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Okzy, so I haz a new song, and it's rap, so if u wanna hear it, then e-mail me on here! Ch. 5 is now up on the website, so if u wanna check that out, it's www.wildgrinders.weebly.com Check it! If u wanna be in it, then e-mail me at the e-mail on the webpage.

Hey guys!

Okay, first post, usually sounds crazy, but bear with me. I'm writin a book and the website is www.wildgrinders.weebly.com If you like, then there's a comment thing at the bottom of the website. Just make up a name, type your e-mail address -don't worry, no one will see it- and what you wanna say. Trust me, I'll read it. I realized that I actually have a talent for writin, so I wanna try writing a song. Won't yo the same, I can tell it already. If you listen to Christian music, then tell me who's yo favorite artist. Mine's either Manafest, tobyMac, P.O.D., or Illprofess..... so far. Send me some songs, and I'll take a few minutes to listen. I gotta open mind.