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Kingdom Flow

Conservative, Liberal, polka-dot, or full of thought Come and be and live freely within that you sought An answer you'll find when you keep me in mind You'll find a brother waiting to pull you out of line To show you what you learned you forgot A blind one seeking the dream that they will find That frozen lining within the confines of "time" Brought life from memory with a light to shine Past fame fortune and that of the lame A life that won't suit you a life and no flame Born from steel a fire you'll become As the old way burns and the new one beats your war drum Beating your chest ever so loudly A war dance ensues and the screaming rally Don't be surprised when your thrown in the pit Your time has come and you'll see your fit To fight with minions by your side Throwing you to the ground as you collide Grit your teeth and get back up Theres more fighting to be done GO ON GET UP!

Know that you can find peace with it in mind Cause burning in this life is not a decline Its the catalyst from which KINGS are born The WARRIOR on his steed of Metal align

After all, What will there be to find?

The dream you dreamt that you defined