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Hey, have you tweeted "TODAY" today, by GARY ALLAN?


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GaryAllan GARY WANTS YOU TO BE THE FIRST TO SEE THE COVER OF HIS NEW ALBUM!: Gary wants his fans to be the FIRST to see the c... http://bit.ly/8aYtY6

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"he takes me higher than Humbolt sky"

GARY ALLAN that is!!! :)

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AT 8:15pm Timmy is leading the way holding onto this really huge red plastic bag. Timmy says, 'Stay close & follow me'. We had to weave our way through the jam-packed crowd. Arriving back across to the North Side Stage through the gate, only several feet from where I had claimed my spot early this morning. GARY'S bus was just over to the side outside this gate. I'm going to meet GARY out in front of his bus. While waiting as calm, cool, & collective for GARY step out, there were a few people standing around in front of the bus. So, we just start talking & it was one of GARY'S truck drivers & his mom & dad. In fact they knew exactly where I lived, they didn't live to far from me, on TX side though. All of a sudden GARY ALLAN ........steps off the bus (I was standing directly at the bus door) with his hand held out for an introduction. I introduced myself & of course asked him for a hug. I got a wonderful hug from the 'SEXIEST MAN IN COUNTRY MUSIC' ........ever. Got my beautiful, dreamy picture taken with him that I adore, because I'm really camera shy. Never like my pictures at all, but I guess because GARY was standing beside me it made me all aglow. Had a picture that I'd gotten blown to 8x10, taken in Houston, TX @ the Reliant autographed. Also had the perfect opportunity to give GARY a gift. (Nicole added a card also) A gift basket filled with all LOUISIANA (nothing personal) stuff such as….. La hot sauce, Cajun seasonings, spicy mustard, picked okra, La shot glass, Fleur de Les green kitchen hand towel, Fleur de Les nice silver drink stirrer (to mix all his bloody marys with) LOL! etc….. Now my M&G is over, GARY'S manager leads the way back out the gate. Now is going to be the hardest part. There are seems to be tons of people packed like sardines at this time. (Of course GARY is here). I have just got to get my way back to my spot Nicole & Kellie are waiting for me there. I am only several feet or so away, but it would seem like a mile to get through this mob of a crowd. I start inching my way through & people are very offended by this. (Guess I would have been too!) I'm trying to explain to them I just had a M&G and have been here since 9:00 this morning. (This seemed to help some). It was the craziest thing that I have ever done in my life, I do believe. What we want do to be close to GARY! Finally I get to this one lady tell her my story. She yells out to the crowd ahead of me. ' Everyone let this lady through, she has a seat & has just met GARY ALLAN' (she told me if I didn't have a seat she would come looking for me) LOL! So this helps clear the way, they're actually letting me through with open arms. (Reminded me of the Crocodile Dundee movie, let this lady through ya'll) I felt hilarious! So this helps I thought I had it made the way is clear, almost there. I can see Nicole & Kellie T. only 4 chairs over & all of a sudden this one lady locks her legs up to the rail & says 'OH NO, your not going through here' Well my first reaction is to call for Kellie's attention, she's standing waiting for the show to start. I screamed for Kellie, she turns toward me and yells for the lady to let me through that I'd been here since 9am with them. Kellie had been visiting with this lady all day. She may not have remembered me. I left @ 5pm to go back to the room to get dressed for my M&G. THANKS-A-MILLION KELLIE T. (nicolesmom) it worked. I was so relieved & excited to be back in my claimed spot. Right up @ the rails once again to see & hear GARY & the GUYS. *' This is right where I need to be'!!!* THANK YOU SO MUCH KELLIE FOR EVEYTHING; IT WAS A SHEER MIRACLE THAT I MADE IT THROUGH THAT SCREAMING MOB. ........ THANK YOU ALSO NICOLE FOR GOING WITH ME, I HAD A BLAST AS USUAL. ........ LAJEAN


FORT WORTH, TEXAS @ THE STOCKYARDS....aug.31,2008* There's another HURRICANE(GUSTAV)brewing down here in LOUISIANA, but I can't let this get in my way. I have won a M&G with the 'SEXIEST MAN IN CUNTRY MUSIC' ever & the meet just happens to be on my 1-year anniversary with the Fan Club. AWESOME! ......One year to the day Aug. 31st. Whoo hoo!!! I'm feeling so very lucky now!!! Hurricane Gustav is headed our way in Louisiana on Mon evening. I'll be heading out on Sat. aug. 30th. I have to try & get to Fort Worth TX. I'm going to the Cross Canadian Ragweed in Fort Worth, TX to see GARY ALLAN. I have found another hwy junkie to go along with me, the more the merrier. After driving an hour into Shreveport, La to pick up Nicole, most of you know her as Nicjam. She & I will be going to the concert for the weekend. I am so excited! We arrive to the Stockyards Hotel around 5pm on Sat. aug. 30 & it is awesome looking here. There's defiantly a WILD WEST feeling going on at this Hotel & the entire Stockyards. Sunday morning very early we start heading out to get our place in line @ around 9:00am. Kellie (nicolesmom) has already given us a wake up call to get down soon! As we were waiting in the will call ticket line MR. BILLY BOB himself walked up helping in organizing the ticket lines. After entering I asked if he minded getting a picture with me. This is the 1st time I've ever been to Billy Bob's. GARY ALLAN will be playing at the North Side so this is where we head to claim our spot for the remaining of the day. I'm praying there is no rain, at least not until after 9:00pm anyways. That is when I'll get my M&G with GARY ALLAN. Its really early there's not a lot of people on the North Side yet. It's already getting really hot & sweaty here. The 1st band is Blackberry Smoke, 2nd is Jonathan Tyler & TNL, 3rd. is Blackstone Cherry, 4th is Supresuckers, I kinda liked them until they played this one insulting song, I want repeat the lyrics. After this band @ 5pm it will be time for me to start heading back out to the Stockyards Hotel to get dressed for my M&G with GARY ALLAN. Heading back to the hotel I stopped into some little shop to buy a Stockyards shot glass just so I can ask for a really huge bag to carry GARY'S gift basket to him that I kind of threw together. A long sort of a breadbasket filled with all sorts' stuff from LOUISIANA. OH! I sure hope these TEXANS here don't kick me right out of TEXAS when they see my basket! Now it's 7pm, I'm all ready, I think, to meet the 'MAN'. When I left the concert area there wasn't a lot of people there. OH MY! As I get back to enter the grounds. Cannot believe this, it is jam-packed. Within two hours time, it's all I can do to work my way down to the South Side. This is where all the merchandise stands are set up. I will be meeting Timmy here so he can lead the way to GARY.


CAUTION! PLEASE BEWARE! ....... ENTER @ YOUR OWN RISK!!!! www.myspace.com/lajean1959 All my friends are GARY ALLAN FRIENDS & GARY is my #1 FRIEND! :) :)



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