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My Taste in Music

My Taste in Music has grown over the years.... If the music has the instructments to make every nerve and muscle move in my body. Then your Music is AWESOME!!! In my teens, I never had friends that were in a band. I did see a wide couple of musicians sing in concerts but never personally knew a friend in a band. Now as an Adult, God has introduce me to a wide variety of fans in bands...It has amazed me how talented a band or one musician can be if they just open their heart and let it all out. As long as they don't get carried away with money and the human attraction -Remember the calling but don't forget about life and people. B/c if a person devotes too much to the music they will not be musically inclined. You have to socialize & have relaxation to devote peace to you mind and soul! Music is apart of your soul but also other things in life! I wish many of you good luck in your soul of creation of Great music! I appreciate each of you for becoming my friend and sharing your music! I love it Very Much! You share it, I will share with my friends... Remember to keep your body clean - Be Responsible and Take care of yourself. I personally want to hear your music for a very long time! Peace, Love and Happiness to All of You!!