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Enjoying some down time...

Still dream of one who isn't there, needs vary ... time moves and I want to be left behind, stay in a dream keeps my heart safe from those who want to crush.. in a sweet dream my heart is cherished... passion a fire with in... forever burning for one out of reach...

so busy

I've been so busy, not much time to keep up!!

New Home

Really enjoying my new home .. and cooler mornings..

American Friends and Family

Happy 4th to all the American Friends and Family

Nice night

I had a great night with some new friends...


Why is it that when this Single Mom has a free night.. there is notta Happening??

good weekend

Had a great relaxing weekend...


My life is almost there.. so complete, everything is together.. where are you? I cannot stop Dreaming of you ... Sigh


I have gotten so busy at work.. I barely have time for my music world and friends


I miss... the time I had, but enjoy now.. look forward to tomorrow!!