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Oh, maybe!!

Today I got my second call from a company wanting me to publish my poetry. I am kinda glad. I have over 1000 poems and 6 songs. Xlibris and Author House are self publishing. They have no idea before they call but I can't really afford to self publish and copywrite all of my work. I am hoping one day to be able to but I know its going to have to wait for a while.

House Of Cards - 107

I have no heart of stone, yet I feel I'm always alone. My melody can never exist, unless its you I have kissed. As I walk down the halls, a voice to me it calls. The queen can be rough, why is life so fucking tough. The king is a a true demon, he lacks important reason. Born with a mighty chip on his shoulder, with truth he would be bolder. In this house of cards I have my place, I am a deuce but I dream of an ace.

When Hate Conquers Love - 101

A boy needing a girl has been, but nobody is there to when.A girl needing a guy, does anybody know why?? Why bitch now and then, you just drift into dreams again.The one in the sky above, says make time to love. True harmony does start, around a loving heart.Sometimes love cries out, No room for any kind of doubt. When hat conquers love its no lie, its lost just like the rainbow sky.

They Only Kill Their Masters - 144

They scream in total rage, just wanting outta the cage. All was taken nothing gave, today she is still a slave. No bells for freedom anymore, they want to even the score.It all was a simple plan, bred them truly by hand. Free running bloody dreams, ripping you apart at the seems. It will be really hard to do, but you gotta fight for me and you. They only kill their masters, being breed to create disasters.