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Merry Xmas from Foreshadow and Rockstar Photography!!! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1 www.facebook.com/rockstarphotography1


hey! Foreshadow in Petaluma is auditioning for singers and bassist! Hit em up! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

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www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1 be sure to click on the "LIKE" button :)

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Check out & "Like" Foreshadow (www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1)

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Still need a singer and bassist, so if you know anyone hit em up...But check out the music! They are killin it!!! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

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Check it out...They are still searching for a singer and bassist, so if you know anyone, hit em up :) *Be sure to click on the "Like" button too! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

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Hey! Check out Foreshadow ( www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1 )...They are also looking for a singer & bassist, so hit em up if you know anyone (they are out of Petaluma, CA - NorCal). Please be sure to also "Like" them. Also check out on Facebook & "Like" Rockstar Photography ( www.facebook.com/rockstarphotography1 ) for all your photography needs, as well as pin-up, hot rods and events!!! We will travel nationwide! HooRaa!!!

Rock band needs Singer & Bassist!

Foreshadow is looking for a singer/songwriter and a bassist! Hit them up if interested or if you know anyone! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

Check it out!

Hey! Have u checked out Foreshadow (www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1)...If u have a facebook, plz be sure to also "Like" them :) Also check out & "Like" Rockstar Photography (www.facebook.com/rockstarphotography1)

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Hey everyone! Please check out Foreshadow (www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1)...please be sure to also "Like" them :) Also check out and "Like" Rockstar Photography (www.facebook.com/rockstarphotography1)