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Settle in the Storm

Though the night is weary and dim, the storm within; a light goes on just before the break of dawn, the path put before us lays, from near or far. Don't look beyond the cascaded trees that blow seeking to not which we should never know. Just before the storm settles; settle yourself with in the storm. The clouds will part from a steady hand; we are his favorite on which we stand of this progressing land. He could have whispered and said let there be light where there is darkness and shall you never fall when the storm hits; remember to settle in the storm because that is where we are all always reborn.


Every Day Every Day it seems a little more Colder Have I reached out a little too harder Someday I want to see it a bit further

I’ve been sitting here wondering why sometimes I allow myself to get a bit too Closer Wondering if every day will be the most If for a second I could have held my breath a little longer Would I have been a bit more stronger

Looking down that wishing well, I just wish I could go back to where there is no hell To hold on a little more tighter It just seems like I couldn’t go Higher Every day I sit and Ponder But it seems that I shouldn’t be under

I’m melting away, Farther than yesterday Can’t I have just another one of them Every Days

Isn’t my best to never give up Even if every day is just a few, I’m holding out for a new

I really think I could be the one that never wants to see it undone Every day I promise to not let myself down If for one single someday in the moment of an every day

Every Day Every Day

Watching the rain fall knowing it’s gonna be a long haul Oh every day, in every way. Please come back to me.

When I Can't Sleep

When I Can’t Sleep When I can’t sleep, I think about the troubles When I can’t sleep, I feel so numb inside…inside When I can’t sleep, I hear the voices Callin’ out to me, why can’t you let me be; just let me be? Danger, danger knockin’ at my door, I never knew, never knew what this life was for Holding back the pain and the sorrow, downin’ out the tears and cries of tomorrow If I could just shut my eyes, I would no longer have to fight to stay alive Ah Ah, yeah yeah… I can hear you callin’ callin’ out my name, like nobody should know my shame So I say again… When I can’t sleep, I try to drown you out When I can’t sleep, I wonder if tomorrow will bring out doubt Oh, oh, oh hearing all the whispers in my sleep, never wake, never wake unless want to be knocked down, dragged down by the ugliness inside my head Screaming out the anguish in my aching heart, Na, Na; take what you were given, take what you were given, Cause the beast inside, inside is ragin’, callin’ out my name…Cause I can’t sleep,



When you see me walkin’ down that old forgottin’ path, Wishin’ things would last, just remember to forever trust in me As in the starry skies above, to unleash the unfortold, still you see me in a better light Forgivin’ in a heart you must forever trust in me When your dayz are unclear and you wish that I was there, just look up at the moon and know that I’ll be there soon, lookin’ at that dream forever that lasts with me, don’t forget to forever trust in me.


Personality Simple personality needs no refining, maybe a tick or a tater, but nothing much more to gather Diversity is my style; simplicity is none the wiser, a gift from the giver whom tells me to come hither A common, I think not, for eclectic is my plot, my destiny is all I got, if for a single meaning of an un-defining that needs feeding I’d rather be me; just a simple complexity, of abstract art that which no color can conform without an alarm Personality is life’s genuine choices of misguided notions that normal is the new which nobody seems to do Connected in a sort to the world of impossibilities; cultured in creativeness of uncertainties, I am me; simple Personality


WISHES Take a good look at yesterday wishing it was a better day Take back the ending and begin the new, wishing it could just be you Forgiving all others, that’s just how it should be Almighty, please discover me The roads I've traveled, the people I've seen Don't get me started, don't let it get me down I'm climbing, up that tree To beat that Battle that just should have been me Better Days are coming The Lord is holding on real tight I might be weary, but I assure you I’ll put up a fight I'm taken that old story and leaving it all behind Take, Take, Take...isn't it all a shame I'd rather know the truth, than point a finger to blame I'm going somewhere, not noticed Wishing it could be this moment As if it was my last.


BURNT’ Taken' for granted Burnt' to the core, wasting' my time Thinking' I should have chased that moment But I was only two steps behind wishin’ I had owned it Once drawn' to love...next faked to fight Burnt' without much regret, now that ain’t right Love me...hate me...fight me...kiss me The flames are only gettin’ higher so seemingly I'm not wasting more time burning to ashes for a lost cause I won't be the one to say good bye, under all the glass broken when I hit the floor Two steps back...two steps forward and fifty more left unstepped to be determined When I stop breaking inside, now burnt' to the bone beneath the cold ground Still wonder how to explain the darkness that seeks out the madness from the burning sun After Life comes from the sounds of the souls that are at the inner beings of the footprints that we leave behind. What Impression will you leave? Burnt' pain is the fire beneath the flesh, draw out my inner pain, wake up my soul and bite my better self.


DREAMSCAPES Darkness falls prey to those that fall into their dreams and never wake up. An escape for some during the bitter times of the days trials. Each dream is story that “should” always be desired to be continued. As the eyes close, the world around you seems to be in a distant shade of gray and the noise drowns to an echo of melodies played over in tunes heard by your ears from those gathered about you. Your limbs fade into an uneven count of twinges and the breathes are shallow breezes flowing over you as you drift into the Dreamscapes.


SET A FIRE Set a fire, start a blaze; make it worth a flicker that leads you through the maze. Even if the clouds seem gray the fire raging inside will keep you warm and darkness at bay. As the fire burns, the flames gets higher as your thoughts and emotions twist and turn through the bruising of the flames…Set a fire to your soul and never let it blow out nor turn to ash, because then it gets lost in the ground...leaving it for people to walk on; so let the fire roam through your heart and mind, then will others see the passion in your eyes without a blink, set a fire to your soul.


DARKNESS It might be bitter it might be cold but for me darkness is the untold, starring at my weakened eye lids. I lay awake at night waiting in the dark for the thoughts in my head to give way and muster up a dream I shall not want. Its true they say that dreams are the darkness of our souls, longing to be bold in this cold and brittle thing we call the world, as night turns to slumber, my thoughts are appearing numbered, the voices are beckoning me to sleep, I can no longer clinch on to reality, for my weeping tears are crystal clear, so I must say bitter sweetness ripens the darkness that shades my solitude and bid good night harkening the darkness which my heart cannot bear to harness. The stillness of limbered limbs, falls to rest, the last but final thought that feeds my darkest dreams, the screams that none can hear just beyond a midnights flare of the forces behind the images within the darkest crimson tide of the unhidden blood that flows inside the blackness of the darkness seemingly gateless, no key, no tool to read out my inner duel, the battle begins when the lights go dim.