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she was wounded like a sparrow with scars across her wings faded but still reminders of every hurtful memory music is what healed her embraced her in its arms you are not alone now i have been right were you are so let the lyrics calm you and dry the tears you cry your wings may be broken now but someday yes someday baby your gonna flyyyy

smashing pumpkins

despite all my rage i am still a rat in a cage


I went to see the Great Gatsby today. such a perfect movie. I have been in love with the book for years and have been waiting forever for the movie to be released. Sadly enough it was nearly ruined by Jayz and Beyonce. Seriously they randomly stuck two songs by them in the movie. It was awful and had nothing to do with the scene .It was in that moment I realized how important the right track is to a motion picture. what would Titanic have been without Celine Dion, Saturday night fever and the Bee Gees? the Breakfast club ,don't you forget about me and lets not forget foot loose. I sure wish the producers would have thought a little more about the importance of pairing the correct melody with the moment.


One thing that I like to do is , when I am at a stop light, I turn my music up. I look at the people that are walking on the side walks. No matter what song I have on they seem to be walking to the beat. I love it its like we all share that same basic rhythm. Maybe that's one of the reasons why music connects us all.


so stoked about this website. Listening to the radio sometimes makes my ears bleed, its the same artists, same song format. They shove it down your throat so much before I realize it I know every word to a song I don't even like. Country music has turned into a contest to see which female can scream the loudest and longest. Its not country music if you still call it that then you are incorrect. Just because the content is about pick up trucks and back roads still does not qualify it as country. I am so thankful for places like this so I can turn off the noise that radio stations call music and discover artists that know what music is