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Always listening.. been a bit ... since a blogggg

love listening.. wish I could do as all of you do!! 2015.. sigh! Where are you? .. You have not come to me.. Still I search.. cry my tears.. softly close the door ..

been a while

look inside, search my sole.. still look, still wait.. for the one...

Night out...

Looking forward to a little fun out at the ole' Wortley..

Happy and Thankful

Wonderful colours... hoping the weather stays nice and warm!!

Little Vacation in the South

Back from a week of rest, warmth and sun.. getting ready for the Big Green leprechaun!!

A Huge loss

This past week I lost the most dear friend I have ever had.... You learn what is important in life and it all gains more meaning, you reflect on the past times with your friend and regret not calling more.. wish for 1 more visit... but the time cannot be bought back.. life is not forever and death is certainly an end. I know the things she would want for me. The one on one chats when she would afirm what I felt in my heart, give me no doubts about my direction and morals, but let me know when I needed to have my head examined. She was the best cheering section I ever had. Life is short and uncertain no written script, put off nothing.. live now. I make excuses for not letting my heart seek out... only dream of what could be. It keeps my heart safer to only dream of possibilities, never risking heart ache again. A classic story those of us who close off and wait until it is too late, forever skeptical of love ever finding us again. How could something so sad.. make us see so clear.... To my friend Karen.. I will never give up!

Witness2  (over 4 years ago)

I'm sure your friend would love hear you won't give up. Praying for you as you go through these days of grieving her. I offer 2 songs on our page for you to listen "Each Time I Am Free" and "It Was Love" as you think about life. God bless you reverbnation friend. Donna/Witness2

December 13th

Getting ready for Christmas... looking forward to family and friends

Queen Elvis
Queen Elvis  (over 4 years ago)

Happy Xmas and all the best for the New Year xx

On the Road

Heading State side!! Get to visit my Bro and family... It's Friday!!


Good weekend!! another week, Need some friends

Need some Me time

Need some distraction... Need some fun.. need a night out for Mom....