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I'm still tryna get the hang of reverb,so pardon me for being slooooooooooooooooooow. Anywho,lately I am tripping on vintage heavy metal vids. Oh,but loving all rock n roll. Obsessed wid Motley Crue. Loving 80s glam metal. I don't wanna just rock...I wanna rock the fuck out!

Just Another Rockaholic

I hail from the 80s & all that glam metal. My love for glam metal began when I listened to Poison's Fallen Angel...and then I caught up to Motley Crue & fell in love Nikki Sixx. In no time I was totally infected by glam metal. All the while banging my head to all that glam metal,dressing that way,wearing my hair & make-up that way,I was partying hard...a youth gone wild. After glam died & grunge came in I took to grunge like it was my second skin,while still holding on to Poison & Motley Crue. Alternative rock eventually entered & I took to it right off the bat. Then came a period of some odd years when I quit music,favoring other activities,until my youngest son got me hooked on hip hop. That lasted a year & then my oldest son insisted I listen to the Black Veil Brides. I did...and fell in love with glam metal all over again. Baby,glam metal is back & I'm obsessed with it,like I was in the 80s! Let's rawk!