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Jettlane Records!

Hot off the press, I am now consulting and head hunting for Jettlane records. Will post my new email soon, still getting set-up. Looking for new talent and for anyone looking to record their craft. All genres welcome. I will be posting more as time progresses and I get settled in. Keep a look out! James

Two Minutes to Midnight Millenium tribute

Iron Maiden. Is one of the most iconic bands that has ever been. So how good can a tribute really be?

I would give this compliation 4 stars. All of these bands rocked it up and played their asses off. Is it worth $20, maybe.

Depending on if you like bands that stick to the originals or those that dare, this album has them all.

bUGbRAIN has a wild version of Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It flows really well and at first I did not know what to think. But they have done an excellent job making it their own.

Paul Di`Anno does Running Free and yes, it kicks ass as it should!

Tim "Ripper" Owens shreds Aces High.

Sinful Lilly's version of Die With Your Boots On has a ending that changed the game and made the song a bit darker. I have heard this band is about ready to release originals. Keep posted!

Dimension took The Trooper and created something unique. At one time you think you are listening to an easy listening version then bang, they kick it up. Very cool.

There are a lot of really good versions here. Check it out and don't forget to comment on the Bands pages you like. They appreciate the responsne and constructive criticism.

Keep on Rawkin!!

Jake E Lee making a comeback!!!!

Per Classic Rock Magazine, JAke E Lee is working on a new project. He has featured singers Paul Di'Anno, Robin Zander, and Maria Brink on the album. Here is the best part guys, he is looking for a singer to audition to tour! They need a singer who can cover Ozzy and Badlands. You can try-out by sending 1 song of your interpretation to ronnie@hideoutlv.com Rock on Jake! I can't wait to hear and see you play again!!!!!!

"A Sinners Saint" by M$R

In the near future Million Dollar Reload from Dublin will be crashing the US music scene. Hard core Guitar Rock, and tons of hooks, this well produced album has been on my favorite list since it released back in July 2012. Their second release since Anthems of Degeneration, 2010, proves the band is heading in the right direction. No sophmore jinx here. There simply is not enough time to talk about the songs, they fuckin rock! Not a bad song on the album. You can find the Band here on Reverb Nation or their own web site. Bullets in the Sky can be found on You Tube as well other videos. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. The only thing I can ask is, when will we get a national tour in the US??? Rock Hard!!

Take Your Whiskey Home Millenium Tribute

I usually don't buy tribute albums but I have a friend on this one and thought why not give it a shot. Not disappointed!! This album is really good. I really like bands that add their own spin instead of a straight up cover. There is some good stuff on here that any Van Halen fan will love. Plus it is paying tribute to an all-time greatest, if not the all-time greated guitarist, Eddie. Lee Thomson's version of "Could This Be Magic" is great. Also I love the intro in Iconic Tonic's (great name too) version of "Where Have All the Good Times Gone". Then there is the heavy SInful Lilly tribute "Outta Love" (yes the album is spelled wrong) where the ending is smokin. Hat's off guys, you pulled off and made me a believer. Check it out, I think you will like it. Oh! BTW. Jaek E Lee, Stephen Pearcy, Tim Bogert, and Frankie Banali sound awsome. I would love to see these guys hook up put out an album. Stephen sounded better than he has in years. Jake all I can say is glad to hear from you!