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Fuck It

I look in your eyes And the weight of the world sloughs off my shoulders. Your pheromones float into my hungry nostrils And I feel alive again. You accommodate my arms so perfectly, And I enfold you in radioactive light: My uncapped devotion to you. Even at a distance, And what a distance, Even so you are within me. You are the air I breathe, the food I ingest, The blood that merrily circulates: A vermilion river that carries a blazing song, Your name. Nor Throne nor Dominion Can hope to achieve your beauty. And your laughter, such sweetish laughter, It brings frosted tears to my lucky eyes. Even at a distance, you answer my prayers. And I rush home, for I must see you, And sink in your arms, Into the warm embrace that blesses.

MITCH TRU  (almost 5 years ago)

Nice! You should put this to music.