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And the graveyards will be their cathedrals , and our cities their tombs.....ECTOVOID is a cool fuckin' name for a band!! I found out about ECTOVOID through the MORTUOUS page and ECTOVOID has the INCANTATION-Onward To Golgotha thing going on. There are certain bands that created a unique sound in the Death Metal genre: ENTOMBED, DEATH, and CARCASS, and INCANTATION did with 'Onward...and ECTOVOID has taken influence from that , built on it, and taken it and forged their own path of sonic desolation with it. Check out their facebook and give 'Chewing through the membranes of time and space' a listen , and they also have a full length entitled "Fractured In The Timeless Abyss" on Hellthrasher recs AND the vinyl version on BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS!! Fuckin' BLOOD HARVEST! You gotta be good if a foreign label wants to put you out on vinyl! *arty

MORTUOUS ....back to the death

Total fuckin' time to scarf down some fuckin' brains!! Just found out about MORTUOUS and MORTUOUS has Mike Beams on guitar and doin' some vocals and Col Jones drummin' , and these guys know how to play Metal and that is reason enough to check out MORTUOUS. Between them these dudes have done time in REPULSION, CRETIN, DEKAPITATOR, and EXHUMED and in MORTUOUS they are back to playing old school heavy Death! Yeah , they got a facebook page you can stalk/track them on and if you get in touch maybe you can text them or folloe them on twitter and maybe they do instagram. Yeah, Metal warriors instagram!......but it's pretty much etched in solid steel that MORTUOUS will expel some gloriously rotted and bloody and offensively correct Metal! So get into them now and you will be ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse....yeah. *arty

SUSPENDED - Prelude To Indignance

I proclaim 'Prelude To Indignance' as a true underground classic all ready. WHo knows about SUSPENDED? I think I pretty much got in on the ground floor with this band. Saw these wonderfully talented and absolutely fabulously beautful ladies one sunday nite and they kicked ass!! And I was smart enough to also get the cd. Yes, yes, yes it's fast , thrashy, and heavy and that description does not do 'Prelude...' justice. It has enough energy to power a city and in a sea of thrash, black, and death meta. bands SUSPENDED stands up , waves it's arms and flips you the finger and shout, "Fuck you! This is Metal and you better pay attention!" So here is your heads up and I will personally stop this Dec 21st end of the world bullshit just so I can hear the new SUSPENDED album! *arty


I got these guys on facebook as friends and they put up a song called 'Beyond The Grave' and it's pretty good. It sounds like a demo tape from 1993 , which is a good thing , the drums are pounding , a cool solo , and the vocals sound pissed off with a lot of conviction and the song itself is short and fast and to the point and if the rest of the demo is like this one then I want it. The sound is not the greatest but after hearing so many bands that do have a great production but all sound the same or bands that have no feeling behind them , ARBITRARY sounds so much more fun and exciting than the next 50 deathcore , slamdeath , and black metal bands that just got signed. So thanx guys , thanx for the cool tune and keep 'em coming and I will listen. *arty

VADER-The Beast cd

This Death Metal hit squad has literally unleashed THE BEAST , 9 songs of dark, morbid , fast n' Heavy Metal that whips and howls ; flying across a cold black sky above a barren dead landscape all grinnin and crazy eyed. Metal Blade released this in 2004 , almost a decade ago , and like all VADER, it sounds great! It is not as fast as 'Litany' or 'Impressions In Blood' but I do think it truly has a darker vibe to it than alot of other VADER releases , with the lyrics and artwork. VADER should be allowed to play shows in cities that are being destroyed , or in mass burial grounds , or in heaven and hell opening up for Dio and Dimebag. Wherever they are. *arty

