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The Dawning of a New Day


Look at what one can achieve is he is to remain consistent. Over ten years ago I embarked on a journey that would shape me into the man that I am today. I had many sleepless nights and days where I felt that I would never reach my destiny...but through it all I made it to today and for that I am grateful.

I can remember the day I was ejected from American Idol....the lights where there....the cameras where there....producers with headset on whispering to eachother and making decisions left and right....I said to myself..."this is it!!! I made it!!!" That day though such a moment or triumph turned into such a moment of defeat...but however dark the cloud there is always a silver lining.

I lay across my bed and for almost eight hours I just cried silently....I couldn't sob because too many questions ran through my mind...."What did I do wrong"..."did i wear the wrong thing"..."did I choose the wrong song"..."What am I gonna do now?" At that time I hadn't been in the studio professionally and had never produced a thing....But my Mother...God bless her called me into her room and said to me..."Son there is GREATNESS in you...whatever you want to do....go do it!!!!!" And that's just what I did

Years later and after much hard work and persistence...Here i sit on reverbnation with fans across the United States and abroad!!! What is it that you wanna do?.....What is it that you dream about when you are alone and no one can see you...get up and get to it....dont wait another day,...