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fun game

though this gam annoyed the heck out of me, i found it fun. go to http://hallpass.com/media/freerider2.html and go to load game, then enter -18 1i 18 1i,ag -1o1 -ko -1nn,16 1h -19b 1f,-do -1ni -10l -1fm,-198 1c -1n2 -1ev,-1bk -76 -194 -32 -154 -5,-154 -3 -vg 3e,-13 -1p -4h -1ge,15 1f 7b 5,1p -1q 1n -1fu,7a 5 du -4k,ae -1o1 nf -1j1,nf -1iu 18u -1a8 17p -ha##T 6i -h,G -t5 -1gm 5k,B -mb -1iq 7m,B -gd -1l5 7o,B -co -1nd 7e,T 24r -oo,G 5 1s b7. long, yes. but thats what copy and paste is for. =b