two bands Saint Diablo and Elisium we have 57 dates upcoming 57! If they aren't coming to a city near you, you are telling us they need to be there. Drop a line on their page, our page, some random's page and tag them.

On the Diablo front: the tour is shaping up with Slaves on Dope (THC Records) nicely thanks to Hard Attack Entertainment and well us. Great promotion is happening by Eclipse Records and Adrenaline PR. Press releases are flying out left and right. It's a beautiful disaster watching all of this come together. It hits home hard for us knowing where they were, and to see every clicking now is AWESOME! New Merch is on it's way and available online for pre-order. The new CD is available for pre-order as well. Oh and they are playing the Jagermeister Mobile Stage at Mayhem Fest for the FOURTH year in a row. Great things are happening for those guys.

On the Elisium front: Continuing to sweep the East Coast in support of their most recent release 'Becoming.' Having played some great shows with many more in front of them. The guys are having the time of their lives having two and three show weekends through August. Being supported by an undying fan base and a great publicist in Dave Tedder over at Head First Entertainment. Also armed with new Merch and as previously mentioned a new album. Look for them in your town as well contact booking@thelafayetteagency.com for booking.

Finally, it seems that we have grown legs beyond what we expected. Going to potentially be taking on some work with THC Records artist Oedipus to help them with some dates. Also, Rock Show Booking (GA.) various artists. Thank you again for everything, stay tuned it's going to be a fun ride. We are going to continue to grow, continue to help our bands in Saint Diablo and Elisium and have fun doing it. Support LOCAL MUSIC!

The Expansion

The Lafayette Agency, will be expanding in the near future we will be adding staff positions to take on new efforts. With that we are currently framing out how the future of The Lafayette Agency will look. This is going to be a painstakingly long process, especially for us in the 'know.'

We are bringing about a new online presence to add a different flavor to the way business is done. Something a bit more unique if you will. Offering Promotional Support and Social Networking Management.

Tired of re-posting the same events to the same people or inviting friends? We will offer Promotion Support, a unique service to where we will go into all of the forums to promote that National show you are on. We will invite the masses to your show, and direct the people to you to buy tickets. Another option, we will personally sell the tickets for you to people via our website or in person.

An additional service being added is our idea of Social Networking Management. Reverbnation.com updates and Tourdates app updates are tedious, time consuming, and generally annoying. We have a staff that those are their hobbies so we can take care of that for you. No need to worry why your in Iowa about that date in Virginia and posting it to promote. Pass us a message through text, Facebook message,or email the routing to us and we will handle it for you.

In summary, we are looking to provide support to all of your social networking needs. All of this will soon be up and running but all good things take time to come to fruition. Please check out our page on Facebook www.facebook.com/thelafayetteagency to stay up to date.

Thank you for reading