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I'll be uploading any concert photos to my Flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kmo139/), but I'd like to try to upload some here as well.

However, it seems the only way to upload any photos is the same way you upload your profile pictures. So unless there's another way I'm completely missing, any band photos taken will be uploaded there. Also, I'm sure plenty of photos will be taken with the camera phone (easier to tote around than the D40), so please don't judge me on that quality alone.

Little Rock, you're a pretty cool town

Amazing time seeing Dirtfoot at Stickyz this past weekend. It was pure luck my roomie and I decided to go there: we weren't sure what the bar or the band would be like, but we ended up having an AMAZING time! Dirtfoot's live show was awesome! We jammed out to all three of their cds on the way home. Can't wait to introduce Dirtfoot to Memphis!

Also, the drummer signed and gave me the drumsticks, one of which was broken because he was rocking out too hard. Badass.

Little Rock

My roomie and I are heading up to Little Rock this weekend. We'll only be in town for the weekend, but we're going to try to hit a couple concerts around town while we're there.

If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably sick of me harping on about looking for bands playing this weekend. After this weekend, I'll stop harping on about it.

If any bands or artists on Reverbnation will be in Little Rock this weekend, let me know when and where you'll be playing!