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Another Musical Experience Blog Post

Just because I am reminiscing about this now!!!! Quick story blog to add here!! A short while ago, decided to take a concert trail where I scheduled 3 shows in 3 days!!! It occurred last year: was a priority to get to Marietta Brewing to see my favorite band, plus had something very special happening that night!!! I was scheduled to sing my favorite song with my fav band, and fav singer!! Pledged and decided what I wanted was the opportunity to sing this song!!! Tragedy by XF1. Was scheduled to do it at ROTR earlier that year, but for awhile couldn't find them and wasn't even sure of the time. At the last possible moment found them as they were going on stage and as a side note, that was one of the best sets I've seen them do, and the fact that it was also the first time in 4 years in seeing them again!! I was excited and stoked and just disappointed that it didn't happen that night, but am I glad that I contacted Q about getting the op!! REally was an absolute highlight!!! But the next night, was scheduled to go see SOiL and Beyond Threshold at the Inner Circle in Cincy, but of course something went kaput there!!! I still remember exactly how I felt as I was driving in that storm feeling scared and that I was part of The Wizard of Oz and that my car was going to get blown from the road. Got to my hotel and the venue and kept waiting in my car wondering what was going on because everyone there was waiting in their car or waiting to go in. Finally everyone started leaving & my disappointment started rolling in!!! The power was lost and how can a show be put on if the power is lost. Show=Cancelled; postponed and rescheduled!! But the following nite, more than made up for it, because I was StOkEd to again be seeing XF1, plus KillBox!!!!! At the Thompson House in Newport, KY and that area is just one of the coolest places ever!!! Scarii went on, plus Kill Box put on one fantastic show and XFACTOR1 headlined!!! Very super memories go into this whole short vacation!!! And as a sidenote, did get to the rescheduled BT/SOiL show and instead of driving myself to it; because I started worrying about my older high on miles car making it there, scheduled myself for a little Greyhound ride which was actually resc. itself, because it was originally for the Marietta trip!!! But at last minute decided to drive!!! Think because I added those other shows to the trip!!!! If you have never done, it is something everyone should do!!!! The people I met, the experience of travelling by bus through the nite, the change of stops, the whole experience was absolutely phenomenal!! Will add more later!

2nd Blog Band Reflection

Can't really explain this (or maybe I actually can), but this has been my favorite band for awhile now~say 4 years! It was my first experience (in Columbus for this festival) and I was mesmerized when this band performed! Partly maybe because at my first Rock on the Range in '09, I still remember exactly how I was feeling (and the excitement)! Other reasons my be because I got a drumstick, pick, shirt, and hat thrown from this band!! It was just incredibly cool!! Bands shouldn't underestimate the effect & impact their music has on people. I like the fact that this band doesn't seem to lose sight of that! They are a people's band who always show appreciation for their fans there to see them~part of XNation friends/family!! Funny & NICE how things work out that this local Columbus, Ohio area band means so much!! First, got turned on to their music with Shadow of Desperation!! As I listened to and became more familiar with their songs, I realized just how much I relate to them and to what the lead vocalist is saying!! This is incredible music here!! It is just incredibly fun and meaningful to sing along !! Other bands have been favorites and have disappeared, but this band has stayed put!! Yes, XF1 has been with me through low points, struggles, and any health issue/ache/pains! It has been playing right on my ipod through being in NC & when I moved back to PA!! It just means the world!! Through listening, I have dealt with certain issues! This band and others, especially hardcore and metal, have gotten me through and have helped tremendously!! It is no wonder when not working am listening to my favorites!!

1st Blog

Just want to talk about how great it is that this site is here, where ya can go searching for music~whatever kind u like~ whenever you want. I find I am here quite often. I will match some of these bands with the biggest names in the industry and my personal opinion is that I like them better. My views have changed dramatically. I used to be into the biggest names going to shows and having it be the biggest deal to be by the barrier upfront, and hoping for a drumstick or pick. But when it come down to it, I like the smaller locals and regionals so much more. I guess some of my recent life experiences have changed my opinion. But listening to music~especially certain bands~ have really meant the world to me! They have always been right by my side & in my ear when real people have not been. There have been times where I feel isolated and all alone and am still trying to manage that. But music has helped me through problems when other things haven't! I just thank that I can search, find and listen to the best music around on this site and not have to really on radio and certain peoples opinion of what should be played good music is. I am sick of bs and all the songs on the radio are sounding all alike and have that techno, pop type feel. Even hard rock metal bands have gone the way the music industry have "thought" they should go!! Well I say f radio and f people in the industry because the real talent, unique and best music is on this site right here!! I have been listening to the same bands playlists for months even years! And just love these bands and wouldn't change the music I listen to for anything! I thank these people musicians for staying in this hard industry and continuing to make music, share music and go on tour!! Out for know....more later!! :)