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CC Williams

He is a really great artist. He has this classic 50's throwback about his song Paper Snipers that really tie quite nicely to his deep alto voice. He is quite talented to say the least and he definitely should never doubt or give up on himself because the only things that will get you far in the music business is 1) Creativity 2) Confidence and 3) Connection to the audience through these three C's you will quickly find that these are the key to the music industry. CC has all three of them and i hope to God that someone will sign with him because he shows through his music how much pleasure he gets in doing what he does. Thank you Everyone. My goal for this page is to get at least 500 visits so keep up the good work right now i am at 165

cc williams
cc williams  (over 5 years ago)

:) Thanks, but at my age, I'd rather have someone pick up a song like 1969, Eustice Foundry, or Dirty Old Town and make a lot of money with it.

Tears Tears and More and More Tears

Scrumpy was the most amazing person i have ever gotten to know. Jim is his real name he has a heart of gold and a wonderful soul. Jim is my role model and he made a deep impact on my life. He told me how wonderful i was and i didnt even know him! Accepting his death was the hardest part! Some people may say that GEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ WELL U ONLY KNEW HIM FOR 1 MONTH!!! Well for the people who say that are stupid because sure i knew him for one month but in that one month he endured saddness and pain and he is sooooooooooooo strong he will always be in my memory. This year for my school's talent i want to sing a song for Jim i want to sing one of his his songs to commemorate his life my grandmother and my uncle (Maryann and Budd Zunga) are planning on helping me put it on here . I have this strong feeling that Jim is looking down on all of us from heaven and saying Live your life at its best make GOOD decisions and you will go far" He told me that he loved his son soooooo much and he is sooo proud of him and he said that his daughter made some bad decisions but he loves to the moon and back. He loved his children soo much to the point that he would have done anything to make sure they were happy. He treated everyone with respect and just showed the best out of everyone. Scrumpy/Jim you were NEVER a lowly Flea. In my eyes you were a great father to your children and someone that understood me and was really nice. God bless him he deserves everything he gets in heaven because he was always nice here on Earth

Rest in Peace Scrumpy The Flea 2012

My Ole English Binder

I have this binder that I have a lot of my writing in. I have this poem in there that I am scared to show the world, scared of what they will think. Today is the day!!! Deaths Presence All I hear of is death and bloodshed. The war is taking the lives of each and every soldier. Why are they taking away the only thing we have left? Why are they taking away our freedom? Will they ever see our pain? Day turns into night and night turns into day and all seems well until, life suddenly seems to perish before our very eyes. Igo to war to fight. Will I die? Maybe but isn't worth a shot. He shoots. I shoot. He shoots. FREEZE, it's gone the only thing I have ever known, the only love I have ever felt. As I fall as if I am in slow motion. Things start to slow down. A light wraps around me like a wind of change. I realize what it is now...death. I weep remembering all of life's treasures. I ask myself... Will everything I have ever done be no use anymore? Did I make a difference in this world? The sound of everybody's screams drown out the thoughts in my head. My vision starts to blur. I see the past, the present and the future all at once. Life becomes so worthy when your dying. Seeing myself in my life I wonder, what will happen next? I breathe in and I breathe out and then I am gone. Death grabs me with its cold, bare hands that seem to shake and quiver. The last thing I remember is a tight squeeze, a scream, and a bright light with a shadowy figure coming towards me.

Just to Make it known....

I absolutely dislike SCREAM O and 3O3! This will never change! Sorry for any incoviences

Feels like I have been away forever

I have been away for a long time and many great things have come my way like a friend!!!! Someone who I would never have thought would be my friend now is. She is sweet, honest, beautiful and totally genuine. She is very supportive and strong. She is a great sister to her brother and a great dancer. She is also an amazing role model for her brother. My Maine trip was interesting explaining why would take forever. Yes it has felt forever since I last posted!

How my Great Grandma got married!!!!!

This week I will go to Maine and last year I had the privilege to go with my Great Grandma. We were in The Barefoot Boy restaurant and she told me this story........My Nana was raised during the Great Depression. Before WW2 started she dated a man named Warren. Then WW2 broke out and Warren left to fight in the war. While Warren was away at war Nana invited her best friend over and she brought her boyfriend and her boyfriend brought a friend and that friend was my Great Grandpa Jerry/Popeye. Popeye and my Nana went out for quite a while. Warren came back from war and purposed to my Nana. Then Popeye purposed to my Nana too! She was left with two rings and the biggest decision of her life to make! Nana chose Popeye! Warren got so mad that he threw the ring into the Hudson River. To this day my Nana lives in the same house Popeye and her lived in, a beautiful house nestled in the woods of Shusan, NY. They had two daughters who quickly became mothers and grandmothers. My Great Grandfather died when I was really little. I wish he could have lived long enough for me to talk to him. I hear a lot of stories about him and how creative or what he was like how he turned a school bus into a R.V. I wish I could see the ring that Warren threw into the Hudson. I wish I could see the school bus R.V. And that is how my Nana got married.

Mary Sarah

Wow I can't believe her voice!! She should feel blessed. Let alone her appearance if she tries out for American Idol she'll win it for sure. I mean I'll vote for her. So proud of her so much!!!!! God I am speechless with her she is so phenomenal for her age. Trust me if JUSTIN BIEBER went far she will go farther. Anyway so yeah she is SICK!!!!!!! Well if I wrote as many good things as I wanted to about her, It would take twenty blog. Amazing and sick.

Thank you All!!!

I would like to take the time to thank all of my followers for their lovely comments and uplifting stories. May God bless you all, your love and support is so sweet. I am forever this website's blogger. I promise. Thank you all agian from the bottom of my heart.

I 3 Jazzzzzzzzzzz


The topic of this blog post is the band IceChrystalls. After I saw a few videos of the band, I was astonished because their songs were beautiful and their cover on Skyscraper By: Demi Lovato was dead on. No one could have pulled that song off like they did, not even Demi. The two lead singers are simply phenomenal their harmony is beautiful. Their British accents compliment their voices. Their guitarist is amazing. Their is nothing bad to say about this band.

IceChrystalls  (almost 6 years ago)

This is so nice of you. Thank you for checking out our music and giving us a review, We're working on a lot of original material at the moment and hope to upload those songs as we record them. I think Emily & Deanna will be answering your other questions soon, but from my perspective I think the cover that took the longest was Promise This as we tried an arrangement nothing like the original and removed the Allouetta parts. Of our own stuff, Silence has taken a bit more work with a spooky gothic intro and lots of effects on the 12 string acoustic. We haven't recorded the vocals yet on that one, but it should be done soon. Anyway thanks again and stay in touch. Derrick :)


The topic of this blog post is me. I believe that you need to know a little bit about me before I pour my soul into what I am writing. Obviously I am a huge writer. I love jazz Music because there is something about it that feeds the soul. I wish to be an author and travel the world. Everything comes with a little hard work i plan to write a story of my life. My rolemodels are Anne Frank, Phillip Phillips, and finally Scotty McCreery.