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bloody hell!

For starters, I'd like to send a shout out to all my blog readers! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I'm very angry with my husband right now who decided to get drunk lastnight. Of which he couldn't drive over to spend time with his kid. I had to pick him up of which he abruptly got sick in my van. Then decide to sleep his hang over off in my bed, puking his brains out. Instead of spending time with his kid and family.

In other news my son decided today to take acetone to my phonograph from 1902. So 7 weeks of hard work just went down the drain this afternoon. I cannot express my anger, and sadness that I'm feeling right now. So now I have to start all over from scratch again. I need more stain to cover what he he ruined.

As far as feeling better I had to go back to the doctor. She diagnosed me with swimmers ear. It's better, but I wish my ear would pop. I can't stand plugged ears.

Oh holy night the records are playing loudly!

Well it has been a long 6 weeks, finally my phonograph is dry from staining it. It's beautiful, but not complete..... I have pics that I must post, and haven't gotten around to it for everyone to see. Now as of tomorrow evening I will be coating it with polyethylene. Just to give it that extra touch, I just hope it doesn't take another 6 weeks to dry? Well I suppose it's worth the wait. But my Christmas gift to myself won't. I got a record player to set inside of it. I also have started my record collection, which is up to 7 records right at the moment, soon to be more!

Does anyone else hate guess work in white coats? I went to the emergency room about a week or so ago and came out of there with a bronchitis diagnosis. I went in there with a massive ear ache. So for a week or I was put on cough syrup with codeine, prednisone, zithromax, and an inhaler.

I went to the doctor yesterday (regular doctor). She was amazed and said I have swimmers ear. Which is what I should have been diagnosed with in the first place! She could not believe that they missed that.

Well guys if I don't get back on here before the holidays. I hope all of you have a safe Happy Yule, and wonderful New Year! t drink and drive!

Would rather die then feel like this!

Hello fellow followers and bands, this comes to you straight from the grave! Yes I said grave, get over it I'm still here in real time. I was battling the flu about 7 days ago and now I'm battling strep throat from my son from 3 days ago! YAY me! I have come on today to tell you all that I'm fine but I need some much needed rest. I'm on a large dose of good stuff to help me out here but I feel weak as fuck and have not been eating well at all! I feel I have broken ribs (from coughing so much that my side ache like crazy)! My head feels like an oil leak. I have lost my voice basically. I hope to feel better soon as I have missed so much in the past 9 days now. I will come back from the dead shortly as soon as I feel well. Hope everyone else is doing well, I must rest in my coffin now as I need sleep and can barely type. Enjoy your day my freaks!

Ok my title can't be that long WTF?

Ok folks, I'm sorry I have not been on here in a long time..... I know it sounds awful, and I hate excuses. But here comes the details. My high school friend called me up out of the blue (who I have not seen or heard from since about 1998, lol)! Talk about only needing me to save her ass. Well she asked me a favor to help her set up her parents 40th wedding Anniversary party. Plus take her to Sam's Club to get the food she needed for the party. Then off to Party Time for some helium balloons (lmao). So I agreed! The party was in a church, so unfortunately we couldn't have alcohol. So after the party was over guess who broke out the helium balloons? None other other then yours truly, ME! They didn't say nothing about sucking the helium out of balloons in the church! It was like the chipmunks reunion! Everybody had a ball! Then my internet security expired..... So I had to buy that and load it. Deer these sneaky little bastards will give you a headache. Coming home from grange (was once a club for farmers, but now anyone can join). A doe was laying in the ditch (I'm sure to keep warm from the wind plus it was 18* outside). She got up and decided to cross in front of me. Good thing I was only doing 30 mph. How ever she tried to jump my hood on the right side of the van and didn't make it. My son and step daughter were with me. She basically got put back into the spot were she was laying down. Killed her instantly. I waited nearly 2 hours for a state trooper to arrive after calling 911. Called the ex to come pick up the kids and that pissed him off. My 76 yr old neighbors son took it (130lbs doe what a whopper)! The 80 yr. old people who's driveway I sat in for 2 hrs. waiting for the trooper to arrive told me that I took out his mail boxes. Then decided to tell the trooper and me not to worry about the mail boxes. On the 27 of November I get a call from my insurance company that they decided to make a claim on my insurance that I took out there mail boxes and that I didn't hit a deer. My insurance company is investigating it, so hopefully this is not something I have to shell out more money for. Insurance, speaking of which the ex took my coverage off the van and only has me at basic property damage. Something I did not know he did. So I had to pay for my van without help from the insurance company! Thanksgiving was alright. Got to drink some wine and relax a bit. I cooked most of it the night before. My son and I got to have alot of time together too! My wheels, my father and I have taken all of the bad parts off of my van today and a few days ago. We have found replacements of the same color. We will be picking these parts up tomorrow and putting my van back together. It's always nice to be a greese monkey with my father. Not many people admit it, but I love it! He taught me everything I need to know! With this said I hope to be on more often as soon as I become a legal eagle again!

I'm back baby!

