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# The New Year didn't start for me acctually*

make it really start in NEW WAY: i Need your proposals...

For FEMAL Rights and their children to live a Safe and protected Life

# Sad enough, nobody answered my former blog- We Need better rights for children and women to be not exploited in the society,protection of the femal body,better rights and justice in education, work places,health management,considering the difference,with respect for the femal nature.Best regards G.

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2017 a Year of *PEACE?!

THANK you f. ALL your postings&GOOD wishes:)) # so many things happened recently made me sad and are painful to view-worse the results are in front of our DOOR: so pls. stop the war,terrorist attacks-lead a peaceful life-come back to rebuilt the country-save our mother earth-we don't have so much time any more!!!!

Thank#all Artists& Friends f. their music-files&videos-

......nice-inspir.pics-so fantastic-pls forgive- when takes me time of faning a. writing you back-but I hear&see you!! -alw.think about the woman is busy,works hard a. she'll go on singing/writing/ play/guitar. ..."it's not easy to dig out those roots that grow on a hard&heavy ground-where the envirom.&climate is too rigid f. their plants".....lil.gu/Gudrun

Let's say "RHYTHM is LOVE"!****

ROCK TO BETHLEHEM an Austrian Project org. by Emmanuel Fleckenstein with Austrian a. German Artists!111111111 **** KEZIAH JONES-he tells us what real "Blufunk"is and rides the "African Space Craft" and you know "Bluefunk is a fact" so let's "femiliarise" it's the time Rock turns into Blues and Funk and back to the Roots of....?!!!OH-OHH Jeah-JEAH...


# I also admit,that ALL women have NO rights, in society compared to men, they are regarded to be stupid, treated as ridiculous beings, if successful looked at with suspicion, their body is used as a plain sex object, i confess, that we women are sensitive,weak persons,while only men have the power, we femals are strong in sacrificing us to the world. if a woman is regarded to be intelligent, she fails, MEN are allowed to make mistakes.... *Who DOES disagree pls write me your message, YOUR oposite opinion in this blog.thx G.