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A night in the life of Cindy Landry...promoter, friend, musician.

I am sitting in front of my computer, and it's Christmas-thirty, ya know? Everyone is sleeping, the house is destroyed. Wrecked with the aftermath of a holiday gone right...and I am listening to my favorite music,the fantastic sounds of folks like Rane Stone, solo or as the lead in Klover Jane, either way, he shines as one of the the top vocalists/performers to come out of the Seattle area , and I go straight to his Jar of Flies guitarist, Jonny Smokes...an extaorinary talent that seems to seek out the impossible, and when there isn't enough to challenge him in one band, he adds more, like Astro-creep, the Rob Zombie and White Zombie tribute, or his amazing solo career, where he plays every possible instument while adding vocals as well by way of the electronic loop, an amazing tool that Jonny has by the horns, for sure. Then I go to Missouri, and import a band that I wish was playing here in my town, Day Old Funk. This group is uber talented, and easy to watch and listen to, with great instrumentals and lyrics that are taken straight from life and put artfully to music. All of it is must have. And my life is blessed to have it all right here at my fingertips on this awesome gathering place for fan, artist, venue owner, and promoter alike...a nice comfy arena that allows me to do what I love, listen to the best music that my generation has to offer, and have it all so easy to reach out and grab...it's like sand that I can stretch into and feel the heat of, while the individual bits flow around me creating the experience that is "REVERBNATION"...Life is good...thanks, Reverb...