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Corporate Credit Unleashed Promo Tour

Kevyn Jerome Nelson, author of 'Corporate Credit Unleashed', is pleased to announce tour dates and locations that include a book signing and seminars, starting on May 23 in Chicago, IL during the Black Enterprise Conference. "I wanted to offer my hands-on, one-on-one counselling services, for which I charge US$5,000, to those that may not be able to afford the fee, yet want to understand business credit and gain knowledge about how to build business credit," said Nelson.

Nelson says he provides most of his financial consulting services to entertainers, many of whom are at their professional careers, yet are often suffering financially. According to Nelson, previous clients include Ralph Tresvant, TLC, Adina Howard, Brian Austin Green, and "Moesha's" Lamont Bentley.

Nelson explained the book signing and seminar tour starts on May 23 in Chicago, IL with stops in Atlanta, LA, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Charlotte, New York, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Baltimore and will run during the Black Enterprise Conference - that attracts over 1,500 participants each year.

"I'm looking forward to meeting people that have read, or are reading, Corporate Credit Unleashed - it's available at Amazon, Books a Million, and Borders. I encourage you to start reading Corporate Credit Unleashed, or maybe finish reading Corporate Credit Unleashed by the time the tour arrives at your city - in case you have any questions or comments, or just want to share your feedback," said Nelson.

Find out more by visiting Corporate Credit Unleashed page on Amazon.