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Soldier Productions

Thanks for the congratulations of starting Soldier Productions. It's funny because I am actually back where I started about 5 years ago. When I started out I was managing my brothers band Emily K Peck. When Em moved to Nashville my brother Dave and I started Daisy Gunn. This was going to be my country version of 50/50 LOL. I learned very quickly what bad mouthing and back stabbing was. Basically Dave and I were kicked out of the band we started. They are still around under another name. I think they still play when the singer can actually sing!! I took over as Paul Cummings manager. What the hell am I going to do with a 24 year old country singer when I don't have very much knowledge in this genre? I learned quickly and we decided to go work with my friend Rich P from RamFan1Entertainment. Paul and CRP which is the Cross Roads Project built a name with a few bumps and bruises but we all stuck it out. I think of Paul, guitarist Anthony Gallucci as a trio. I don't play anymore but we stuck it out for almost 4 years!!! I decided to just work in country so I started back Soldier Productions. I manage Paul's acoustic acts and CRP. Paul and I don't need counseling because we counsel each other lol I now send Paul sobs I think they should learn !! 5 years ago I didnt know The difference between Kenny Rogers or Kenny Chesey. I love this genre of music wish it didn't take me this long to find!!

Tim McGraw

I went to Tim McGraw last night and I have to say 5 years ago choosin a country concert over John Corabi I would of said your crazy!! Kip Moore opened the show he was good but no Paul Cummings ( that's quoted from my gf jenn) lol Dierks Bentley was fantastic and of course Tim McGraw just killed it. I like CMAC concerts. It a great atmosphere better than that shit hole called Darien lake.