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For as long as Sound on the Sound has been around, seven years this August, we have described ourselves as some variation of your daily source for features, news and exclusive content about Seattle music. “Daily” has lead the charge in our description, but something has changed in the last year or so at SOTS, the least of which is: we don’t post daily. In fact, most things have changed around SOTS in the last year. Part of it is, yes, we got a little burnt out, because six years is a long time to write something every day. Anything. Even the things you love the most. And part of it is, there was less of a need (or none at all) to post the same news that at least ten other locally focused blogs race to post every day. Covering the same thing as everyone else and serving as a copy & paste clearing house for locally relevant press releases was never our desire or intention for the site. Though from time to time, we’ve done that to try to keep our promise of daily coverage for you. But we understand now, that that’s as much a waste of your time as it is ours. So, who are we now in 2013? Since our ideas and lives and tastes and city are changing? Here’s what’s not the same: We’re not 20-somethings any more. We’ve created lives… there are SOTS babies. (Okay, there’s only one, but he is adorable.) We’re planning weddings and getting married. We’re going back to school and trying to get jobs that do more than pay for bills and booze. We’ve left Seattle and started lives in other cities. We’ve got responsibilities that we can’t limp into, ears ringing, every other morning. We’re not at shows every night anymore and sometimes not even every week. We’re not trying to be the source for everyone about everything. We know that taste is subjective, that this is ours and yours is different. We think there are other local blogs you can read and many of them might have line-ups up before us. We don’t care about who’s first. Here’s what is the same: We’re still moved by local music and musicians. We still think one of the most vibrant and exciting music communities in the world exists right here in our damp corner of the country. We think there are bands and voices and genres to be discovered, some who are making music today and some who have made it in the past. We think you can be proud of the bands that have succeeded from Seattle; we are. We think they, and plenty of bands you haven’t heard of yet, are worth spending your hard earned cash on–that’s still how we spend our money. We think you can engage in conversation about local music without getting involved in the latest Twitter brawl. We think its okay to not live tweet a festival line-up. In fact, we think its okay to miss Block Party or Sasquatch or Doe Bay … or whatever the “big concert of the week” is. We still want to talk about what we love most, whether we talk about it twice or twenty times. Or whether we talk about it once, and never mention it again. Above all, even if it is not every day, we still think local music and bands are worth talking about. We think some of them are the “next big thing” and some of them will never play a bigger stage than the Blue Moon on a Thursday night. We think as long as we love them, they are equally worth writing about … and that if we don’t, no matter what the buzz is or if everyone else is talking about them, that they’re not. What Sound on the Sound is about is sharing stories from and about Seattle. About what the songs and the singers mean to us in the context of life in this city as we live it. We hope that despite how we change and how we stay the same, you’ll check back regularly to see if we’ve discovered something we love. We hope you listen and love it or loathe it. We hope you share with us and others what you can’t get enough of, because we hope you still think Seattle has stories and songs to share.