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Brendan Noble / Blog

What is BBR Productions Inc?

We are a Long Island based Consulting, Marketing, and Development company for the past 15 years.

Our mission is to "Bring reality to your dreams". We accomplish this by being an affordable, all inclusive production company for any type of venture, and to those individuals who wish to find success in life. For over 15 years, we have taught individuals and companies alike to take their success beyond expectations through Consultation, Marketing, and Development

Hiring BBR Productions allows us to work side by side with each client through essential steps that ensure a complete educational experience. This allows our clients to utilize the information we provide them to its full capacity. Whether in person, by phone, or through emails, our team is always ready and willing to help answer questions using solution finding tactics since, as we like to say, "There are no walls, only solutions".

Interested in Hosting your own radio show?

Looking to host your own Radio Show? Look no further than BBR Productions.

-$50 for a 2 hour spot -Utilize our green room for guests to wait -Get advertisement spots to essentially pay for your slot -Each show is live, and recorded for post editing if wanted -Easily embed video feed onto other sites. -Lock in your own schedule -All equipment is supplied -Marketing by BBR Productions is included in pricing -Package discounts for multiple rental dates (Every 3 shows paid upfront gets a 4th show free)

And if that's not enough to convince you, we are offering anyone interested a free two hours trial. That's right, completely free.

Email me at BN@BBRProductions.com for more information.

Artists I represent with BBR Productions

Yokas B. • Rap (New Jersey) : International Recording Artist, Sound Engineer, & Song Writer; Yokas B. immersed himself in the world of rap at a very young age as a barrier and alternative to the drugs, depression and poverty that surrounded him through his teen years. As a diamond in the rough, Yokas B’s road to success began with freestyle battles with whoever would rise to the occasion, and recording original songs with friends and local producers. Since Yokas B’ first solo release, the young MC is among the most talented, as he continues to garner more and more press attention and support. throughout the UK, Europe and the states.

Christine Holt • Acoustic Musician (New York) : A singer by birth, Christine Holt continues to grow as an artist. Over these current years her career as blossomed into a dedication of purpose. Performing, marketing, and keeping her musical track list growing, Christine Holt brings a grand arrangement of lyrics, music, and style to each moment she touches the stage. Long Island born, world bound.

Martini Garden • Rock / Blues Band (New York) : Formed in 2007, Martini Garden started breathing life into music's soul. Moving along each stage with a mixture of blues, jazz, and rock music, described in the press as "Stevie Wonder meets the Eagles." Created from the heart of Long Island, NY the band performs original works of music. With solid performances at venues across Long Island they can be seen bringing groove to audiences at the Crazy Bean Coffee Shop in Miller Place.

Shure Thing • Blues (California) : With a raw, evoking sound influenced through diverse genres, Shure Thing has been described as being "just a hair off the bubble and a bit fuzzy around the edges." Formed after meeting locally in the Ventura area; where they spent many nights jamming to the musical stylings of artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Paul Butterfield. What they may lack in sophistication is more than made up in enthusiasm and contagious energy. From the essence of great blues and rock n roll, Shure Thing is “shure” to have a song for everybody.

March Into Paris • Alternative (California) : One of Northern California's most critically acclaimed bands, March into Paris has been making a huge impact on the indie scene. A Post-Alternative rock band, March into Paris's music pulls from many genres to create their ambient, melodic yet aggressive sound. Diligently working to embody a do-it-yourself ethos, they released 2 E.P.'s and 3 singles while playing hundreds of live performances and building a global fan base. To them, indie isn't something you claim to be, it's something you have to prove through years of blood, sweat and tears.