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The monsoon has come once again The lighting dancing across the sky Awakening what was a desert in my mind Lightning flashing brightens the night sky where once was only darkness now light shines Senses hightened to what lie ahead Wind whipping the trees a fury of movement what survives survives the wind blowing suddenly and so violent A dance with the memories haunting my life Wind blowing me forward to where I havent been Blowing the seeds of tomorrow into once fallow ground New memories vyeing to be the future The rain comes suddlenly..soft at first the sky opens up and, rain pounds the dry earth flotsam and jetsam of the desert flooding through my mind Rain washing away yesterdays memories Cleansing the desert and nourishing the seeds Bring forth the life I have dreamed The monsoon has come once again The storms pushing out yesterday Nourishing today, bringing forth life The desert cried today Cried for a new year One happier than ever dreamed Copyright Aug 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=537981674#ixzz0zduO9vIR

The Past Invades Today

The past invades today She screams She just wants to run Her past so haunted By fear and misery A love so violent A love that was a lie Then a faint memory A small smile She laughs In spite of herself Her dreams are reality but wait Today could not exist without yesterday Today is more than just memories It is the future And it promises so much more Than yesterday ever could She focuses to much on the negative Happiness stolen By what she could not control She must look back At the good memories Past friends still exist They are real They are not a lie, not a dream The smile is real It warms her heart Maybe she can love again The future will become those faded memories that make her laugh Good memories Funny memories The kind that make her smile Copyright Aug 2009 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=526394661#ixzz0zdqznZAX

Love on the run

A chance meeting...A stolen kiss..love on the run..its better like this Smiles and laughter what more could one ask..love on the run.. nothing ever left unsaid Dinner and a movie ... passion explodes..love on the run.... forever it goes Excitment shared between us...an electrifying moment....love on the run...do you suppose? Connected forever after only one night..love on the run...our bodies together feel right Alone in the daylight...we call for the night...love on the run..why did you hold me so tight Desert to desert our love grows..passion and fright for all who we know..love on the run..forever unknown I ache for that passion..forever it seems..love on the run...its better than dreams I cry out at the sun...Please go away...love on the run... its the only thing to say Remember forever this passionate kiss...love on the run..its better like this Find your true love...hold to them tight..no love on the run.. YOU deserve to see the light Copyright Jan 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=526568382#ixzz0zdqTBKMl


A click of the shutter A moment in time Preserved in an image as seen through my eyes A photograph of my imagination can you see my thoughts? A click of the shutter A moment in time My thoughts in color bright brilliant color Preserved in an image as seen through my eyes Your body so perfect seen through my lense A click of the shutter A moment in time photographs so powerful your dreams revealed Preserved in an image As see through my eyes Beauty is us together we love A click of the shutter A moment in time The days go by the sunsets red Death comes upon them No click of the shutter A moment in time Not preserved in an image As seen by her eyes Copyright Feb 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=529483794#ixzz0zdplvfkU

A walk through the desert

We are walking the desert stretching on and on it seems so barren We are walking the beauty of a suset the color so intense We are walking the coolness of the night we are blind to each other We are walking the desert stretching on and on it seems so black We are sleeping Did you miss the sunrise? the colors so muted We are walking Spring time flowers everywhere The desert so vivd We are standing our destination here The desert so full of color Don't go No more walking Just say with me In this desert so filled with beauty Copyright April 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=533110548#ixzz0zdorBKw4

Love Like the Ocean

deja vu like lightning it hits my soul.. and again you are here... in my arms where you belong.. I will love you all night and into the morning light... when we are apart the ocean calls me back.. to love it like I love you.. rhymthic love forever on a starless night.. the water rushing onto the beach.. the sounds of love and passion.. screaming into the sunrise.. stay away from me... why does the sun always put the fires out.. blinding love... somebody make the sun stop shining bring the night back to me.. I live in the dark I survive the days.. the hot dry days of a summer a alone.. let the night come and the coolness of the monsoon.. the lighnting of deja vu. let it bring the storms of summer bring the light to our hearts.. let love be the choice.. rhythmic love.. the love like the beach loves the waves... without one the other parishes.. the ocean screeming out to me... rhythmic love on a moonlit night.. Copyright June 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=535568968#ixzz0zdne2eJN


Endless trains rumble by on the rails Cars flying down the interstate at 4 A.M. Where are they all going? Someplace better than here Always searching for the next adventure Out there on the road somewhere Kids on skateboards at midnight Little boys on bicycles Always going somewhere Where is the next adventure? Are we that restless? Why can’t we just be? I clear my mind on the road The destination not important It’s the journey for me Beauty to be seen High desert and pines American history on the road The places the interstate passed by Crumbing memories Rotting model T’s Exotic truck stops Curious curio shops The adventure before me Another train rumbles by on the rails Another car at 4 AM Another day awakening to a new and better me Copyright July 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=536466922#ixzz0zdmYWmcl

Murdering the Day

And the darkness overcame.. overcame the life that could never be Falling and Falling never to have seen light of day so elusive..fleeting.. to the ones who have been overcome Darkness..nothing but darkness Ruling the heart the darkness pumps black blackened blood pulsing through the veins pulling ever towards the darkness Light of day so elusive..fleeting the the ones who have been overcome darkness..nothing but darkness Try to murder the light stabing the heart of the sun blood pulsing through the cracks in the mind light of day so elusive..fleeting to the ones who have been overcome darkness..nothing but darkness Death..the sun is dead blood now, blackened and dried the sight cant be erassed from the mind The light of day murdered by the one who was overcome darkness..nothing but darkness.. Copyright July 2010 Briget Ledger Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=517832833&blogId=537168032#ixzz0zdm0Bxjh

The Story in This

There is a story in this she thinks her eyes burn to see the words her mind alone can hear swirling and swirling her mind needs to go where the words do not run away a semi coherent sentence disjointed words and things forgotten to be put away words and memories so intertwined a flash of light and she begins to see words ebbing and flowing riding the sea her eyes begin to see the story in this a story about me or was it about you a figment of my imagination is what you are words do not make us real, eyes must see you dont exist as long as I am blind Standing on the porch on a hot summer night a cold beer in her hand, a guitar in his Yes, she thinks there is a story in this She begins to see the words her mind can hear She knows she must go, blindness comes quickly sight lost in the things forgotten to be put away A boat with black sails and a pirate flag pick it up in Miami, NO man, Holland you're commmitted "the Murder Train" I am going to write a story someday You two are definatly going to be in it when things no longer cloud the words I wish to say Standing on the porch on a hot summer night a cold beer in her hand, a guitar in his the words begin to fade from sight the fog rolls in the ebb and flow of the sea returns words lost in the things forgotten to be put away you are not real; a figment of my soul The televison show "Weeds" have you seen it No, I have to get to that someday You are gone only words remain disjointed, swirling with the things forgotten to be put away There is a story in this... Copyright Aug 2010 Briget Ledger


The days fly by has it been that long since I last loved you the sun has been in my eyes I've been blinded I just didnt see Time passing quickly where did our love go it slipped away when we closed our eyes Life passing so fast is there still time for us time for our love Once all I longed for was you the time has passed so quick you no longer feel real passions fire has passed it walked out with you you broke my heart with silence I hope you know what you did do you even care the tears wont end no matter I tried invite me in then close the door Did you really hate me what did I do but love you The days fly by and the weeks pass the months have been enternity Time has flown by eternity since I heard your voice I am learning to not mind Let go of me I have my own life Destiny sure We have more to give more passion to share more pain to adminisiter I love you you love me we will destroy each others soul Copyright Aug 2010 Briget Ledger