VADER-Impressions In Blood cd

Murder on parade!! Just got this in the mail today and 'Impressions In Blood' does what every VADER cd I have does and that is deliver mind blasting , soul searing , tooth chppin' , head bangin' Heavy Metal! I've all ready lstened to it 3 times today and it just gets better! It is brutal bordering on grindcore but it has this thrash element to it and it makes you bang your head , like , your head does it all on it's own , you can't stop it! There is a intro then it plunges into 'Shadowfear', and does not let up for the rest of the cd! I need to listen to it more but I don't think there is any doomy slow songs , maybe parts but no whole songs that are slow. 9 songs , I love the album artwork and I think 'Impressions In Blood' is a must have for any Heavy Metal fan and if you like SLAYER , METALLICA, DEATH, and MEGADETH, VADERS music deserves to put next to the best of what those guys have done. 8arty

IMPALED - Mondo Medicale cd

Godfuck this cd came out in 2002! Mondo Medicale has only gotten better , it has a great guitar sound and it sounds like these guys are having alot of fun playing their music and I can always throw this cd on and enjoy it and rarely think about the CARCASS thing. CARCASS must have been a big inspiration to IMPALED but I just wanted to remind fans about IMPALED and how great their music is and it truly speaks for itself and you will know if you like them after the first five seconds of hearing one of their songs and they are one of the few extreme Metal bands that my non Metal listening friends will laugh at when I am listening to IMPALED in the car and not because they think they are stupid or absurd but because of all the gurgling and deep grunts. Like EXHUMED , ABCESS , GOREMATORY , and MASS MURDER MESSIAH , IMPALED are gross , nasty , sick and FUN! #arty

This band ICEAGE

I'm tuned into this BITCH! Scored ths btch cd from the library and this bitch aint bad , aint bad at all. ICEAGE is a cool name for a band. Not for a bitch but for a band it's cool. And it's not Metal , hardcore , punk , and it's not regular rock or surf garage - maybe a bit garage , so it score points for originality , the bitch does! And what makes it more intriguing is that one of the bitch band members is wearing a jacket with a MAYHEM back patch on his jacket. It's got 12 songs , each bitch song is about 2 bitchin' minutes long and they are not fast or heavy and it's not emo or wannabe rockstar bullshit , clean vocals , lets see what else? They are from Sweden , no machines , real organic sounding , so it's more underground that alot of thrash or death cd's I've found and don't think these ICEAGE bitches belong to any scene , but they must. This is one of the hardesr cd's I've had to review which makes me a bitch. Gotta re-review it. *arty


There are alot of cool bands whose name begins with BLACK. Just tossin' that out there. I got this BLACK TIDE cd from the library , just grabbed it by chance , because my life is a dismal black hole and I try to fill it by going to the library....BLACK TIDE was a decent Hard Rock/Heavy Metal surprise. The ninth track is a cover of Metallicas 'Hit The Lights' , and while it aint as good as the Kill 'Em All version it is pretty good and should indicate what type of style BLACK TIDE play. Just old Metal influenced music played by a bunch of kids , which I think they should be commended for. Which they've all ready abandoned from the reviews I've read of their new album , which I hope sells even more copies for their sake if that's the rout they wanna go and make as much moolah as they can. But you can still get 'Light from Above' , their 2nd album on Interscope Recs , with 11 trax and Gabriel Garcia on lead guitar n' vox , a guy named Zakk holdin' down bass duties , Mr. Austin Diaz on other guitar , and Steve playin' drumz and you can get this cd for fuckin' free at the library! *arty

FOO FIGHTERS - Wasting Light 8 track

We are being hunted and preyed upon by these children of the nite. Another cd I got from the library for those of us that are truly in need of aid. I wonder if Dave Grohl still has fun playing music? I bet he has fun rolling around naked in his millions of dollars with hot naked latinas and asian girls but I truly wonder if he has fun playing music anymore or is he just going through the motions of rockin' n' rollin'? WASTING LIGHT rocks pretty hard , it sounds great and I read it was recorded in Dave Grohls garage on analogue tape. I don't know what that means but I read that on amazon.com. I hear a QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE influence which I like and think is good , it has 10 or 11 songs and I think the cover could of been alot cooler instead of the band members faces plastered all over the front of the cd. I like the song 'One Of These Days' alot because I have had my heart broken and I have had my pride stolen so this song hits me and I will listen to it 3 times before I go to the next one , no kiddin'. You can get alot of FOO FIGHTERS at your local library. *arty