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"Ugly" Sour Ale

The First of many beers of the dreaming line is going to be my "Ugly" Sour Ale. I was chill'n one day and was thinking " What beer can I make for the song Ugly." Then it came to me. I decided to make it a sour ale. Beautiful on the outside, Ugly on the inside. It is not your traditional sour ale because I've only be brewing for 2 years and not ready for the challenge or the patience to work on a beer for two years. So I used crab apples to make it sour like. That's the theory anyway. Yeast does strange things to your brew when it's fermenting. It should be interesting.

Dreaming Beers

To better describe what I'm doing, I should post a blog. I am a big fan of The Dreaming. Have been a big Chris Hall fan since early SW. I make my own beer. Have been doing it for a couple of years now. It's a very addictive and fun hobby. I always like brewing crazy concoctions so I decided one day that I'm going to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer for every song on both of their albums and a few that should of made it but didn't. I'm recording the whole process and throwing it on you tube. I'm custom making labels for all these beers. I'll be saving some of each batch for Chris Hall next time he comes around. I'm going to post comments on The Dreaming's FB as the process progresses. I'm from south of Chicago and if any of you would like to help me drink these beers then keep an eye out for the post of where and when I'm going to be at when I release the new keg.