Sorry it took so long to get back on here folks! I'm back online, and my only company that I have with me here is my son (#1), and my cat and dog which have been pain in the asses since moving! LMAO! I can't go outside without the dog, or she gets upset. Then my cat she bothers me all night long! so I barely get sleep! But at least I'm all settled in!

Once again the tables have turned!

My husband can be a good guy when he wants to be. However things have slowly gone down the tubes between us.... I'm not saying he is all to blame, as I have my faults too. Mine are few and far between compared to what I call Mr. Moody, The Grinch, Papa Bear, Mr. Grouchy, Grumpy, Gargamel (from the smurfs)! Yes I assure you my kids even call him these names because he's always moody, practically 24/7 except when he sleeps! Recently my husband has opened a new part of his life to me that I wished he had kept secret. I refuse to go into detail about this however I did wish that he kept his mouth shut. I to this day don't understand why he told me his secret? But I took it with a grain of salt, and said "Ok". there wasn't much else I could do or say. I'm tired of being treated like dirt, I have to much of a heart to be treated this way. So I'm moving from this house and taking my son with me in a few days. So if you don't hear from me my metal bands that love my blogs! That's what I'm doing, I will keep you all posted on how I'm doing! Keep it loud, keep it heavy \m/, love you all! 3:-)~

Ok lesson to heavier metal 101!

I'm gonna take you back to 13 yrs ago, when I got the chance to meet my husband. A mutual friend that I worked with introduced me to him over the internet. As he lived in New Hampshire, and I lived here in Bath New York. Shortly after being introduced about 2 weeks later I drove up there and stayed with him for 2 weeks. that's when doom metal, black metal, death metal, you name it metal was brought out of the wood work for me and put into my ears! I fell in love with it, all of it! Things like Cathedral, Sentenced, My Dying Bride, Black Label Society, Pagan Alter, Pentagram, and many, many more! I have a 500 gig hard drive filled with whole discographies, a gigantic 3 ring binder filled with C.D.'s (mostly homemade), 2 mp3 players filled to the hilt, C.D.'s that are bought at the store, tapes, tapes, tapes some are demo's from bands, some tapes were sent to me from pen pals and I sent some to them as well, Some you can't find anymore, rare beyond belief! I haven't mentioned records yet. I could go on for days, and days about my collection. Usually anyone that gets the rare chance to see it cums in their pants so to speak, lmao! No fucking shit! Some day I will take pictures for all to see, I don't want to know what's going on the other end of the screen when you see it! But I'm glad I could provide everyone with some entertainment tonight! I needed the smile! Thanks everyone for reading

For rappers, a must read before adding me!

I'm not here to support rap, I'm just not into it. So if you want to try and add me you won't get anywhere! You will be blocked.

Headed for a heartbreak!

Shortly after I moved Out of my folks place I found myself alone..... I ended up getting into a relationship with a guy that at the time I didn't know was abusive. He did get me into other music choices like Iron Maiden, Kiss, Dokken, and a few others. I rmember the day he snapped well. This was 6 months into our relationship. I had just come home from work and he was sleeping. All I did was lay down next to him kiss his cheek. He just started punching me in the face, and the ribs. it felt like eternity, but it lasted about 3 minutes. When he was done he got me a glass of water and dropped to his knees at my side on the floor as I fell off the bed. I couldn't speak, my nose was bloody, my ears were swollen from the blows, and eyes were bruised. I was at a lost for words, and I had to work the next morning. I didn't say 2 words to him I got up and slept on the couch that night. when morning had come I told him to pack his shit and get out. All the usual was said, I'll never do it again, I promise, blah, blah, blah! I had packed his shit for him and left it out on the front lawn. When I mean packed I threw it out on the front lawn, lol! No boxes, no bags, not like he was paying the bills anyway. He got the message but it didn't stop him from stalking me. Finally I made a call to the parole officer that I happen to find out about from a bug being put in my ear, lol! well that put an end to that very quickly! I never trusted a man ever again, I couldn't even date for a long time after that. To scared to find anyone. I felt that I was gonna end up an old maid. Which I wished I stayed that way, but such as life. Then I found Ray and it was a blissful relationship. We were together for a year at least. No arguments, no fighting. He had a daughter from his previous marriage. she was only 2 at the time I came into Rays life. But his ex found every excuse to break us apart. The final straw was that he wouldn't be able to visit his daughter anymore if he didn't get rid of me. He ripped my heart from my chest and stomped on it in front of me. I will skip the details of how I dealt with it, to this day I still have issues talking about it. I still feel to this day that he is and was the only person for me. So every year around Christmas I get very depressed, because this is when he left me. I had to pack my stuff up from his house and find another apartment and did!

To all of my bands, I love you all!

This is gonna be a quickie as I have to get to work, lol! For all my new found bands and bands that I already listen too! You all have a special place in my heart! I have liked you all on facebook and have subscribed for new material that you put out there! Feel free to stop by and leave me a message. I love the fact that my inbox is flooded daily! I will always answer you even if I'm not on the site. Some of you can't get enough of my sense of humor! I also thank you for your support, just as much as you thank me for my support! Well my lovelies I got hit the road and get to work! I hope you have enjoyed your quickie as much as I have typing it! Lmao! More to come from me later!

Cheers, Amanda