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Talk about chops!

MB Padfield was absolutely amazing on Saturday at the Frank FM benefit for Jeff Bauman. While doing an Elvis Cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" her upper register went through the roof! At 17, already graduate of the Berklee Singer Songwriter program, New England Music Award Nominee, Runner up in the Hippo Press poll for "Best of " this girl is absolutely beyond her years! Oh, that's not to mention that she really only launched her career about a year ago!


Wow! That was a blast! A little over a week ago the New England Music Awards took Lowell by storm (see the full story on Yahoo! http://voices.yahoo.com/the-2nd-annual-england-music-awards-artist-12101372.html?cat=33) If you're like me you already can't wait for next year's awards! If you attended this year's awards what was the best, and worst, things? Ah, yes, who will ever forget the end of the night! What a jam!

Check out the sound check of The Luxury, a shot from the back of the stage during the performance, and one from aft the lights went down....

Thanks you New England Music Awards for a great night and congrats to all the Nominees and Winners!

Aren't musicians great?

Yet another look tribute to our fantastic set of artists here in NH... The Concord Eagles Club held an event with the host band The Blues Birds and you couldn't ask for anything better

It was a little boy with a rare genetic disease at the center of attention - deservedly so. Hope is with him, and apparently the musicians are too!

Merrimack Music Series

What an unbelievable performance by two area artists. My notes have the words "infatuated," and "mesmerized." The Concord Community Auditorium is a wondrous little venue and I'm looking forward to making it back there again soon!

New venue for me!

After doing a photo shoot with Mindset X I was treated to a little head banging punkish rock from Polluted Remains and some hard core heavy metal from Mindset X at Greg's Place in downtown Manchester.

The venue is really a small barrom, but the acoustics are great and there isn't a bad seat in the house! Loking for a place in manchester to play at, check out booking opportunities ata Greg's place.

Check out a slide show and article on examiner.com.