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wishing you were here

i have been writing a new book called wishing you were here. i just wanted some feed back on it so yeah here it is .... wishing you were here... the end of eternity... the rest of mylife..... all looking me in the face. the moment i saw you ... the moment she kissed you... my heart broke. Chapter one: ever lasting how do you show someone you love them? imean actually show them. not just whispering lovely phrases or giving expensive gifts... but acutally showing them. because when it all breaks down you realize that none has ever truly loved you. take me for example, im tall gangly and clumsy. the perfect trifecta. sure, ihave had a boyfriend before, i mean who hasnt right?,but every time i do get one i always feel incomplete like there some thing missing. maybe if i start from the beginning it will all make sense. so, my first day of school, high school. i had just gotten my hair cut and gotten alot and i mean alot of new clothes.i was super syked and rarin to go. and this is how it went. bell1:english in my english class it was much of the same... people rejoicing to see old friends, guys bumpng chest as greetings, and me sitting in the corner looking retarded. "oh my god, do you see her? she looks totally made over." "yeah but we all know she is still... just plain jane." see. oh yeah did i mention my name was jane... well there you go. people have been calling me plain jane since the 5th grade. and do you know why? well i guess you wouldnt but anyway.....i was in the pilgrim play and i was a pilgrim of course..but i had the gray dress and pig tails and the black shoes and i just looked plain, and every one else looked liked gods and goddesses. so thats akl i got for now so yeah i need feed back