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We're Better Off Dead

The steel so cold the trigger so hot Tomorrow my life will be forgot I raise the barrel up to my head to see my brain absorb hot lead Sweat sweeps up threw my pours cold as ice I think no more To hear my heart beat through my ears my eyes fight back the cold dry tears The pressure threw my finger slides the trigger snaps I’m still alive The gun so empty like my life but as the smart old wise man said life is hell Were better off dead

I Will Always Be Alone

There is a girl who always smiles, Even when others hurt her. She doesn't show the pain, You always see that smile. Her eyes are hidden behind abyss black bangs, She never utters a word. She's like a statue, Forever frozen in her fake happiness. But if you ever see her eyes, You'll know why she hides them. Tears bruise them black, With no shine they look dead. Inside her you'd fine a world so cold, A world so dark. Her heart bleeds with every beat, Her soul dies a little everyday. It really is amazing how no one can see, That she's close to death. That with her next breath, She could drop to the ground dead. She stays quiet until her last, Before she goes. She writes a note, And sets it beside her. When they find her, They see her final words. "I was a good girl, I always smiled and never spoke." "I was the ghost you wanted, The daughter you never knew." "I wanted to tell you, But you never gave me a chance." "This is all I have to say, Don't forget to smile." "I'm with Death now, Maybe I can be truely happy." And with that the girl was gone, From those who did her wrong. How sad she died, And no one cried. The feeling consumes, You sit there, longing to lash out, Fighting to be heard. It builds up second by second, No one hears your silent scream. Your heart is empty, You push everyone, Just making this worse. Your tears no longer fall, Your heart has frozen. All people ever do is moan, People die. . . Beauty fades. . . Love changes. . . And you will always be alone.

Suicide, Suicide

Suicide, suicide Your presence is near Suicide, suicide I wish you were here Suicide, suicide Take me away Suicide, suicide Please make it today Suicide, suicide An answer, for me Suicide, suicide I need to escape, be free Suicide, suicide I’ve had too much Suicide, suicide Take me, do your touch Suicide, suicide Leave the rest behind Suicide, suicide You’re all over my mind Suicide, suicide Let me pass in peace Suicide, suicide I need to release Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead, Suicide, suicide deep in my head, Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists, Suicide, suicide I am so done with this. Two days, two days let until I die, Two days, two day till the last tear I'll cry, Two days, two days until I am all gone, Two days, two days till the dark breaks the dawn. Suicide, suicide deep inside my head, Suicide, suicide now I am almost dead, Suicide, suicide turn out the lights, Suicide, Suicide goodbye and goodnight

Cookie-Cutter Wrist

She looked at her wrist, Which were covered in scars. She looked at her thighs, That was far too big in her eyes. She looked at her smile That was crooked and vile. She looked at her eyes, And pleaded to die. I don’t belong here she convinced herself. Nobody loves me, I belong in Hell.

Personal Disguise

Outside lives a girl with a smile that will brighten up the room, yet inside hides a girl with a frown full of despair. Outside lives a girl with eyes of joy that brings you to ease, yet inside hides a girl shedding tears of sadness. Outside lives a girl with a beautiful laugh that's contagious, yet inside hides a girl screaming her lungs out in unwanted anger. Outside lives a girl with the personality everyone envies, yet inside hides a girl full of insecurities and shame. Outside lives a girl who is fearless and tough, yet inside hides a weak girl who lives in fear. Outside lives a girl full of life, yet inside hides a girl full of pain, wanting to die. Outside lives a girl with a perfect image, yet inside hides a girl with regrets and mistakes. Outside lives a girl of innocence, yet inside hides a girl with tremendous guilt. Outside lives a girl with goals and aspirations, yet inside lives a girl lost in confusion. What you see on the outside is my personal disguise, What hides underneath you can't even begin to imagine