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Introducing Prairie Land Radio Broadcast Network

Prairie Land Pagan Radio is now all inclusive with the new Prairie Land Radio Broadcasting which will be a new brick and mortar radio station to broadcast all music for every artist we help promote in the Midwest! www.facebook.com/prairielandradionetwork

Prairie Land Music Fest & Campout

June 24th - 26th 2016 at the Johnson Co. Fairgrounds North Arena This will be a full 3 day weekend with music, food, vendors, artists, face painting, fire spinners , camping and more !!! Come join us!!! Call 319-400-7583 or email prairielandmusicfest@gmail.com for more information

Prairie Land Pagan Radio Has A New Home

Tune in to Prairie Land Pagan Radio on our new network at www.cjmarsradio.com beginning this sunday at 1 PM Central Time. Special Guest will be Mama Gina from Florida who is a very talented pagan folk singer/songwriter More details to come !!

Introdusing the all new Prairie Land Entertainment & Pagan Radio

SCPR is now known as Prairie Land Pagan Radio located in Coralville, Iowa. It is now a part of the new Prairie Land Entertainment along with LEW Productions I am here to help musicians and artists promote their music nationwide and internationally. Come say hello !!

Prairie Land Productions

Prairie Land Productions is always looking for musicians who know how to create their own original music. This can be from folk,pop,rock,and country music. Original music means original sound and have the talent to entertain people. I am here to help promote your music, and CD's not just in Iowa but within the midwest. Send me a note anytime and I will take the time to listen to your music. Or email me at prairielandproductions@gmail.com


I am now on The Illuminati Network! SCPR is now known as The Informative Voice Of Paganism with Silver Wolf Williams! First show is scheduled for Tuesday 5/28 at 6PM Eastern Time Tune in to www.theilluminatinetwork.com then click on the banner to listen in then you can use skype to participate in the discussion. Or email me at stcloudpaganradio@gmail.com