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My mother finally accepted me as a friend

It's only taken two weeks!

Neal M
Neal M  (about 11 years ago)

did it take your mother or cousin longer to friend you?

Watts  (about 11 years ago)

It took my mother longer. However, it took longer for my cousin to become a citizen of the Reverb-Nation. Dial-up was keeping him from using the site.

There's no use in TV shows, radio, rodeo...

Shows I'd like to see in the greater Raleigh area:

Sept. 12: Rev. Horton Heat at the Lincoln Theatre

Sept. 20: Calexcio at the Cat's Cradle

Sept. 29: the Drive By Truckers at the Carolina Theatre

Oct. 11 & 12: Built to Spill (but especially CVB!!!) at the Cat's Cradle

Oct. 17: Hank III at the Lincoln Theatre

Oct. 20: Junior Brown at the Cat's Cradle, but also John Hiatt at the Orange Peel in Asheville.

Nov. 9: The Black Keys at the Cat's Cradle

Dec. 1: SCOTS at the Lincoln Theatre

Dec. 14: The Bouncing Souls at the Cat's Cradle

Dec. 16: SCOTS at the Cat's Cradle